Best Laptop Bag For You To Take Anywhere

If you were stranded on a deserted island, and the only thing you could take with you was your laptop, then you would probably be f*cking fine. That little bastard goes anywhere with you, right? But do you have a pretty laptop backpack to carry your baby around? You don't?! Are you serious?? Wait, wait, we can solve this problem - check out our beauties. They're gonna make an awesome home for your little piece of tech.

Let us introduce you to the best f*cking bags on the planet. Like, seriously, you're never gonna find anything better than Anvanda. Yeah, we do sound too confident in ourselves, but that's just because…um, we are. We put so much time and effort into these babes, it's no wonder they turned out so freaking amazing. You must be thinking - what on Earth are these weirdos talking about? Bags aren't that awesome! Well, wait until you see - just read what we have to say about Anvanda, and you're gonna run to find your credit card and buy one.

Looking for the Best Freking Laptop Backpack? We've Got Your Back, Baby - Check Out Our Great F*cking Bags

Whether you need the best laptop backpack for women, or the most fashionable laptop backpack for men, non-binaries, kids, pokemons, or you want to train your dog to bring your laptop when you're too lazy to get off the couch - we've got you covered. Our bags come in two models, V1 and V2, and whichever you get, you're not gonna regret it. Probably, you're gonna be like - this is the best fucking money I've ever spent, get me another one, just different color!!! Yeah, honey, we have these gorgeous bitches in many colours, and let's not forget a few bitchin' prints that are gonna make your head swirl.


There Are No Backpacks Like Our Anvanda Ones - Stylish and Fabulous Yet So Fucking Comfortable

You might think that one bag can't have it all - how can it be so stylish yet still have enough room for every f*cking thing you want to carry around? No, Karen, there's no need to call the manager, we're not trying to f*ck you over. It's true - we've made a bitchin' brilliant bag that's so pretty, rainbows might as well be flying out of it every time you open it. And when you do, a unicorn is gonna run over that rainbow cause there's so much space in that great f*cking bag that it can even fit an imaginary pony (but don't try that at home, fellas).


With This Bitchin' Bag, You Can Carry Your Laptop and Travel to the Ends of the World - Hell, You Can Go to Narnia, and Your Anvanda Will Make Your Trip F*cking Awesome

Go to work, school, on a hike, or a secret mission for the government, and your Anvanda is gonna be there for you. We can't make this sh*t up (we can, but we're not, promise) - this is a game-changer in the bag industry.


It's a Favorite Backpack of Every Tech Nerd - Pack Your Laptop, Freaking Fit Your Whole Life Inside, and Wear It in Many Different Ways

Okay, once you fit like thousand different sh*ts into your V1 or V2 backpacks, you just have to figure out where you wanna go (though, we can't help you with that - sorry, bro) and how you wanna wear it. You can carry it on your back like a student or in your hand - it has straps on the back and handles on the top and side. You can even wear it on your shoulder, like those basic-ass bags most mortals would buy because they don't know better. But you do - you're gonna get Anvanda.

One of the Best Damn Things About Our Backpacks - They Can Fucking Neutralize Stink, Do You Know Any Other Bags That Can Do That?

Yes, it sounds funny, but you're gonna thank the universe for this feature after you walk out of the gym all stinky and think - sh*t, I might have to wash my bag now. No, baby, you won't! Anvanda has an antibacterial silver lining inside, so it's basically stink-proof. That's just f*cking awesome, you must admit!

Girl in a bakery carrying Anvanda bag on her shoulder

Oh, Did We Mention That Our Bags Have a USB Port? No, We're Not Kidding!

Check this out - your great fucking bag can even charge your phone. You're in the freaking 22nd century now! But how can this be? Easy - your future backpack has a freaking USB port, so you don't have to worry if you forget the charger at home. Plus, here's another f*cking fabulous thing about Anvanda - it even has an RFID-protected pocket to safely store your valuable shit like credit cards, phone, or whatever. Now there won't be any chance of some evil jackasses pickpocketing you electronically, no sir, cause Anvanda's got your back (sometimes literally, cause you'll wear it on your back…get it?).


Let's Not Pretend That We Still Have to Persuade You to Purchase a Bag - Like, Just Go Get It Now

You're busy, we're busy (selling bags, duh,) let's not pretend we still have to talk sh*t, so you'll realize how f*cking amazing our backpacks are. They're just the best, end of the story. Seriously, we dare you to find better and show us - so we can beat them. But, good luck in that search. It would be easier to find a book Hermione hasn't read yet. So, let's cut to the chase - are you gonna treat yourself with this awesomeness? If so, head to our Kickstarter page and order your Anvanda V2 bag!

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