Techie’s Guide to Packing Anvanda V2 Laptop Bag

It is not a secret that nerds are IN! Oh, how the tables have turned, now sugar babies look for their prospects on tech conferences :D. Who wouldn’t want a tech mogul by their side? But us nerds come with several perks. We know all the best TV shows and books and can set up an internet connection without watching 1001 YouTube tutorials beforehand. Impressive right?! 

Nerd is the new sexy. However, with all the vast knowledge techies have, we are also notorious for hoarding books, toys, and gadgets. Let’s face it, you won’t be accepted into an IT Crowd without at least a book set of The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings or a full-on Darth Vader costume. That’s why you need a Great Fking Bag that can carry all of the nerdy schit. The solution - Anvanda V2 IT Bag that can probably fit a Wookiee and a few gremlins. 🤯 


Even though it can fit a lot of schit, packing Anvanda V2 Bag can be an art form (too far?) - okay, maybe not an art form but a useful skill at least. No matter what kind of IT geek you are (because yeah, there are different types of nerds 🤓) and what kind of stuff you are carrying, there is a way to fit it all in Anvanda V2 without using trigonometry or magic.  

Techies Can Bring All of the Necessary Gadgets With Them

Have you ever wondered how to pack a bag? Of course you didn’t. You are not insane! You just throw schit in it and hope for the best! However, if you are a techie that has an iPad mini and a Pro one, laptop, headphones, working Power Rangers communicator, Personal Planetarium, and UV Light Wand (because ‘Rona can sneak up on you anywhere), you will need a Great Fking Bag to fit them all and keep them safe!  And this is where you might start freaking out and wonder what’s the best way to pack a bag


Take a breath and relax. Anvanda V2 was designed by people that know what they are doing. And since we are secret (or not so secret) nerds like you, we sneaked in the laptop sleeve in the back so that you can carry the tech with you at all times. That being said, start by packing smaller electronics in pockets, and then slip in your bigger toys 😏. 

With Anvanda, you can pack up at least your top 10 favorite gadgets (don’t pretend you don’t have a list of favorites) and carry them wherever you go. On top of that, our Great Fking IT Bag is comfy, and you will feel like wearing a pillow on your back. Remember: with great power consumption comes great responsibility for all of your gadgets. 

Use Different Pockets When Packing Anvanda V2 IT Bag 

Yes, yes, we get it, you are smart, you know schit, that’s why you got our Great Fking Bag, and now you need us to tell you how to pack it in the best way, right? Let’s face it, packing a bag is not something you can learn in R.L. Stines’ book… well, maybe you can learn to pack up a gooey monster but not anything else. That’s where we, as MASTERS OF BAGS, can help by sharing our unbelievable knowledge of packing.


Well, you are off to a great start. You got an Anvanda V2 bag and a pile of junk that needs to fit in it. Give Anvanda a challenge, find your thickest books, chemistry kit, or even your large coin collection (we are not here to judge your passions), and start packing. Firstly, our Great Fking Bag has two opening options. You can open it all the way (#TitleOfYourSexTape) or use the vertical opening, whatever floats your boat. It also uses YKK Zippers, which will keep you from losing your schit (yes, pun intended)! 💩

Anvanda also has a magnetic top pocket (we told you there are many pockets, don’t act so surprised)! You can keep your small notepad there if you need it to quickly write something down like a new formula for time traveling or a cute girls’ number, whichever happens first (Ooooohhhh burrrrrrnnn!).

Open Anvanda laptop bag with easily accessible pockets

Wonks Should Relax Because Their Crap Is RFID Protected 

Being nerdy is not all about cool gadgets, or knowing every movie Nathan Fillion and Patrick Stewart started in, sometimes is about earning money and gaining power… cha-ching!!! 💰💰💰 Those money and power-hungry nerds are called wonks… yeah, yeah, it sounds funny, but those are the people that get to be the bosses at the end of the movie, so maybe we shouldn’t make fun of them?!



Suppose you are one of those go-getters that are all about making money rain you should definitely get an Anvanda V2 bag because it can protect your schit from getting stolen. Yes, we live in that day and age where some (although crafty but still bad) people are trying to steal your cash right out of the bank account. Luckily, our Great Fking Bag has RFID protected pocket where you can keep your phone and all the sensitive information😏. As for your credit cards, get our wallets that are also RFID protected. With our great fking designs that go perfectly together with Anvanda V2 bags, it will feel like you have a thick plot armor around your finances. 



If you are more about paper money and you like to play treasure hunt, just take cash and put it in every pocket of your Anvanda bag (and there are many pockets, some hidden, some really obvious). That way, every time you open a new pocket, there will be a surprise waiting for you - a gift from yours truly! 

Keep in mind that you can also carry all kinds of different schit in your Anvanda, it doesn’t only have to be money (our bag is not a materialistic batch)! From books on ruling the world to glasses and financial reports, it can fit anything. And when you fill it to the top, you can carry it on your back or channel your professional persona and hold it by the handles on its side. We are not the boss of you, decide on your own 😛  

Junk Fandom Fans Have Will Be Rain Protected When They Are Waiting for an Autograph

Finally! Greetings, fellow fandom fans! According to internet quizzes, we are also fandom nerds, and our fandom is bags - Great Fking Bags to be exact! We love them, we cherish them, and we take them everywhere with us! No, we are not crazy… 


You can join us in bag fandom, we got Anvandas for everyone! If you need a slick black bag, we got it, colorful, hip one, we got that one too, you want swans and bird motives, sure why not?! You can buy one, two, or a dozen. Nobody is stopping you (we certainly aren't - :ka-ching sound rolling in the eyes:)! 

Also, Anvandas are ideal for all of you starstruck fans that love standing in long lines waiting for autographs! Our Great Fking Bags have magnetic water bottle pockets where you can put (surprisingly) a water bottle or some other more adult drink 😉 that can help you survive waiting forever on your favorite celebrity. 


Also, since we care about you (and we really care about bags), our Anvandas come with rain cover. So even if it starts to rain while you are outside, your priceless collection of comics, cards, and fandom memorabilia will be safe in the bag. It is so big (#ThatsWhatSheSaid) that it can even fit your comic-con costume (and we know you have at least one)!

Gray Anvanda laptop bag from the side, showing magnetic water bottle pocket and backstraps

There Are Many Reasons Why Nerds and Everybody Else Love Anvanda Bags

There you go, nerds. There is no such thing that Anvanda can’t carry for you. No matter how weird your hobbies are and how big your toys are (cough, cough), there will be a way to take them with you. That’s one of the main purposes of bags, right? To carry schit? We aced that one! 

People go crazy for Anvandas because they are affordable, have a stunning design that can make anybody look cool, and they (WE CANNOT STRESS THIS ONE ENOUGH) carry all the schit safely! Anvandas are made of exquisite, soft Italian leather, and there is also a vegetarian leather option. They have an anti-bacterial silver-infused liner, so if you have some smelly crap, just put it in one pocket, and it won’t stink up your other stuff. And we know how we fans go clammy when begging for autographs :D 

You can take your Great Fking Bag with you no matter where you go or what you do, just fill it to the brim, close it, and head out. We made it that simple! So, go to our IndieGoGo page and get your Anvanda V2 bag 👉

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