What Makes Anvanda One of the Great Women's Hiking Backpacks?

If you are one of those people who enjoy hiking in the woods (for some random reason), you should definitely check out what makes our Anvanda hiking backpacks women's favorite companions on adventurous trips. Whether you are going rock climbing, camping, or whatever crazy sh*it you love doing in the woods, the Anvanda backpack will not let you down.

If You Love to Hike and Go Camping Than You Need Our Backpack in Your Life

Obviously, when you are in the middle of nowhere, you probably need to carry tons of essentials with you. When you are a woman, that means you need a lot of things with you, no matter where you are. This is why our Anvanda backpacks are the best bags you could find, especially if you're a fan of hiking and camping and generally visiting crazy places. Through the next few paragraphs, we will try to explain to you why you need our backpack in your life. Or maybe even a few of our backpacks…

Everything Your Hiking Backpack Must Include - We Fuc*Ing Have It

When you're trying to choose a perfect backpack for hiking, you need to make sure it has some of the most important features, which can come in handy when you're at some weird place far away from civilization. Your backpack should be your best companion, and it should include things such as:

  • Storage capacity ( Anvanda has it),
  • Appropriate weight (unless you're planning to fall on your ass because your bag is too heavy),
  • Tons of pockets (we'll explain later why you need them and why ours are the best),
  • Comfortable straps (Anvanda backpacks basically feel like carrying a cloud),
  • Waterproof material (yes, our backpacks are waterproof),
  • Look cute (what if you meet your ex on your hiking trip and you're carrying an ugly backpack?)

Oh, and we almost forgot to mention, Anvanda backpacks have all these features, making them easily the best companion you could bring on your trip.

Size Matters… When You're Looking for the Best Hiking Backpack

You want your backpack to be a perfect size, and everyone has different preferences. Anvanda backpacks for hiking come in two different sizes, and you can choose which one fits you best. Choosing which size of backpack to get should depend on how many things you generally carry around with you when you go hiking or camping. Both sizes fit a looooot of sh*t inside them, so no worries about that.

Our Backpacks Are Full of Pockets Which Are Necessary When You're on a Hiking Trip and Don't Want to Lose Any of Your Sh*It

We already mentioned the importance of pockets when it comes to choosing a hiking bag. Your hiking backpack should have lots of pockets since you're going to need to fit a lot of items inside, and you want them to stay organized. Here's what our bags offer and what you need on your hiking backpack:

  • The right amount of pockets - different shapes and sizes because we love the diversity,
  • USB connection - God knows you don't want your battery running out when you're in the middle of nowhere,
  • RFID Protected pocket - we just guessed you wouldn't want to be robbed on your hiking trip while you're wandering around the woods,
  • Pocket for water bottle - because hydration is important, and you want to be able to reach your bottle easily,
  • The zippers are really good - not sh*tty like most of the zippers out there.

Women Need Cute Backpacks Even When They Are Hiking

Would you want to be caught hiking with an ugly backpack? Us neither. That's why we made sure to design the cutest hiking backpacks so everyone can look cute and stylish with them. Our great freaking bag comes in many different colors, and you can find one that compliments you the best. You'll need a cute backpack when taking pictures for your Instagram from some random mountain

Different designs of Anvanda backpacks

The Material Is Waterproof Which Is Obviously a Good Thing When You Are in the Middle of the Woods

We just guessed you wouldn't want your stuff to get wet, in case it starts falling why you're camping, or you fall into a river or something like that. Our backpacks are made out of waterproof material, which makes them perfect for your stuff not getting wet, obviously…

The best women's waterproof backpack is our product, and once you buy it, you can see for yourself just how perfectly it can protect your belongings.

What Also Makes Anvanda Hiking Backpack Women's Favorite Item?

Why most women love our bags is also because they are super affordable, and you don't need to spend a fortune to get a good quality bag. They are super versatile, and you can style them with different clothes and wear them for different occasions. They are great for hiking but also for many other things, like literally everything. They are a great investment since you can carry them to lots of places other than hiking, and everyone we'll definitely be like, "omg, what a cool backpack," and you will be known for being the girl with the coolest backpack. You can thank us later!

If You're Planning a Hiking Trip Soon, Immediately Go and Get Our Bag

Now that we have shared with you some of the most important features of the Avanda backpack, you are probably starting to think, "where can I get this amazing backpack that is going to make my life hiking so much easier?" Well, here's how to buy your Anvanda backpack. Visit our Kickstarter page, where you can easily preorder our sweet backpacks and also get more information about them that you might need. Trust us, you will love having your Avanda backpack with you all the time!

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