What Makes Anvanda The Most Fashionable Backpack for Men and Women

Tired of looking at countless boring-ass women's or men's fashion backpacks online? Oh brother, do we have a treat for you. When you see our sweet, sweet, fashionable backpacks, you're gonna fall in love. Hell, you might even throw out your old teddy bear and hug Anvanda, the greatest fucking bag in the universe, when you go to sleep. Think we're messin' with you? Just wait - once you hear all about our goddess, you'll beg us to take your cash.

If you want to be fashionable yet carry a bunch of shit with you to school (yeah, nerds, we're lookin' at ya) or pretend to be dedicated to your work cause you need food (duh,) carrying Anvanda's gonna make your day easier. Yes, even if it's Monday and you just wanna sleep in because you're still hungover from a Friday party (if you don't think this is possible, you might wanna step up your party game, hun). Who needs those Birkins? They're gonna be turning around for your freaking backpack. You can be a stylish bitch with your new Anvanda.

The Best Fucking Fashion Backpacks Ever Are Here - For All Women, Men, and Non-Binary Baddies, Wherever You Wanna Go

Excuse us, VIP coming through…oh no, it's just a random dude with a really awesome bag. My, oh, my, isn't that a pretty accessory! Hear that? That's what they're gonna think when you stroll down the street on your way to wherever the fuck you're going. You don't have to be Regina George to be a freakin' fabulous bitch, you just have to get yourself the best freaking bag ever. And when we say it's suitable for going anywhere, we really mean it. Go for a walk in the flower field, travel to Mars, or meet the Queen, and your great fucking bag is gonna carry you, instead of the other way around. Yeah, that's how awesome it is - wink, wink.


What Do You Mean We Should Be More Modest? Like, It's Seriously the Best Backpack You're Gonna Find on This Planet

You must be thinking - boy, do they talk some shit. No bag can be this awesome yet stylish at the same time. Hun, welcome to the new day - now you can have it all. You can travel the freaking globe in the search for better backpacks, but it's gonna take you more time than it took Harry to figure out that golden egg for the Triwizard Tournament. Well, to be fair, he never actually did (all credit goes to Dobby,) and you won't find a better bag either.


You Can Fit Anything in Our Awesome Backpack - From Laptop and Gym Gear to Bunnies (But Maybe, Um, Don't Do That)

If you're desperate for space more than Jeff Bezos , fuck those tiny clutches and get yourself a real bag - yeah, Anvanda (like we were talking about anything else…) - this is how all your dreams come true, with a single purchase. Well, okay, maybe not, but hey - you need something to carry stuff around while you work towards your dream. Anvanda can fit whatever the fuck you can think of - we can just see it now, you're gonna rock our camouflage bag every day. Just stay reasonable and don't try to carry bunnies inside.

Mini or Regular Size, Your Great Fucking Bag Can Be Worn Like a Shoulder Bag or a Backpack (*Transformers Have Entered the Chat*)

Our great fucking bag can be worn in so many different ways, it might as well be a Transformer. Wanna look like a serious student? Wear our best backpack for college on your back. Care for a more chill approach? Wear it as a shoulder bag, or simply carry it in your hands by the top handles - especially a mini size, that's gonna be cute as hell. Oh, have we mentioned that you have a wide variety of colours to choose from? Plus, we have some awesome prints. Seriously, look at this beauty.


Anvanda bag with a printed design

Anvanda Has a Few Awesome Features You Can't Find in Most Stylish-Ass Bags, and It's 100% Approved By Fashion Police

The most freakin' fashionable backpacks ever, the stars of our show - V1 and V2 models, available in leather and vegan leather. But don't kid yourself thinking that's all we've got to tell you. Kiddo, we're not even half done. We can talk about how fuckin' brilliant Anvanda is for days. But we're not gonna drown you in information, this ain't school. We're just gonna tell you the actual essentials to know about its majesty, fashionable plus comfy Anvanda. 

It's Stink-Proof, So You Can Be as Disgusting as You Wish (But We Hope You Won't…)

Have you ever heard of something awesome like this? Probably not - what kind of weird-ass bag can neutralize stink? Well, our backpacks can do it. It's not magic, just an antibacterial silver lining inside. Now you can be chill while carrying those annoying school books with your gym clothes that you forgot to wash - yikes, your bag won't stink, but you might. You know, just because it can endure so much, it doesn't mean you have to torture the poor thing - at least empty it and air it out sometimes. We trust you won't be an animal…right?


Why Carry a Charger When You Can Plug Phone in Your Anvanda - No, We're Not Going Crazy (Though, in All Honesty, It Might Seem Like It)

Ha, imagine the looks on people's faces when they ask you if you have a charger and you show them your backpack. That's gonna be priceless! But what on Earth are we talking about? Have we fucking lost it? Nope, it's just that our V1 and V2 bags can have a USB port - you must admit, that's fucking awesome.


But Seriously…Look at Our Bitchin' Backpacks and Try Not to Buy One, We Dare You

If you're not hooked by now, hold one. We've got one more thing. Check this out: our freaking bags even have an RFID-protected pocket that makes sure no one can electronically pickpocket you. How can you resist buying one for yourself, huh? That's a rhetorical question, of course - we know you won't resist grabbing one of these fucking fabulous backpacks for yourself. And it will be well-worth your money - our Anvanda's gonna make your life waaaaay better, we promise. So, go to our Kickstarter page and get your Anvanda V2 bag now!

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