Another Great Freakin' Bag (13"-15" Laptops)
Another Great Freakin' Bag (13"-15" Laptops)
Another Great Freakin' Bag (13"-15" Laptops)
Another Great Freakin' Bag (13"-15" Laptops)
Another Great Freakin' Bag (13"-15" Laptops)
Another Great Freakin' Bag (13"-15" Laptops)
Another Great Freakin' Bag (13"-15" Laptops)
Another Great Freakin' Bag (13"-15" Laptops)
Another Great Freakin' Bag (13"-15" Laptops)
Another Great Freakin' Bag (13"-15" Laptops)
Another Great Freakin' Bag (13"-15" Laptops)
Another Great Freakin' Bag (13"-15" Laptops)
Another Great Freakin' Bag (13"-15" Laptops)
Another Great Freakin' Bag (13"-15" Laptops)
Another Great Freakin' Bag (13"-15" Laptops)

Another Great Freakin' Bag (13"-15" Laptops)

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Introducing Använda V2, Another Great F*cking Bag.

Besides lookin' absolutely stunning, we have a ton of other features:

  • SanitizeMi®

    silver-infused antibacterial liner to help keep your smelly sh*t in check

  • Quad coated zinc hooks

    because double coated hooks are half-assed

  • Two semi-removable straps

    Stow them away and carry as a tote/briefcase

  • Magnetic Pocket

    for your water bottle/umbrella/flask, we won't judge

  • Reflective rain cover

    at the bottom of the bag

  • Laptop sleeve

    fits 13,15' or even 17' laptop (large).

  • Ykk zippers

    connect to the loops for an extra theft deterrent

  • Hidden pocket

    for your stash

Many Modes of Carry

Finally a bag as versatile as you are. Let's face it, your mood changes. Whether shoulder, backpack, briefcase or other form of carry, we've got your back.

Adventure Ready

That next vacation is on the horizon and we're coming with ya! The only thing you need to worry about is that cute guy/girl in line askin' :

"Hey, where'd you get that bag!?"


Bags that force you to wear them a certain way are assh*les

Not Innovative, Just Awesome.

It wouldn't be A Great F *cking Bag Bag without upgrading the roomy interior. Infused with silver, our anti-bacterial liners are great for keeping your smelly sh*t from contaminating your not-so-smelly sh*t.

Go Anywhere Do Anything

The Office, the Gym, the Mall (that's still a thing right?), Your My Little Pony cosplay parties (looking at you Tim). Enough space to pack a few nights away. It is designed to go anywhere and travel just as well on your back as it does in overhead bin.







Reviews by our customers

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I love the size of this bag, is perfect and the colors are so vibrant, exelent product!!


Did not fit my 15in laptop and customer service has been giving me the run-around for a month now. Terrible bag and company.

Dear Liam,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you've experienced with our bag and customer service. We understand how frustrating it can be when a product doesn't meet expectations, especially when it involves carrying your laptop. Please note our V2 medium does not fit older 15" bulky laptops.

Regardless, know that this falls short of the standard we strive to uphold. We're committed to making this right for you. Could you please respond to our our customer service rep? Our goal is to ensure that you receive the assistance you need and deserve.

Once again, we apologize for any frustration this has caused and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this issue promptly.

Warm regards,
Ryan - CS Manager


Great bag for camping or a weekender traveler. Sturdy, strong, easily accessible, to all compartments. Wish it was waterproof but it does have a waterproof cover. The exterior water bottle holder isn’t deep enough. My bottle keeps falling out.

Buddy ripper maaaaate!

Well. After scoring a large black camo AGFB, I decided to try this wee beaudy! Its an absolute must for students, of all ages, to cart all the books around. I bought the accessory pack and the extra straps do wonders for the bag!
It's amazballz the amount of crap I can fit into it! Its a joy to pack as the zip opens all the way round!
The only downer, is where the USB is, my bag puckers around that?
So Anvanda, AGFB Medium is my next one and then I'll have 4 Great Fuc#ing Bags!
ANVANDA you rule! More stickers please. I got just one in all my spendings!

Amazing Bag

My daughter and I both have V2 of this amazing bag. Such a fantastic bag, mine is for work, daughters is for school. Great quality, perfectly designed and manufactured. Highly recommend.
P.s customer service is mind blowing, great job 👏🏻

Frequently asked questions

What is a great Freakin bag and what makes it different ?

Most other bag straps are boring plastic buckles. Their little crap plastic pieces break more often; they convey a cheap appearance, don’t feel good in the hand; and they are awkward and time consuming to interchange.

A Great Freakin  Bag is made from the strongest and smartest materials:
High Quality Soft Italian Leather/ Vegetarian Leather (optional)
Heavy Duty Canvas or Codura-outer
Silver Infused Antibacterial lining
Top-quality zippers
Unique multi-strap design

These are just some of the features, you didn’t think we were done did you?

Nobody is more passionate about making sure that your ANVÄNDA is the real deal than we are. Shop ANVÄ worry free or contact us.

How big is Another Great F*cking Bag?

Använda Another GFB has a 29 liter capacity. Normal size is 23 Liters.
You can find a detailed sketch and dimensions.

Is there a pocket for my water bottle?

On the side of the bag is a nifty magnetic pocket which can you can put your water bottle, growler, or whatever you choose, we won't judge.

Is there a laptop sleeve in the backpack ?

Yes Använda normal bag has a 13 &15' sleeve and the large will fit just about any laptop.

What is the difference between Leather and the Vegetarian Leather / Freakin' and F ing?

The bottom trim and side. Both materials are durable. Some people prefer non leather for religious or other reasons. The vegetarian leather a.k.a. pleather looks similar to leather but feels different.
Most of us in the office prefer the luxury of soft leather but give you the option to decide.

Meta bots wont allow us to cuss so we had to get creative. No worries it's the same bag,