We just know that your life is about to take an unexpected turn for the better. And how do we know it? Because you, my friend, are about to learn how to buy a backpack (and a f*cking awesome one) and become one of the Anvandanites!

We also know that once you've laid eyes on an Anvanda, a Great F*cking Bag, it's hard to keep hands to yourself (oh boy, do we know it 😏). And the moment you touch its smooth surface and trace every stitch, you'll get a hard (on, hee hee) determination to buy another one! But before you get lost in our online store (SO… MANY… CHOICES,) you'll need to make a tough decision and figure out how to buy a right backpack. We're just pulling your leg here - the right backpack is an Anvanda backpack; yours is only to pick the color and the right size (because size DOES matter).


How to Buy a Backpack and Become an Anvandanite in Just a Few Clicks

Nothing in life is simple. Well, you may believe this until you visit our website and choose to grab the best backpack for travel. We mean an Anvanda, in case you're wondering. The simplicity of the shopping experience will amaze you - all you have to do is pick one (or more, we know you wanna) and add it to your cart. We also accept different payment options, so the shopping itself is no hassle.


You may feel like you need a "buying a backpack guide" when in truth, the harder part will be to pick just one color and size. Our Anvanda is the best backpack for work, but it's also an awesome f*cking bag that carries all kinds of schite. So before you decide to go all monochromatic on us and pick a black one, let us tell you that pop of color has never hurt anyone. It may only hurt your financial balance, though. But, with an Anvanda in your life, you just won't give a schite.


We Know Its Awesomeness Is Unparalleled, but Let’s See What You Get With Our Backpack

First of all, when you buy an Anvanda backpack, you get infinite coolness and swag that come with it. Second, it's so much more than just a backpack - it's a shoulder bag, a handbag, one of the coolest backpacks for women, and a guy bag, all in one! So, is it one of the Transformers? It isn't an Autobot nor a Decepticon, but it's easily transformed nonetheless. It comes with a strap (not that kind, you nasty little mischievous flirt, you) and enough handles to carry it however you like it.

It's also an item so unique and omnipotent that it can carry 10 million (yep, you've read that right) different kinds of junk and precious stuff inside. And you can rearrange your schite however you want because we've installed enough pockets so you can stick in 😁 all your gadgets and other junk. The pockets are protected by top-quality YKK zippers, and the straps are made with indestructible zinc-iron hooks.

A woman with a backpack

The Endless Benefits You Gain With an Anvanda in Your Possession

Well, if that is not enough to get you going, let's just say that an Anvanda is a backpack with a laptop sleeve. Yep, it means you can take it to work (and play League of Legends in front of your unsuspecting boss, lol,) and fit in papers, tablets, and a few beers (just in case).

Want to take it to the gym with you? Not a problem because we've added an antibacterial silver lining to keep all the smells inside to yourself. Although, after a few visits to the gym, you'll definitely need to wash your backpack and get that smelly sweat out.

Get Fully Charged on the Go

There's even a USB connection for all of you Netflix addicts who kill the battery even when commuting. And when we're talking digital - we've added a bit of protection for y'all. Not that kind of protection, that one's on you to buy and stuff into one of the pockets 😜 Nah, we mean an RFID pocket that will protect your digital money and fend off any potential thieves wanting to do some skimming.

Just… Look at Them, Look!

Accessorize Yourself Some More With a Sassy Wallet

Do you know what else fits into an Anvanda? Besides the obvious EVERYTHING, you can also pack an Anvanda leather wallet. It's the classy accessory you never knew you needed in your life. It's small, it's convenient, it fits all your cards, and it's also RFID protected. It's just one of the many things you can carry in your backpack.

So, let's summarize - you can pack electronics, books, files, a wallet, an umbrella, and spare bicycle parts. But you can also throw in a sandwich and refreshments for any kind of journey. Even if it takes you to the center of the Earth or straight to Jurassic Park. An Anvanda can handle it ALL and even stay dry in the process with the reflective rain cover that comes with any type of bag you buy from us.


Get Yourself at Least One Anvanda Backpack and Be Welcome in Our Inner Circle of Infinitely Cool People

Buying a great f*cking backpack has never been easier because Anvanda has made sure that you have an unforgettable experience. From adding to the cart to handling at least one bag, everything will run like a knife through butter. But before you head to checkout, let us introduce the new Anvanda bag. Sexy, innit? Yeah, we know, but to get your hands on the new Anvanda, pledge some love to our Kickstarter, will ya?

Kickstarter link - Använda V2 | Another Great F*cking Bag

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