Are Anvanda Bags Stylish Backpacks?

So, you're looking to buy a stylish backpack. You don't want to look like a kid heading to school when you put it on, but hell, you can't find anything good. You're just about to give up when… ta-da, you run into stylish backpacks on our website. But it seems too good to be true - can Anvanda bags really be stylish backpacks?

When We Say Stylish Backpacks, We Mean Samantha Jones Levels of Being Fabulous

Are you about to be let down like when the last season of Game of Thrones aired? Don't worry - we won't disappoint you and make you experience the crazy Daenerys-like levels of madness. When we say stylish, we mean it. Anvanda is a fucking queen of style, and it's so fabulous that you're gonna cry tears of joy now that you don't look like a dork with a rucksack. Oh, we can't wait to see the look on your face when you finally put it on your shoulder and check out your outfit of the day in the mirror. You're gonna look so fucking fabulous!


Whether You're Obsessed With Fashion or Not, You Can't Deny It - This Is the Best Bitchin Backpack Ever

You don't have to be a fashion expert to see it - these bags are beautiful. Okay, we're not gonna get all sentimental about our babies, we promise. It's just… so much blood, sweat, and tears were put into designing our Anvanda backpack. Well, not literally - that would be gross. No, we promise, your bag will come clean and shiny, but you first have to order it. You can put it off, but it's inevitable. Bet you anything that by the end of this text, you'll be rushing to grab one of our beauties. But we're just getting started!

Blond woman looking at the sea and carrying an Anvanda backpack on her back

Wow, It's Huge! Yes, the Anvanda V2 Backpack - What Did You Think We're Talking About? (Dirty Mind, Huh?)

>Sorry for the pun, but seriously - our backpacks are fucking brilliant because they can fit EVERYTHING you could possibly need to get through the day. Even if you're a student who's a total Ravenclaw about studying and you carry around a crapload of books - your Anvanda can fit them all inside. You're a beauty influencer who needs, like, ten palettes to film a makeup reel? Worry not, as they can all be safely transported in your bitchin backpack. Basically, what we're trying to say is that Anvanda is awesome and can fit every-fucking-thing - you'll see soon enough (wink, wink).


You Can Take It to Work, or You Can Travel to Fucking Narnia With It - Your Anvanda Is a Fuckin Multi-Purpose Backpack

One of many, many (have we mentioned - many?) bitchin great things about our bags is that they can fit your outfit for all sorts of occasions, from basic fucking Monday at work to Coachella. Let's say you wanna travel across Europe by train - imagine how stylish you're gonna look with your Anvanda. They're gonna turn around for you everywhere from Turkey to France, honey. But why settle for just Europe? We bet that our backpacks would look awesome wherever you go. Well, maybe just don't take them to North Korea - these babies don't deserve that, you know. 

All Those Pretty Colors and Prints Don't Hurt, Either - We Bet You're Gonna Like Them All, You Greedy Little One

If you thought that we were all talk, take a look at how many cute patterns and lovely colors we offer our bags in - like, your biggest issue will be how to decide which one to get. We know it won't be an easy decision. Who knows, maybe you're a shopaholic, and you decide to get like, three bags. That should solve the problem immediately!

Anvanda bag with a printed design

Sorry, If You Were Looking for a Basic Rucksack, Keep Looking - Our Baby Is Special

What we offer you here is far from your basic bag. Don't you dare think that we're bullshitting here. First of all, have you figured out yet that our backpacks can be worn in a few different ways? Talk about Optimus Prime, right? So, here's how we imagined them being worn - but, sure, you can wear them on your head if you like. Who are we to stop you?

  • Basic-bitch backpack - carrying it on your back (duh),
  • Make it a shoulder bag by adjusting the stripes (easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy),
  • Hand purse - like a fashion icon (and don't forget to pack your leather wallet).

Have You Ever Heard of a Stink-Free Backpack With a USB Port? We Didn't Think So, Sweetie

Not only are we pure style, but we are also a precious, unique little flower. No, we're not high, we're just trying to tell you about a fancy-ass feature of this bag that's (coincidentally) gonna help it smell like a flower detergent 24/7. If you think that's impossible, well, we pity you. Because you have never seen a fucking stink-proof backpack.

That's right, baby - it's really stink-proof cause it has an antibacterial silver lining. But that's not all, folks - we also added a useful little feature called a USB port. Now you can have your phone right in your face all day long - it's always gonna be charged, the courtesy of the best fucking backpack in the world. It's like magic!


Anvanda Is the Best Fucking Bag Out There, Period - Thank You for Coming to Our TED Talk

Okay, we're done. We said everything we had to say about our precious Anvanda. Well, that's not really true, but trust us, if we were to talk about this until we have nothing else to say, this text would never end. That's how passionate we are about our project, hun. So, anyway, we said (hopefully) enough to persuade you to get yourself a new stylish bag - just head to our Kickstarter page and grab a nice Anvanda V2. You're gonna love it, that's a promise.

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