How to Style Your Red Anvanda Bag?

If you think that Anvanda backpacks can't be stylish, it's a good thing you've run into this text, so we can prove you wrong, honey. Our red Anvanda bag is one of the best things that you can do for your style. Wanna know how to style a red bag? Good, just keep reading, and we promise to amaze you with some fucking brilliant ideas.

Now, you might be tempted to ask - how can a fucking backpack be stylish, no matter what color it is? Oh, sweetie, Anvanda is more than a freaking backpack, it's a bitchin concept, and it's so good that you're gonna swear by it after wearing it just once. Think we're bullshitting? Well, just wait - we're gonna tell you all about the pretty bag, more specifically the red one, and show you how to wear it. What are you waiting for? Keep reading!

How to Style a Red Bag Anvanda V2 to Look Like a Freaking Pinterest Model

The great thing about Anvanda V1 and V2 bags is that they can fit with anything. You can style them with a casual outfit like jeans and a sweater - imagine how chic it's gonna look when you put a red bag on your shoulder and waltz down the street. People are gonna be turning, but not in a gross way - no, they're gonna be staring at the backpack. Cause that's the beauty of it - it looks pretty when it's on its own, but when you mix it with nice clothes, it looks even better.

Of course, we suggest you try wearing it with something other than freaking jeans. You might wanna try it with a work outfit - it's gonna make you look less like a corporate machine, and it gives a bit of a rebel vibe to any outfit. So cool, right? For all our princesses out there, hear, hear - red Anvanda can also go fabulously with a flowery spring dress. You might be suspicious, but give it a try - you'll see that this baby fits with even the most unexpected outfits.

Whatever You Put Into This Bitchin Bag, It's Not Gonna Look Overpacked - Our Baby Anvanda Has *Infinite* Amount of Space

We were really smart when making these bags, and we made them pretty spacious. We dare you to try and overpack it - it's just not possible. This bitchin backpack can carry your books, laptop, lunch, and your dog - all at the same time. No, we shit you not. Although we don't know how happy your dog would be in a bag - maybe just take the furry little one for a walk in a traditional way, huh? And take the bag with you, obviously.


Honey, You Better Believe That Anvanda Can Fit Into All Your Outfit Ideas - Here's How to Wear It

Sure, we said that you could wear it with basically every outfit. Now the question is - how exactly are you gonna wear it? But, my, what do we mean by that? Hang on tightly, kids, we're about to take off! Have we not mentioned that Anvanda can be adjusted to look like a few different bags all in one? We haven't? Oh, sorry, our bad. Anyway, here's the catch. This bitchin backpack can fucking transform into a few accessories:

  • Stylish backpack (there's no better backpack if you wanna look chic, trust us),
  • Casual shoulder bag (works for all outfits, from dresses to pajamas),
  • Purse to carry in your hand (shorten the straps, and there you go, no hustle),
  • Bonus tip - you can use it as a laptop bag - it's gonna be perfect.

Think Red Won't Match Some of Your Outfits? Then Just Get Yourself a Black or White Anvanda Bag (Duh)

We believe that red is such a pretty color - we love it so much you might believe we're Swifties. Of course, we are, but that's beside the point. Some of you might not be into red - the color, not the album (everyone sane loves that album). If you need something more low-key, might we suggest getting a white Anvanda or a black one? They would fit great with all your outfits as well. We also have a few bitchin beautiful prints to offer you, and you're gonna love those.


We Don't Mean to Brag, But We Probably Will - Anvanda Is the Best Fucking Bag on the Face of the Earth

You know, there are a lot of bags, backpacks, and all that shit out there. But they all have one flaw - they're not an Anvanda bag. We admit we might be a little biased, but you tell us after wearing it once - isn't it the most fan-fucking-tastic thing you ever owned? Oh wait, we almost forgot - we have some other surprises for you.

This Bitchin Backpack Has Some Unique-Ass Features You Haven't Seen Anywhere Else, You're Not Gonna Believe This

When you hear what we're about to say, all that fucking bragging about a great freaking backpack will be clear. Ladies, gentlemen, and the rest - drum rolls, please. Anvanda is… fucking stink-proof. Have you ever heard of something like that?? We bet you that Birkins aren't. You know, it's nothing that crazy actually - it's just an antibacterial silver lining that prevents your precious bag from getting fucking disgusting. Also, our babies have a freakin USB port, for real. Who cares if you forget to charge your phone in the morning? Now you have a fuckin bag to do it for you! Marvelous! 

Red Anvanda bag on a white background

Anvanda Is More Magical Than a Fucking Unicorn - You Have to Own This Fucking Backpack, Dear

Yeah, if it wasn't obvious by now, we're trying to influence you to buy one of our pretty red backpacks. No matter how old you are or what you do with your life, our Anvanda can be an important part of your journey. Are you ready to bring this beauty on your next adventure? Head to our Kickstarter page and order your bitchin V2 Anvanda bag!

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