Pst! Hey, you sassy-ass lover of all things Anvanda, we have a dazzling camouflage bag coming your way! Not sure how to rock it? Well, in that case, you, my friend, are at the right place because we'll show you infinite ways to combine camo Anvanda's Great Fauking Sas with your personality.

Our Anvandas come in great variety (and in peace). But what if we tell you that camo is the brand new schite for you? It doesn't really matter what's your personal style - casual, hipster, nerdy, or Men in Black sassy suits; a camo backpack is a dazzling asset that will make you chicer than you thought possible. And it can hold all your junk inside, too! Even the neuralyzer that erases people's memories, although no one can forget an Anvanda when they see one.


There are many types of bags out there, but Anvandanites know that this is the only bag that can fit right in with any crowd. Take it to a cocktail party and make camo the next trend or pack it up with food and drinks and throw a picnic party on any given day. So the secret weapon each Anvanda Great Frakkin Bag holds is that it is a solution to all problems; it is, in fact, the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything - we kid you not.

Think You Couldn’t Rock the Camouflage Bag? It Can Rock You

And now you're wondering if you're the type of person to wear anything camo, and if you do, how to style it. Well, we can start by telling you that it's the best backpack for travel, that you can stuff full of clothes, throw over your shoulder and take on a train. But, can you rock it on a more formal occasion? Of course, you can; it's not the color you're wearing that gives the bold statement, but how you wear it. The trick is that each Anvanda makes you cooler wherever you take it. Once we introduce the new Anvanda bag, it will be hard to keep it off your mind. We will rock you with our camo Anvanda, and you won't be able to get a good night's sleep until you grab one.

A man in a suit with two bags

An Anvanda Can Be Everything You Ever Wanted (Though Not Your Girlfriend)

Anvanda can be the ultimate tool that carries your junk for all kinds of events. You can take it to a book shopping spree (we know you nerds are book hoarders, and Anvandas can carry a lot) or to a football game to bring a six-pack and snacks. To all you single geeks and freaks out there, an Anvanda, and especially the camo one, can draw potential partners like moths to a flame. So, now you're wondering what to carry in a backpack with you if you're going to be chased around by amorous boys and gals? That one's easy, bring protection, and we don't mean bug repellent 😉

Turn a Camo Backpack Into a Handbag With a Snap of Your Fingers

But, do you know what's one of the most awesome things when it comes to our camouflage bags? It's their versatility to fit in with any situation. Wear it casually on one shoulder or turn it around, grab a handle, and let it nestle in your hand like a glove. We even have a strap to make it a genuine shoulder bag, which is really handy for protecting your schite in crowded spaces. You know what they say - keep your friends close and an Anvanda closer.

A brown backpack

A Camouflage Bag Can Carry All Your Schite and Turn the Sas Volume Up

Usually, when you want to pack all your goodies, toys, and gadgets with you, you have to carry a backpack, a tote bag, and one sack for everything that wouldn't fit in the first two. But that's the catch with a camouflage Anvanda - it can hold all of it (and more!) We were good listeners, so we've figured out what you nerds really need - pockets and a lot of them so all your junk can be easily reachable. Since there are over 10 billion different items that can be carried in our Great F*cking Bag, we've even added a high-quality handy zipper on the side to reach whichever sh*t you need. And if you weren't cool enough up to that point, well, Anvanda does it for you.

Anvanda Protec and Holds Your Snac

Did you know that modern age pickpockets can strip you (well, not in that way, you naughty little…) of your digital money? And you won't even feel a thing until it's too late. But hey, Anvanda can protec. We've added an RFID-protected pocket that will keep your digital money safe and sound.

Besides protection for your cards, which you can so elegantly place inside our sassy-looking leather wallet, you can carry all sorts of snac inside, too. Even the cheese or garlic smelly ones, and no harm will come to your other junk. Wondering how? Well, we've placed an antibacterial silver lining inside to keep all your smells to yourself.


Bring Your Camo Bag to Work Without a Care in the World

Do you know that a camo bag is a Great F*cking Bag all around but also the best backpack for work, too? It comes with a laptop sleeve, but you can stick other things inside, too (that's what she said, hee hee 😁). But hold your breath; there's a new one coming your way pretty soon! Just add it to your wishlist - we know you want to. It comes with a handy and sassy USB connection, to charge your phone or any other gadget you carry for life or death situations. Like being stuck on a long commute. It's a pain, we know.


The Best Thing You Can Do Is Treat Yourself With More Anvanda

Love leather? We can deliver. Are you a vegan? Get our non-leather option. You can carry all your schite all day, every day, and be a sexy nerd while doing it. It's a Great Frikkin' Bag that carries all your sh*t. Order the camo version, alongside one in another color (we know you yearn to). And check our Kickstarter page and fasten your seatbelt because the awesomeness of the upcoming bag will shoot you into space.

Kickstarter link - Använda V2 | Another Great F*cking Bag

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