Yea, your high school superhero backpack is certainly neat (a sentiment mostly shared with your grandmother,) but it's time to go to another level. Believe it or not, it's time to begin looking and sounding cool when you tell a girl what your favorite superhero is. Sounds impossible? Quite the contrary, it's all about the style, and with our Anvanda cool man bags, you'll start looking cool for starters, and the rest will follow.

The Choice Is Yours - We Have a Great F*cking Bag for Everyone

Are you a free-spirited flower child with a guitar hung around your shoulder? Are you a young and budding businessman working from nine to five and then going to classy afternoon cocktail parties? Or a laid-back dude who's into skateboarding and searching for obscure indie bands? We can go on like this forever, but we just want to illustrate that our bags can be stylish for just about any underground, mainstream, or whatever subculture and fashion you belong to. But hey, if you're having trouble making a choice between two colors, you can always build your own bag. Nonetheless, feast your eyes on these cool bags for guys.

Different types of bags

A Messenger, Crossbody, or a Great F*cking Sling Bag - We Cover Everything

We don't want to brag too much about it (in fact, we do, but one must conform to the etiquette,) but we have pretty much all men's accessories (they will fit your offbeat style, don't worry,) from a backpack, across a crossbody bag to a small sling bag. And this is not all. Each of these awesome f*cking bags can be modified using our accessories like long or short shoulder straps, which are made from the finest leather that provides maximum comfort to your body.

Fine Leather and Sturdy Canvas - It’s F*cking Tough to Find a Higher-Quality Bag

Our  bags wouldn't look so good if we didn't use the best possible materials. Whether you want to retain the high school spirit and carry it on your back, or you want to look like an important stockbroker and carry it like a messenger or crossbody bag, the fine leather straps and soft but sturdy canvas will feel comfortable anyhow. But it's not just that. We mentioned the word "sturdy" a few times, and it's not without reason. Our bags are truly long-term investments that have visited all parts of the world and climates.

Whether you need something for the beach or hikes, our great f*cking bags adapt to all environments. Our products are water-resistant and highly durable because of the waxed canvas. Furthermore, due to this material, our products are also stain resistant (you'd have to spill some serious f*cked up chemical substances in order to leave a stain). Of course, we are not suggesting that you can go into a full careless mode and start tossing and kicking them around. But you know, accidents do happen, especially on picnics and road trips where beer starts interfering with your motor skills, and what's cooler than saying that everything is fine after you have spilled beer all over your sh*t.


You Won’t Find a Less Expensive Great F*cking Bag With Such Capabilities

Do you want to be that cool dude on road trips that has everything from the list needed for a good party? Well, in our bag you'll be able to put a lot of sh*t. With a specially designed laptop pocket, RFID pocket, mesh pocket, zipper pocket, and, of course, regular backpack space, you can easily bring all your needed DJ gear and get the party started. Moreover, everything is reinforced with special YKK zippers, which provide maximum security.

Our Bags Don’t Easily Get Dirty or Smelly

We've already mentioned that the exterior of our bags is well-protected. But what about the interior? If you are going to the gym or like to eat some pungent delicacies like blue cheese, there will be a lot of different odors. You get the point. However, our bags have a silver lining, which means that odors cannot permeate the fabric. But, we are not suggesting that you shouldn't wash your bag from time to time. We are just saying that our bags can withstand higher degrees of slovenliness. After taking out all your soaked and dirty gym sh*t the next day, there won't be any problems putting in your fresh clothes for work. And, what's more, cooler than the fact that a bag will conceal your lazy ass.

 Open backpack

USB Port or Different Ways to Open, Our Great F*cking Bags Have the Coolest Features

Yes, there are many different cool bags for men, but very few have our features. Our bags have a USB port that can act as a charger, special rain covers, magnetic pockets, and hidden pockets. You can even open the bag in different ways. Clamshell opening to quickly display or take out all your sh*t, or side opening if you want to elegantly take a single item out. Truly, this bag can make you feel like Bear Grylls when hiking or like some highly important CEO when going to work.


Looking for a Cool F*cking Bag? Don’t Be Lazy, Check Out What We Offer

Do you know what wouldn't be cool? Not to give us a chance. Therefore, check our official website or our Kickstarter page and see what we have to offer with our Great F*cking Anvanda V2. There had been many other hesitant people before who then left five-star reviews after buying. If you want to be cool, you have to do something about it, and our bags can certainly contribute to that.

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