Is Anvanda One of the Cool Shoulder Bags?

Buying a f*cking bag seems like it should be an easier task than it is. Well, sadly, sometimes you just can't find that perfect fit that makes your heart dance with joy. That's probably because you have never tried one of Anvanda's cool shoulder bags. Yup, that's it. But don't worry, bestie - you've found the best b*tching bag, so you can relax. But before you buy it, maybe take a look at what Anvanda is all about?

If You Are Looking for the Best, Cool, F*ucking Shoulder Bags for Women, Men, or Whoever - Welcome to the Anvanda World

Yeah, we know - cool over-the-shoulder bags are hard to come by. Like, it's easy peasy finding a tiny purse, but a real bag? Especially if you're after cool men's shoulder bags - boy, are those impossible to find. You know what we're talking about. But hey, your problem is a problem no more - welcome to the Anvanda world, the best thing you will ever buy. Now, that sounds like an arrogant statement, but trust us, we say this with a reason. Just wait, and you'll see. Anvanda is a great f*cking bag that suits everybody.

Even if Don't Know S*it About Style, You Will Look Fashionable With This Baby by Your Side (Or Like, on Your Shoulder, Perhaps)

You don't have to be a fashion guru to figure out that this bag is amazing. It matches everything, and it can be worn in a few different ways, not just as a shoulder bag. Surprise - it can also be a regular backpack for school (dork mode on, b*tches), and hell, you can even make it into a purse you will carry down the street while your friend films you for a fashion reel. But what if I'm not stylish enough for this, you might ask. Well, you can't look unstylish with Anvanda! It's just physically impossible - so, grab that bag and walk confidently you little fashion freak.


Who Says One Bag Can't Carry It All? Hell, You Can Carry a Laptop, a C*apload of Books, and a Tiny Chihuahua in This Bag

The era of tiny b*tchin purses is over, bestie - it's time you grab yourself a giant-size bag that can carry everything. We're not over the top - you can truly bring a ton of stuff with you. It's like f*cking magic, as you won't even know where this c*ap disappears in the bag. You'll see - start with a laptop, of course, and a few books cause why not, maybe pack yourself a lunch (living the healthiest life, right?), and for the sake of proving our point, let's add a baby chihuahua. But hey, make sure its head is outside the bag cause you're not a monster (we hope).


Our Bags Are Universally the Best - They Would Look Great Even if You Travel to Jupiter With Them (Yes, Even There)

The funny thing about Anvanda is that you can take it anywhere. Baby, you won't ever need another bag. This one is so universal that it can be worn f*cking anywhere. Okay, maybe you're not gonna wear it to your friend's wedding and stuff like that, but you see our point. This great f*cking bag can travel the entire solar system with you - if you're that travel-to-space, Jeff Bezos kinda type (just less rich).

Our baby is so pretty and stylish that you can't help but fall in love and want to take it with you every day. And you know what's even better? We have prepared so many lovely colors for you to choose from, and there are even some fabulous prints we know you will like - be sure to check them out before you buy your Anvanda. Otherwise, you'll come back to buy another one (wait, that works for us - maybe don't check the prints BEFORE your purchase?).

Anvanda bag with a printed design


When We Say It's a Unique Bag, We're Not Messing Around - Do You Wanna Hear What This Bag Can Do? Oh, You Do, Trust Us

Honestly, we try to keep the enthusiasm to ourselves and not be too much over the top, but it's hard, you know? This b*tching bag is so f*cking fabulous that we just can't help but brag wherever we go. So, excuse us for being proud parents - we know those are kinda annoying - but, hell, this is one uniquely designed bag.

Hold on to Your Seats, People - This Bag Is… Wait for It… STINK-PROOF (We're Not S*itting You)

Okay, okay, just hear us out. Indeed, this title is weird (that's just on brand, don't you agree?), but we will explain. Anvanda is actually… stink-proof. Well, the title was okay after all. But weird blog writer, how is this possible, you might ask. It's actually simpler than you'd think - no magic (this time), just an antibacterial silver lining that prevents your gym socks from ruining the precious bag. We're smart, right?


Not Like You Can Be Surprised Anymore, But Our Baby Has Other Amazing Features as Well (*Proud Parent Moment*)

The stink-proof feature was probably a bit surprising, right? Well, we can't imagine that didn't persuade everyone to buy this bag, but if you're extra weird and didn't think this is f*cking awesome, don't give up on us yet. We've got more - how about a USB port? If you don't think that a bag that charges your phone isn't awesome, then you're either a hundred or just insane. And if you're still not persuaded (like, how, you weirdo?), we have one more shot to take. For all our paranoid people out there, Anvanda also has a pocket that's RFID-protected, so thieves can't electronically rob you - isn't this cool?


Yes, Sweetie, You Will Look So Cool With Anvanda on Your Shoulder

Do we really need to say anything more? Pretty sure we have persuaded you to get yourself this b*tching bag - if not, um… what's wrong with you? How do you think you will look cool this season without this f*cking backpack, honey? Like, you can, but with so much more effort - just make it easy for yourself, okay? Don't waste your precious time, just hurry to check out our Kickstarter page and treat yourself to a fabulous Anvanda V2.

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