Simple Guide on How To Attach Straps To A Great F*cking Anvanda Bag

Hey, bag-buyers of the world! Wondering how to attach those straps to a bag you just got? Well, look no further – your guide to strap attachment is here (we are talking about bags just to be clear). Follow our simple guide and your Anvanda A Great F*cking Bag will be ready to carry all of the s*it you have. Happy travels!

There Will Be No Need for DIY Projects With Anvanda Bags

Since the pandemic hit we have all tried to dabble in DIY projects, there is no shame to it. However, let's be honest, how many of those ended after the first unsuccessful try?

So, leave Pinterest aside and stop wasting your time. It will never happen.

Don't get us wrong. There are extremely talented people and designers who can do wonders with scissors (Edward Scissorhands for example). But are you really one of those people? If you are not, don't be stressed. Just get Anvanda, a Great F*cking Bag you can modify the way you want and feel like you have a different bag each day. Boom! Done! Problem solved! 


No Time Will Be Wasted Anvanda Already Has an Option for Adjustable Straps

It is as simple as that. All you have to do is to pick the best size for your backpack and the color of your bag, and you are good to go. No matter who you are, Anvanda is so freaking great it can be used as a backpack for women or as a cool men's bag, and if you add straps to it, it can even become a unisex shoulder bag.

We all know that Anvanda backpacks come with a lot of pockets, we rave about those but guess what? There are also tons of hooks where you can attach straps. You can use the straps to attach something to a bag, like a yoga mattress, a sleeping bag, or even your lightsaber.

But the options don't stop there. The straps can be used for reinforcement on your body when hiking and carrying heavy things (which makes them ideal for the zombie apocalypse). Or if you are not going for a supply run, you can use Anvanda to make a duffel bag out of it.  


How to Attach Straps to a Bag - Buy a Long or Short Detachable Strap

As awesome as it is, our freaking backpacks are designed to be used with plenty of accessories. And the accessories you need are both long straps or if you prefer small things, short straps. Long shoulder straps can be attached by the front and back ring to make a bag that can go on your shoulder like a laptop case. On the other hand, short straps can be attached to top rings they will create something like a tote bag.

Let's not forget that Anvanda bags are stylish and can be made to serve any purpose you imagine. So if you want to go grocery shopping with your black backpack camouflaged to be a tote bag, be our guest. Or why not take your bag on a fun beach day? With these straps, you can make the perfect beach bag that is even water-resistant. And if you are worried about where you will put your wet swimsuit, Anvanda got you covered. There is a linen-covered pocket that can keep all of your smelly or kind of wet items.


However, before you get to the beach or grocery store, let's check out all the steps that will help you turn your Anvanda into anything you want (except the flying bag, it still can't fly, that's why you should buy a magic carpet).


Step 1. Look at Your Freaking Backpack and Attach the Strap

So, are you wondering how to attach bag straps? Well, take your freaking bag, and detect where the rings are. Take your straps and click them on them. You can style our bags the way you want and use them accordingly. 

Step 2. Oh Wait, There Is No Step Two Because This Is a Great Fucking Bag, You Lunatic

So, we answer pretty straightforwardly how to attach leather straps to a bag or any other kind that is already made. But if you want to know how to make straps for a bag? Well, you came to the wrong place. We suggest you leave this to professionals and enjoy the simplicity of double click while transforming your backpack into literally anything in the world.

Well, maybe not everything, but it will definitely be better than a DIY tote-making project. Would you trust this project to carry a 26 lb weight watermelon? Well, our freaking bag can do it. Yes, if you pick the right backpack size, maybe you can fit some juice mellows as well.


Our F*Cking Bag Is The Coolest and Here Is Why 

First thing first, the Anvanda backpack is so freaking great that it can be transformed without trouble and can be used as a tote or a duffle bag.  You can even transform it into a backpack. And you can do it all without learning how to sew.

Secondly, our backpack can fit a large amount of junk you think about buying. And if your shoulders begin to hurt, you can simply switch from a backpack version to any other, and you are good to go. Third, you can order the color, style, type, and size you want and be unique and hip without an effort.

Anvanda A Great F*cking bag is a solution to all of your s*it-carrying problems, so don't hesitate to get one and start enjoying all of its perks.

Kickstarter link - Använda V2 | Another Great F*cking Bag

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