How to Wash a Backpack After and Prepare It for a New Great F*cking Adventure

You just got back from a great f*cking adventure, and your precious carrier needs a wash. What the hell did you do with it? Just kidding, we all know dirt, sand, and other stuff of adventure inevitably soil the items you wear. And if you have a good, durable carrier, it'll suffer the most wear and tear out of everything. Learn how to wash a backpack and prepare it for another great f*cking adventure.

What Is the Best Way to Wash a Backpack Without Completely Ruining It

You know that it's important to keep your stuff clean, and the mighty backpack is one of those things, too. While it may seem like there's no real way to wash it (keep telling yourself that, anyway,) you can always grab a sponge, dip it in some clean water, add detergent and rub. A genie might come out since our Anvanda a Great F*cking Bag does f*cking miracles.

Taking care of backpacks isn't a novelty. People have been doing it all their lives; kids wear them to school and get pen marks all over the inside, and if you take meals to work in your rucksack, there may be some food stains on there as well (pizza for breakfast, Jake? You good?) It's logical to want to keep these carriers scrubbed and polished for longer wear.


You Gotta Let It Air Dry or Else It's Not Gonna Be a Bag Anymore

The most vital point of the bag-cleaning process is the drying method. It's not revolutionary, but it requires time. Air drying the backpack is the best possible way to let it rest from the torture you've put it through. Hang it over the shower or tub if you don't have a balcony. There's also a thing called a clothesline. That's a great place to air out and air dry the bad boy.

When wondering how to wash a hiking backpack we wouldn't recommend using a dryer, just because backpacks have many small details like zippers, straps, and hooks. It could get stuck in the dryer and ripped if you're not careful. Also, our Anvanda a Great F*cking Bag has leather and vegan leather options, as well as quad coated zinc hooks. Would you sleep well if this beauty became a beast because you got a bit lazy? Didn't think so.

Work Your Biceps Out and Wash the Bag by Hand (It's Not Hard at All)

Manual labor isn't your thing; we get it. Some people get a knack out of washing items, but you're not one of them, are you? Well, you're gonna have to become that person as soon as you see sh*t all over your carrier. The Great F*cking Bag is truly a work of art, but it doesn't have a self-cleaning option. We may work on it, though.

However, what the carrier does have is a silver lining that prevents smells from contaminating the inside. It's an antibacterial lining perfect for adventurers and, well, sweaty people. That means you won't really have to worry about getting the smell of three-day-old socks out of there; just rinse the fabric and let it dry out.

Now, to the point - can you wash a backpack by hand? Yes, and dear Lord, please do it this way. It's better than using the washer because you'll preserve the carrier both inside and out. If you pay good money to have a sexy rucksack like ours, you'll wanna keep it sexy for a while.


The Insane Method for Cleaning a Bag by Hand - Use Detergent and Water

Before attempting a clean of any kind, the best thing to do is find a label and check out the washing instructions. They're usually the best thing to follow. Depending on the fabric, you'll have to use warm or cold water. Don't use hot water because most backpacks are nylon, which is cold-washed.

Use some gentle detergent, the one that doesn't make your hands itch, and mix it half and half with the water. Get a sponge and dip it in, then start scrubbing from the inside out. Or the outside in, we don't care. For small details, like zippers and pockets, you can try scrubbing with a soft toothbrush. When you're done, soak up the extra wetness with old towels and let it air dry - but don't let the sun hit it directly, or else your sh*t is gonna look pale and dry like Dracula's ass.

Cleaning a Backpack In a Washing Machine is Not a Solution

Putting your bag through a washing machine cycle is not a great solution for leather bags, even if you are aware of how to do it. Yes, you can learn how to wash a backpack in a washer, but know that there's more than just tossing it in. Before any washing takes place, you have to make sure your bag is suitable for machine washing. Since our Anvanda a Great F*cking Bag is made of leather, using a washing machine can severely damage the bag, which is why it is not recommended as a method for cleaning your great f*cking bag. 


a gray Anvanda V2 Great Fucking Bag close up

Find Out What the Best Way to Clean Your Great F*cking Bag Is and Commit to Having a Sparkling Adventure Backpack

We hope you get the point: hand washing your carrier - good, using the washer and dryer on it - not so good.

While cleaning the carrier is vital to keep it from falling apart, you'll have to make time and devote yourself to the process. Nothing's more valuable than a great, well-preserved rucksack when you're off on an adventure; carrying all your sh*t with you will be easier and much more enjoyable in a clean, Great F*cking Bag.

If all else fails, just get a new Anvanda carrier. Go ahead,visit the shop. We know you're curious. Because you know what's better than one Anvanda backpack? Two Anvanda backpacks. So if you're feeling lazy, just shop again. We won't tell.

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