Some F*cking Great Tips for Cleaning a Bag

Let's be honest, you carry a lot of s*it in your great f*cking bag, right? The things you need, those you might need, and those you definitely won't need unless you volunteer for survival training. With all of that stuff tumbling around, your trusted carrier might get a few smudges and stains along the way. Then you will be stuck thinking about all the ways you can make cleaning a bag easy and efficient. Of course, we are writing this because it actually happened to us, and we got a shit ton of pen markers on our beautiful Anvanda bags. We were so frustrated that we even dialed our Sweedish designer Pjotr, who failed chemistry, to help us find a way to keep them less dirty. And we did it.  

Relax, take a breather, you won't have to go all Martha Stewart to clean a simple bag. Even if it’s a great f*cking bag. There are far easier and more efficient ways to make it look shiny and new once again. We are talking about all sorts of bags here, not just Anvanda’s Great F*cking Bag. Why? Because we want you to realize how dreary it is to clean a bag and bore you into buying a new one. Or, if you’re cheap, you might actually learn something new about leather and vegan leather bag maintenance.

Although there won't be sorcery involved, you'll also get to channel the inner chemist and play with baking soda, essential oils, and alcohol. Since you are probably not a cleaning guru, let us help you figure out how to remove ball pen marks and how to clean water stains from a leather bag. Later, you can take credit for inventing the best bag cleaning technique and brag to your friends. You naughty nerd. 

What Are the Basic DIY Supplies You Will Need When Cleaning a Bag 

You can't just wash the dirt away from your backpack, but how awesome would that be? However, since we live in the real world, getting clean after being dirty is kinda our MO. Before you get to it, gather all the basic DIY supplies. Don't worry, you won't have to contact the black market dealer to get you the goods, since all you require can be found in your home. Or you can borrow it from your mom. Better yet, send her this link so she can do it for you. 

Inside label with laundry instructions.

Dig through your great f*cking bag, find a pen and paper and start writing down what you need

  • A caddy – since cleaning is in the name of the game, you should try to avoid making an additional mess. That's why using a plastic container to mix supplies is the way to go. Add some goggles and rubber gloves, and you’ll be a proper Walter White. 
  • Brushes and sponges – get reusable cellulose sponges or coconut fiber scrubbing pads. Yes, they sound fancy, but they are not expensive. Also, grab a natural bamboo brush made out of wood. These are soft enough unless you go too hard. Ahem. 
  • Cloths – they are not only environment-friendly, but they are also more absorbent than paper towels. 
  • A spray bottle – is an excellent tool if you want to apply solution equally on a wider surface. Swish, swish bish 🧹

Break Out the Breaking Bad and Start Making Cleaning Solutions 

Nobody said that DIY is easy. Let's face it, when done correctly, it can make you feel proud of yourself, but when it goes wrong, consequences, although funny, can be horrible. That's why before you start mixing supplies, ensure that you know which ones go together, and prevent losing an eyebrow in a process.

Quickly grab sodium bicarbonate. KK, just kidding, we are not gonna go all fancy on you. Get baking soda because it is a great supply to fight grease, dirt, and strange odors. Next in line are essential oils, you know those ones that smell nice, that you probably got as a gift, yet you never used before. Also, get sal suds and alcohol, and you are ready for some real-life chemistry. We can pretend that we are actually alchemists trying to create an elixir of immortality.    

Mix white vinegar, lemon, and essential oils to create an all-purpose surface cleaner that removes odors and gets rid of stains from fabrics. Also, since the great f*cking bags come with zinc-iron hooks, you can polish them using a paste mix of lemon juice, baking soda, and toothpaste.  

The Inside of Anvanda.

How to Remove Pen Marks From a Leather Bag Without Ruining It

Has your backpack fallen victim to pen marks? Does the inside look like kids took a swing at painting while they were left unsupervised? Even though these are not visible by anybody but you, all of those lines, colors, and shapes can be quite annoying. Let’s face it, the pandemic is still on, what else are you going to do, re-binge Netflix again? Luckily, it’s possible to get rid of them without completely f*ucking up the interior and exterior of your backpack. And guess what?! Everything you require for leather bag cleaning can be found in your home and even in the backpack itself. 

The first thing that can help you remove pen stains is ethyl alcohol, and don’t worry, even those that are not f*ucking scientists can get a hold of it. It is just basically rubbing alcohol. You know that one used in hand sanitizer, especially nowadays in the dopest time for germaphobes to be alive. Now grab some cotton balls, put a couple of drops of alcohol on it, and rub the stains out. After you remove, the marks feel free to dab, dab, dab. 

Let's say you spend alcohol supplies on disinfecting every surface in the neighborhood (or your insides), and none is left to remove stains. Then what? You can dab a cotton ball in acetone-free nail polish remover. Start rubbing stains in a circular motion, like you are turning the wheel of the smallest car in the world. When the pen marks are gone, rinse the surface and dry it with a lint-free cloth, and you’re good to go. 

A person carrying Anvanda.

How to Clean Water Stains From a Leather Bag Like a Pro 

Suppose you were caught in the rain, got wet, dried, and moved on, but for your backpack, that might be a traumatic experience. Especially if you forgot to bring the Anvanda rain cover to wrap up the poor guy. Gotta use protection, ahem. You might wonder: How to clean a leather bag stain from water

It is fairly simple, just wipe the surface until it is dry, then get a moisturizing soap to clean it. After, grab a damp cloth to rub circles on the surface and then gently remove the soap. Ensure that the area is completely dry, and then apply a bit of leather conditioner.

How to Tackle Stubborn Stains in Your Handbag

There are a lot of things in a handbag that can give you a headache if they spill. Every day you go out with them and risk getting your handbag dirty. However, just because sometimes bad things happen to good people, don't despair, there are a few ways you can tackle stubborn smudges in your handbag. 


The Less Fun Way of Getting Rid of Lipstick Stains

We all know what is the best way to remove lipstick 😏. However, it would be weird to use it on your handbag, no matter how much you love it. Or not. We don’t judge. It’s a great f*cking bag, after all. But if you want to do it the right way, the more boring way, when you notice lipstick smudges, grab a liquid detergent, spray it on a cloth and rub it until it comes off. With the bigger smudges, you should repeat the process more than once. 

Foundation Shouldn't Conceal the Lining of Your Handbag

We are not talking about concrete here, but then again, people do carry a lot of weird s*it around, and it often feels like there’s a cement block in there. What we are talking about now is the other kind, the one that most women put on as a base for makeup. Since it is oil-based, if it gets spilled, you will be on the receiving end of some very slippery chaos. If this happens, grab a dish soap and apply it to the area. A toothbrush can scrub everything, and when there is nothing left to remove, let it air dry. 

man with anvanda bag outside

How to Remove Pen Marks From the Fabric of Your Great F*cking Bag

Bags made of faux leather that are more vegan-friendly can be cleaned with a wide range of products. It will just depend on what you want to clean up. Let's say some pens got open in your backpack, and now it looks like a museum of bad pencil art. Don't despair, there are a few ways you can close that exhibition.

Don't Drink It All, Use Some Alcohol to Remove Ink Stains 

Not all alcohol is for drinking, unfortunately. Even though it can't be used to remove stains from leather, some of our great f*cking bags are made of other materials, which allow you to apply alcohol. Pour it on a cotton ball and dub that dirty spot. The ink will soon dissolve, leaving you with stainless lining. 

Hairspray Is Great for Hair but Also for Cleaning a Bag

Has anybody ever accused you of putting too much hairspray on your hair? Well, haters gonna hate, hate, hate, right? Because hairspray is what will save your backpack lining from a mess that pen marks leave. Grab a bottle and spray it on a dirty spot. Then grab damp paper towels, Q-tips, sponges, whatever you can find, and start wiping. Repeat the process until the lining is as good-looking as your hair. 

Defeat Pen Mark Stains With a Dishwashing Technique 

If something can be used to wash up the dirty plates, it can surely be used to remove pen stains. Dissolve detergent into a small dish and dab the cloth in it. Then start blotting the dirty spot. Repeat the process until you are sure there are no more marks on the lining. And just like with dishes, let the inside of the backpack air dry. 

Person sitting on the bench with Anvanda bag.

How to Wash Bags Without Actually Washing Them 🤯

Have you actually ever sat down and wondered how to clean a bag without washing it? Is that really possible, and why would you entertain such an idea? Encountering one of those hand-washing labels will make you think - How do you trick the bag into thinking it’s actually getting washed without putting it in a machine? 

Our Anvandas are pretty smart, but yeah, it can be done! 🤯 Start by emptying your backpack. Don’t wash it with items inside!You might think that this is an unnecessary warning, but we thought the same for eating Tide Pods, right? Back to cleaning. Emptying your bag might take a while if you like to carry unnecessary s*it around with you. One eternity later, you can proceed with the cleaning.

Brush off surface dirt and dust, cut off loose threads and fibers and then grab a damp cloth and gently wipe the surface. Now it’s time to check the labels and find out just how high or low maintenance your backpack is and what kind of chemicals you should stay clear of when wiping it. 

When you find out what kind of products your backpack prefers, use them to target dirty spots. After half an hour, grab a soft brush and scrub away stains. Then grab a basin, fill it with lukewarm water, not a hot one. You don't want the colors of your backpack to bleed. Especially if it’s cheap cr*p, unlike the durable Anvanda leather bag. Add gentle detergent free of dyes, chemicals, and fragrances.

Yes, you will have to read through the detergent labels. Who would have thought that washing a backpack requires that much homework? This is important because laundry detergent is rougher and should be avoided. Grab a cloth, dip it in water and start wiping. After you are done, rinse off any soap and take your backpack outside to soak up the sun.

Is a Clean Bag Worth the Trouble 

Probably not. You should just go ahead and order another Anvanda V2 on Kickstarter. But if you want to put in the time and effort, that's it, pat yourself on the back, because you did it! You survived going through cleaning tips and tricks, and now you know exactly what to use to make your dirty, dirty backpack feel shiny and new. But not brand new as would a new bag be.  

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