Most other bag straps are boring plastic buckles. Their little sh*tty plastic pieces break more often; they convey a cheap appearance, don’t feel good in the hand; and they are awkward and time consuming to interchange.

  • A Great F*cking Bag is made from the strongest and smartest materials:
  • High Quality Soft Italian Leather/ Vegetarian Leather (optional)
  • Heavy Duty Canvas outer
  • Silver Infused Antibacterial lining
  • Top-quality zippers
  • Unique multi-strap design
These are just some of the features, you didn’t think we were done did you?:

Nobody is more passionate about making sure that your ANVÄNDA is the real deal than we are. Shop ANVÄ worry free or contact us here.

  • A spacious interior compartment for Laptop up to 15” and other personal items
  • A bottom compartment for wet items — for example gym shorts
  • Key ring loop so you never have to go fishing for lost keys
  • Reflective Waterproof Cover - safety element stay safe in city/ biking/hiking
  • An easy access outer pocket for handy items
  • A stealth mode hidden interior pocket for hiding valuables.

But the main feature is a nice large pocket to put your sh*t in.


Använda Large GFB has a 27 liter capacity. Normal size is 17 Liters.
You can find a detailed sketch and dimensions here.


Good question, here are the specs:
Anvanda Large
These are the sizes for the great f*cking bags:
Anvanda Large
H47cm = 18.6in
W47cm = 18.6in
Weight is:
1 kg = 2.2 Lbs. Large: 1.2 kg = 2.6 Lbs.
Anvanda Standard
H37cm = 15in
W37cm = 15in

Is there a pocket for my water bottle?

Behind the leather section on the front of the bag is a pocket which can you can put Your water bottle, or growler, or whatever you choose.


Yes Använda normal bag has a 13” sleeve and the large has a 15-17” laptop sleeve.

Can I also use this for hiking or is it just a city bag?

My colleague is 6ft and he took it with his Girlf on the hike up to Machu Picchu (they didn’t take the bus), by the end of the trip they were fighting on who gets to use it. I have personally taken it to climb Ometepe the smaller of the two volcanoes in Nicaragua it was an 8 hour hike. The sole of my timbos fell apart, I got attacked by giant ants, but the bag came through with flying colors.
As for the straps the good thing about it is you can change on the fly to a messenger. So if you get tired of carrying it on both shoulders you can switch to sling. If you feel the need for padded straps we will offer our backers at the end of the campaign.
In the bottom of the bag is an extra compartment for reflective rain cover. Sometimes when hiking the weather suddenly turns, or perhaps ,as a safety concern, you need people to see you when it gets dark. I don’t believe there is a more versatile but at the same time simple bag on the market. So no it's good for hiking, it's f*cking great for hiking.

What is the difference between Leather and the Vegetarian Leather?

The trim and the square section on the right side. Both materials are durable. Some people prefer non leather for religious or other reasons. The vegetarian leather a.k.a. pleather looks similar to leather but feels different.
Most of us in the office prefer the luxury of soft leather but give you the option to decide.

Is the bag water resistant?

For most of us this is our everyday carry & we didn't want to use harsh chemicals. Instead of coating the bag, we designed a removable reflective rain cover in the bottom compartment.

How stain resistance is the bag?

I accidentally marked up my bag a few weeks ago, i was f*cking devastated. They only gave me one company issued bag, so you can imagine how i was feeling.
I left it on the sofa a few days and then went to the sink and took so soap and water…walla! It came out. With mild soap and water you will be fine.
For bag ♥'ers:
If you get the leather version , which I have, Dampen a lint-free cloth with cool water and wipe clean. Start from the top and wipe -- do not rub -- while moving downward. Refrain from saturating it; let everything air-dry. Buff with a lint-free cloth dampened with leather cleaner and conditioner.

Can use it as a camera bag?

Yes you sure can. Take the anvanda bag put a camera in it and BAM! - you have a great f*cking camera bag. If only it were that easy. We are some picture loving, backpack wearing, urban travel fanatics. The last thing we want to do is mess up our awesome dslr by not having the right gear.
We designed an Använda waterproof/shockproof camera bag insert for dslr and slr cameras, you know so you don't f*ck your camera up. For more info click here

Nice bag but it would be even better with a sternum/ cross strap.

Ok technically this is not a question but really?
"Nice bag"?
We don't make nice, we make f*cking great.
So you're one of those bike messengers, motorcyclist, or perhaps even a skateboarder? Reflective rain cover not enough for you, now you want sternum straps!?
Damn right we have a cross strap,
The strap snaps into the bottom hooks if you need uber stability.


The GFB is carry-on compatible for Almost airlines. Each airline has their own policy so please check before traveling with your GFB*. NOTE we have traveled with over 30 different airlines and never had a problem.

*ANVÄNDA is not responsible for damage caused by airlines.