Get the Best Women's Waterproof Backpack with Anvanda

Finding a stylish backpack can be a challenge - trust us, we know. That's exactly why we've decided to make the perfect one, and not to brag, but we've successfully managed to create the queen women's waterproof backpack - our beauty is a top-notch bag, and we bet you won't find anything better in the whole fucking universe. That's just how awesome Anvanda bags are. You'll see - just stay with us a bit, and we'll get you hooked.

Yeah, sure, there are many different designs and shapes of waterproof backpacks for women, and okay, maybe some of them are good and all that shit. But if you go for an Anvanda V1 or V2 great fucking backpack, you'll get more than a basic bag. You'll get a new freaking best friend who will accompany you on all your weird-ass adventures and always have your back - sometimes literally if you wear it on your back.

Want to Buy the Perfect Women's Waterproof Backpack? Anvanda Has the Best Fucking One

Maybe you've just booked a trip to rainy London, or you're going to Amazon rainforests - it doesn't matter. Wherever you plan to travel, your bitching waterproof bag will be the perfect shiny accessory that will make you look fabulous even if it's raining. You may get rained on, but your great fucking bag will make sure your stuff stays dry. But don't think we offer one of those bags that look awesome yet aren't practical at all - we ain't haute couture, hun. No, with our Anvanda, you will have style and still be able to pack a shitload of stuff inside.

Let's Be Honest - You're Not Gonna Find a Better Freaking Bag Than Our Fabulous Waterproof One

Look, we know we sound, well, less than modest. That's just our brand, okay? Confidence is all, dear friend. And you'll quickly realize that we're not full of shit. We have a very good reason to be arrogant asses. We've put so much time and effort into designing these bitchin bags that they obviously had to turn out brilliant.

Like, some of us literally haven't slept for a long time - improving our baby Anvanda keeps us up all the time. Sounds almost like it's a human baby, right? So, you're welcome to go out there and look for something better, but be sure we'll tell you "told you so" when you come back, running to us for a pretty waterproof backpack.


Whether You Plan on Carrying a Laptop, Your Entire Closet, or a Tiny Puppy, Your Anvanda Won't Fail You

We know that finding the perfect bag is like a dream for most women. It has to be cute and comfortable to carry, plus you want to have enough room to pack all your shit. Here's what we've figured out - many brands can make a fucking pretty bag. That's not a biggie, right? But the catch is that most of them have no bitchin' clue how much space people actually need.

You've guessed it - this is where Anvanda comes to the scene. We made you a backpack that can fit a freakin baby elephant if you want it to (although we can't figure out where you'd find one). Now you can pack your books (if you still use that ancient stuff), laptop, clothes, gym equipment - hell, you can pack your entire house for moving in your backpack. Long gone are the days of stuffing your things in tiny purses. Honey, you're not Lizzo with that baby bag, and you don't have Hermione's magical purse that can fit an entire library - just get yourself a nice, big backpack, okay? You can thank us later.


It Can Rain, Snow, or Whatever - Don't Think That Our Great Fucking Bag Will Get Soaked, No Sir

Oh fuck, it's pouring rain! Wait, no, you don't have to panic anymore. Sure, your hair will be ruined, but we can promise that the stuff inside your pretty Anvanda backpack will stay drier than Sahara sand. Yes, we're sure, and no, it's not a marketing trick - does it look like we care about guidelines of regular marketing? Fuck no. We're just honest - if there were any flaws with our Anvanda beauties, we'd tell you. But sadly for our competitors, these bitches are flawless.

You can finally pretend to be a kid who likes jumping into puddles when it rains - assuming you can find waterproof boots that match your Anvanda. Luckily, we offer countless cute prints and colors, so you can choose something that fits your style. Honestly, look at this print. Isn't it just gorgeous?! We thought you might like it.

Anvanda bag with a printed design

If You Think That Our Entirely Waterproof Bag Is Awesome, Wait Till You Hear That Our Bitchin Bags Are Stink-Proof (Yup, We're Serious)

If you're not so impressed with all that waterproof shit, check this out - our Anvanda bags are also stink-proof. Yes, you've read that correctly. Our babies have an antibacterial silver lining that neutralizes funky smells typically left by dirty gym socks. Don't try to pretend like you're so neat and never leave gym stuff in the bag - just be happy that your backpack will stay clean, sweetie.

That's Not All Folks - We Have ANOTHER Surprise for You (Greedy Much, Huh?)

We know it's not Christmas, but we have a present for you. Well, it's not the bag - that one you'll have to order yourself, but we do have something that will make you want to pour all your cash on us. Our fucking backpacks can charge your phone! Seriously - we designed them to have a USB port, so you can always have a full battery even if you're addicted to TikTok. We know what the kids want. Laugh all you want, grandma, but Gen Z is gonna rule the world soon. Better them than Putin, right?


If You Were to Keep Looking for a Better Backpack, Let Us Tell You Right Now - You're Wasting Your Time, Buddy

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest bag of them all? If your answer isn't Anvanda, you failed the test - scroll back to the beginning of this bitchin text, and read it again. Hopefully, you won't have to do that because you now know that you've found the best fucking bag in the universe. Don't waste your precious time on googling other backpacks - just head to our Kickstarter page and order your sweet, sweet Anvanda V2 waterproof backpack.

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