Anamaria Bozga

How would you describe your job to a kid?

"the job you can do as a grown up, without having to study, go to school or do your homeworks which will give you more economical satisfaction that a degree".

P. S. I do have a degree.

Things you do to stay on top of your game:

Work hard. Dream passionately.


What’s your favorite ’90s/'00s jam?

Britney Spears - Baby one more time

Describe the last great trip that you took


The last one or the best one?
The last one was to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

I got a business ticket as a present and got to visit for 10 days this amazing city during the carnaval. I met a lot of cool people, seen some dancing shows, visited some sightseeings. And all this, right before Corona madness started. Lucky me.

What is the most awesome mf thing to happen in the last 5 years

Oh, I cannot choose. The last 5 years were the best ones of my life, a lot of amazing mf things happened.

- moved to Germany
- opened my studio
- traveled in a lot of my bucket list countries
- hanged in Iceland of an helicopter flying, doing pole dance figures
- did a talent show
- being invited for hosting workshops

One amazing thing attracted the other.

Who are your heroes (or someone you look up to)?

Generally very famous pole dancers that I got to know and inspire me every day.

Tell us a story from work that changed you:

The simple fact of finding this work changed me. Before pole I was living in Italy, working in bars and restaurants without having a contract, poor AF, no car, no future, no possibilities and freshly single.

After pole, literally all my dreams came true. Literally.

If you could do anything better, what would it be?

Train more, starting from a younger age.
Learn to swim.

A Great F*cking Bag, which style is your favorite?

The red one!!!

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