Why Is Anvanda the Best Backpack for College Students?

We hear you need the best backpack for college? Well, guess what - you're at the right place. Anvanda made a Great F*cking Bag for anyone needing to carry a lot of sh*t around and feel fabulous while doing it. As a matter of fact, the bag will likely be much cooler than you while doubling as a great conversation starter when you want to make new friends. You'll have the best of both worlds with it.

Why Anvanda's Great F*cking Bag Is the Most Amazing Backpack for College Students

Whether you go for Anvanda's V1 or V2 Great F*cking Bag, you won't regret it. Besides looking like a snack, the backpacks are masterful works of art if putting a bunch of sh*t in your bag was art. Marie Kondo made a job out of it, and we thank her for that. In fact, we're confident Marie would love our carriers, just like you will.


The Great F*cking Bag Is Water and Liquid-Proof Because, You Know, School Gets Crazy Sometimes

We're referring to team sports, obviously. Athletes bring water bottles to practice and sometimes don't close them properly. Just as accidents happen, spillage happens, and sh*t gets ruined. With Anvanda's durable carrier, you can pack water bottles in a magnetic pouch on the outside or use one of the many (but enough) pockets inside.

Additionally, it has a rain cover inside that you can pull out and cover the carrier if you get caught in a downpour (or mild rain. Protection means everything in risky situations.) Definitely nothing short of the best waterproof backpack for college and any time it rains, really.

Not Many (or Any) Backpacks Eliminate Weird Smells - Anvanda's Backpacks Do…

… And we can't for sure tell you why. Guess we thought these bags would be so awesome and unique that people would just take them everywhere. That way, when you go from one place to another, there's no need to change backpacks, just the contents. However, if the carrier goes everywhere, and everything goes in it, it'd be wise to clean and air it out once in a while, ya filthy animal.

There's an antibacterial silver lining inside the bag. This stuff ensures the socks you wore to practice don't stink up the shirt you plan to wear on your date afterward. Another solution would be to use a separate pouch to fully separate the stink carriers from the fancy new shirt, but if there's no time, Anvanda's Great F*cking Bag and its pockets are gonna do it for you.


You Can Carry It Like a Backpack or Shoulderbag to Look Serious When You Enter the Wrong Classroom

When you focus hard on not looking lost around school, that's when you usually get lost. We've all walked into the wrong classroom at least once. If that happens to you, distract the class by taking the bag off of your shoulder and carrying it in your hand.

That way, you'll dazzle them with the coolest backpack ever seen. They're gonna be talking about it so much they'll forget you made a mistake, and you may still have a chance of becoming the campus star.

Seriously, though, you have several possible ways to carry our backpacks:

  • On your back, with the help of straps and padded back support,
  • In your hands by the top or side handles,
  • Attaching it to a suitcase through the trolley sleeve on the back,
  • On the shoulder, both on its side and straight.

Feast your eyes on the many ways you can look fabulous with an Anvanda carrier by using straps, hooks, and your own hands and shoulders.

It Has So Much Storage Space, You Won't Even Know What to Do With It (But Carry Stuff, Mostly)

When school starts, the most important thing for a student is to have space in their backpack for every notebook, pen, and gadget. You know how you pack for a trip as if you'll be changing clothes every two hours? We know the feeling. The same goes if you can't remember how many books you'll need for today's classes, so you just pack the most and hope for the best.

Luckily, Anvanda made a durable carrier for anyone who needs a pocket and compartment for every need. The capacity is so large that you wouldn't even believe how much is inside - just look at it!

There is also a compartment for every mental breakdown you have between the first class and lunchtime. One to pack your phone in, another for your wallet, backside pockets for some vital sh*t and, additionally, a few others for… well, anything else you wanna bring. Because this bag carries sh*t like none other does.

There's Not Just Room for Books… Pack Your Laptop In the Great F*cking Bag, Too

You can't go to school anymore without bringing your laptop or tablet. Or both, even. Anvanda's carrier is the best laptop backpack for college students because of the padded inside pocket intended for 13", 15", and 17" laptops (we don't judge your size preference, love is love.)

To save your wallet, phone, and cards, there's an RFID-protected pocket. Theft happens electronically now, too (curse you, Mark Zuckerberg, or whoever's fault that is.) This is an inner pocket, too, so you'll feel safe knowing your carrier is as protected, stunning, and beneficial to mankind as the Louvre (humble bragging much?)

an Anvanda V2 Great Fucking Bag laid down on the side and opened to display the inside

Savor the Look on Everyone's Face When They See You Plugging Your Phone Into a Backpack

Yeah, you read that right. You can plug your phone into the Anvanda Great F*cking Bag. There's a USB port on the side as everyone's battery needs recharging (especially after what last year did to us.) Considering that college students no longer really use books to study and attend classes, they need quick access to USB ports and charging stations more than they remember to drink water.


The USB port is available on both versions of the Anvanda's Great F*cking Bag, but for V2, it's only available with the large model. But you know what? If you have to charge your phone on the go, you're gonna need a bigger bag, since you're practically living out of it.

You Can Trust Us - Anvanda's Backpacks are the Best F*cking College Bags Ever

Since you're already here, why don't you browse the shop and look at all the Anvanda Great F*cking Bags put together by web designers who tried really hard to make the website look professional and the bags look cool as f*ck? You'll, without a shadow of a doubt, see that they're the best thing since sliced bread. Or the best thing since Betty White. Which one was older again?

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