Use Your Anvanda as a Carry-on Bag When Traveling

So, you're planning a fun, adventurous trip, and you need to get yourself new carry-on luggage. The old one sucks badly, and you want to treat yourself with something freaking great. Okay, we've got a solution for you - have you thought about using your Anvanda as a carry-on bag? Oh boy, are you missing out! But it's not too late to fix this mistake - just keep reading to see what we're blabbing about.

Looking for the Best Carry On Luggage? Duh, It's Anvanda (Like You Expected Anything Else)

It's time to grab your suitcase and travel to wherever the f*ck you want! You'll have to find the perfect carry-on for that, of course. Sure, you can do a deep-dive on the internet - there are so many sort-of nice luggage options, but don't you want the best freaking thing out there? We're talking about Anvanda (duh) - yes, our baby can serve as an ultimate carry-on bag that will impress you more than you thought was possible. Yes, we are that confident. Stay with us a little longer, and you'll see why.


It's the Best Freaking Bag Ever - Of Course, It Should Be Your Carry-On As Well

The thing about Anvanda you need to know is that this is a freaking bag designed with so much thought and attention to detail that we simply couldn't f*ck it up even if we tried. This is a gem among backpacks, purses, and all sorts of shit that carries the everyday stuff for us. How could you even think about leaving it behind when you go traveling the world or just embark on a short trip? Anvanda will make your life easier with its countless badass features you won't find anywhere else - we were a bit creative when making it.

Black Anvanda bag on a white surface

Wait, Wait - What Is a Carry-On Bag Size? Here's All the Information on Its Inches

If you still don't have your Anvanda (honestly, shame on you), you might be confused about the sizes, and size does matter (we heard it too, just let it go). So, the regular carry-on size is 9 x 14 x 22 inches, but you probably knew that already. Does Anvanda fit those standards? Obviously - we said we thought of the details when designing it, right? We wouldn't let you down, don't worry.

You Can Use Both Medium and Large-Sized Anvanda V2 as a Carry-On

Another awesome thing you might not have noticed on our website - Anvanda comes in two sizes, medium and large. Still, choosing a backpack for a carry-on based on its size is not something you have to overthink. Both gorgeous versions can accompany you on vacation. The medium version of our Anvanda V2 is 5 x 10 x 16 inches, and the large bag is 6 x 12 x 18 inches.


Whether You Want Hardside or Softside Bag, Anvanda's Got Your Back, Baby - We Have V1 and V2 Models

Travelers often debate about which kind of luggage is better - hardside or softside. Whichever option you think it's worth taking on a fancy trip to wherever the f*ck you want (carpe diem, right?), we've got you covered, sweetie. Anvanda comes in two versions, V1 and V2. V1 backpack is for those who prefer softside luggage.

If you think those babies can't endure the crazy adventures you have planned for the upcoming trip, you might wanna get yourself a V2 version - this beauty is way more sturdier. Even the bricks wouldn't break it. Okay, we might not mean it literally - or do we? Honestly, no one's probably tried that, but we don't doubt our pride and joy. V1 was b*tchin', but V2 is… on another level. It's just awesome; that's it (drop the mic).


Anvanda Will Fit Everything You Need for the Trip - We Somehow Made It the Most Spacious Bag in the Universe

Do you know what makes great luggage? The ability to fit a crapload of stuff you won't even use during the vacation. If you're one of those people who manically pack like it's the apocalypse (like we're not living in it already, right?), you're gonna love the crap out of this bag.

Why? Well, it's not just your basic-b*tch large bag that fits a lot of stuff. No, sir, when we say it's a huge bag, we mean, like… it's insane what these bags can do for you. Honestly, we have no idea how we did this. These bad boys can fit so much that you might consider not bringing an actual suitcase.


Awesome Bag Loading… Here's What Our Precious Can Offer You

So, we've covered the "huge bag that fits all kinds of crap" part, but don't think we're done bragging about what we designed. Sorry - it's like, our thing. What we do best is making bags and… well, being hella proud of them. When it comes to Anvanda, there are many fancy-ass features to be mentioned. First, have we told you that this cutie is the best waterproof backpack out there? You know it - and besides that, it also has one unique-as-unicorn thing to offer.

Are you ready for it? We're gonna cry; this is so good - it's freaking stink-proof. Sure, waterproof - everyone can do that, but f*cking stink-proof?! Where else can you find that? Nowhere, we tell you. Our smart little brains thought to add an antibacterial silver lining so that you can be as gross as you want without anyone knowing (but please, be kind to the bag - it deserves some love). Also, our great b*tching backpacks have a USB port for those of you addicted to the internet (or those who actually work all the time). We thought that an RFID-protected pocket would be a nice touch, so we added that too cause why not.


Hey, Don't Limit Your Anvanda as Just a Carry-On - This Beauty Can Do So Much More for You

One of the reasons why Anvanda works so well for many is the fact that this b*tchin' backpack is so universal. Don't save it just for the vacations - walk it proudly to work, school, or wherever else you can think of. Head to our Kickstarter page to order your V2 - you won't regret it. This freaking bag is gonna change your life for the better, hun.

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