Q. How do I put it on?

A. The chest strap attaches to the piping on the shoulder pads. Make sure you attach from the top of shoulder pads and push towards the bottom.

To use the chest straps and see how they look once attached,check this video link:

Chest Strap Installation Video:

Troubleshoot Chest Strap Installation:

use a phillips head and twist slowly to create a wider gap:



How do I wear the bag

A:Hey there ,



Here are 4 ways to use straps, but there are no fucking rules. You can come up with many more different ways to use the straps, we will allow it.


If you are having discomfort just adjust the individual straps. If you wish, you can also wear it as a sling/messenger bag.

We have a lot of feedback from backers saying they love the shoulder pads but if you have any particular color wishes please put them here

What is the difference between Leather and Vegetarian Leather?

The trim and the square section on the right side. Both materials are durable. Some people prefer non leather for religious or other reasons. The vegetarian leather a.k.a. pleather looks similar to leather but feels different.
Most of us in the office prefer the luxury of soft leather but give you the option to decide.

Is it water resistant?

For most of us this is our everyday carry & we didn’t want to use harsh chemicals. Instead of coating the bag, we designed a removable reflective rain cover in the bottom compartment

Can I use this as a camera bag?

Yes you sure can. Take the anvanda bag put a camera in it and BAM! - you have a great f*cking camera bag. If only it were that easy. We are some picture loving, backpack wearing, urban travel fanatics. The last thing we want to do is mess up our awesome dslr by not having the right gear, so we created an anvanda waterproof/shockproof camera bag insert for dslr and slr cameras, you know so you don't f*ck your camera up.

I am Vegan, are you vegan?

Well, schucks. If you mean "you" as in me writing this. No I am not vegan, my colleague is though, which is what lead to us making a vegan version of the bag. ☮

How stain resistant is this great f*cking bag?

i accidentally marked up my bag a few weeks ago, i was f*cking devastated. They only gave me one company issued bag, so you can imagine how i was feeling.
I left it on the sofa a few days and then went to the sink and took so soap and water…walla! It came out. With mild soap and water you will be fine.

For bag ♥'ers:

If you get the leather version , which I have, Dampen a lint-free cloth with cool water and wipe clean. Start from the top and wipe -- do not rub -- while moving downward. Refrain from saturating it; let everything air-dry. Buff with a lint-free cloth dampened with leather cleaner and conditioner.

I want a large quantity of bags (10+) can you provide us with any discounts?

We generally do not discount our bags but just shoot us a message with the following details and we will get back to you on pricing and details.

1. What style of bags do you want to order ?

2. How many orders in EACH style ?

3. Will they all be shipped to the same address ?

Can you make this bag in <fill your color option here> color?

We are still evaluating adding more colors, if we do decide we will let our backers know. Please drop us a suggestion




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Care Instructions

( Note all bags come with Care Tags outside of the bag & care instructions inside the bag)

Clean the leather with a damp (but not wet) cloth /Occasional Leather conditioner for bags

Clean the artificial leather with a damp (but not wet) cloth /Occasional Leather conditioner for bags

Follow the directions on the bottle when using any leather impregnating sprays

We strongly recommend to take AGFB to a professional leather cleaner if needed.

The canvas can be cleaned with soap and water. Do not put AGFB in the washing machine.