Why Is Anvanda the Best Backpack for Travel No Matter Where the Fauck You’re Going

We’ve been locked up for so long because of ‘Rona that traveling is the only thing on people’s minds. Well that, and you know what 😏 (improving the birthrate all over the world). But it looks like we are soon going to be free to roam around the world once again, so if you are craving some vitamin Sea, it’s a-boat time you started planning a vacation! Kick-off your plans by getting the best backpack for travel, aka Anvanda A Great Faucking Bag! 

Sure, you might think you need a huge suitcase when traveling around and not a bag - but then you would be wrong!


With our Anvanda, you can carry all the shit you want, like maps, speedos, bear traps, snorkeling equipment, and other crap you are sure you’ll need during the trip (like those 15 shirts and a fedora hat you are planning to never wear). Without further ado, let’s go over all the benefits of traveling with Anvanda because when you get it, you still might have 99 problems, but the bag won’t be one.  

Anvanda Is the Best Backpack for Travel Because You Can Carry It However the Fauk You Want 

When you are searching for the best backpack for travel in Europe, Asia, or America, your first thought is probably not all the ways you can carry it. But it should be! You are probably used to carrying emotional baggage around but add a physical one, and your back just might give up. 


Don’t worry, we got your back! Literally. Our designers created Anvanda A Great Faucking Bag and gave it a trolley sleeve that will make your travels that much easier. If the c*ap you packed feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, just slide Anvanda over the suitcase handles and roll your troubles away. Additionally, just because we like to spoil you, there are two handles on Anvanda, so you can carry it by grabbing it by the side or top handle. When you want to live on the edge, change the way you hold Anvanda, and it will feel like you are carrying a completely new bag (or not, but you will still look dope no matter how you hold it)!

Carry Anvanda with your suitcase so you don’t have to carry the heavy load all the time.

Pockets… There Are So Many Pockets for All of Your C*ap 

When you are looking for a backpack for hiking and travel, you will probably need a lot of pockets where you can fit shit like coffee cups, a frisbee, birthstone, tiny sword, and sure those important things like passports and money. Luckily, Anvandas have a great faucking design, and they come with so, so many pockets (sometimes even we are surprised how many there are)!

Are you wondering what to do with all those pockets? Well, what would you usually do with them? Use them to carry schit! You finally have a bag that can carry all of your weird toys like a small metal detector, map of hidden treasure, a ring that you need to return to Mordor… all of these can fit in many different compartments of your Anvanda. 

When you get to know the Anvanda bag intimately 😉 you’ll see that it comes with some hidden pockets as well. And just like in any serious relationship, the more time you spend getting to know each other, the more pockets you’ll discover. There is even a magnetic top pocket where you can keep the notebook or a disposable camera (hey, if you are a hipster embrace it, we won’t judge you)! Also, there is a magnetic water bottle pocket, it’s reserved for you guessed it - a water bottle! It’s important to keep hydrated while traveling, but hey, many liquids can look like water. Nobody will snitch on you if that’s tequila in the container 🤫. Fill all the pockets with all kinds of junk you probably won’t use while traveling

We Know That the Size Really Matters So You Get to Pick the One That You Want 😉  

When you are traveling, no matter if you are doing it locally or internationally, having a big, sturdy (this is not going where you think it’s going😁) backpack is kind of mandatory. Choosing the right size will depend on many factors. Luckily Anvanda V2 A Great F*cking Bag comes in two sizes, and you can pick the one that suits your needs the best. 

Those of you that like to pack up half of your home for the travel JUST IN CASE you get stuck in the middle of the forest fighting for survival should consider getting our Anvanda V2 Large bag. It can fit a 15″ and most 17″ laptops, but it can also carry other schit you might need. Like if you are planning to take a hike, why not bring a good book, binoculars, a pillow to sit on, extra shoes, snacks, blankets, s’mores, a mini solar panel to charge your phone (too much?), and anything else that crosses your mind. 

On the other hand, what size backpack for traveling do you need if you are not preparing to enter the Hunger Games arena? You can get our Anvanda V2 that can fit a 13″ laptop and many other useful schit. Its main purpose is to carry all of your c*ap, as any other bag, it’s just a bit smaller, and it’s more appropriate for those that are planning on jumping over rocks, creeks, and other people (JK). 

A pro tip from us experienced backpack aficionados - keep the weight in mind. After all, our Anvanda is A Great Faucking Bag, but it won’t carry itself around - yet. We are working on a top-secret hush hush prototype. When you stuff it with all the schit you ABSOLUTELY need to bring with you, make sure you can actually lift it. Make no mistake, Anvanda can take it, and likes to take it, since it’s built ergonomically to perfectly fit your back like a koala stuck to an eucalyptus tree. 

Digital Nomads Can Bring All of Their High-Tech Junk With Them  

All #adventureseekers feeling #wanderlust can’t probably wait to hit the road once again. When you finally do, you’ll probably bring all of the techy schit with you because that’s what digital nomads do. Everything should fit in your backpack, from smartphones and Bluetooth headphones to laptops and Woof Woof, the robotic pet dog.

Luckily, when you get Anvanda, you won’t have to worry about your schit kicking one another inside the bag. There is a laptop sleeve for your special toy, and depending on the size of the Anvanda you get it can fit up to 17”. Also, there is an RFID-protected pocket where you can keep your smartphone because even if your phone is smart, it can still be hacked and some bad people can digitally get all of your money.


To make sure your finances are completely secure, you should consider getting our leather wallets that come with RFID blocking. This way, your money will be as protected as the rest of the schit in your Anvanda bag. On top of that, a large Anvanda comes with a USB connection so you can charge your stuff on the go!

Our bags and wallets will ensure the safety of your finances

Even Though Your Stuff Gets Smelly There Is a Silver Lining to It 

You’ll be spending a lot of time on the bus, plane, train, spaceship (let’s hope without probes), or a boat when you are traveling. And since you can’t actually fit a washing machine in your backpack, some of your stuff will sit around dirty, waiting to be washed. Don’t worry, it won’t stink up the rest of your junk because our Anvanda comes with a silver lining - literally, an antibacterial silver lining designed to keep the smelly schit away. Just close your smelly schit in one of many pockets, and you are good to go!

When you are on the road, you don’t have to stress too much about weird smells coming from your bag. And if you are worried about stinking up the surroundings yourself by stewing in your own juices, all our Anvandas have aerated backstraps so your skin can still breathe. Others, after that plane smell, probably not so much.  Also, our bags come with strong and mighty YKK Zippers, so your junk won’t wiggle out and stink up everything else. 

With Anvanda, your fresh stuff will still smell like the daisies.

Rain Cover Will Protect Your Schit Even if You Are Visiting the Wettest Places on Earth 

Stayin’ Alive has been a personal anthem during the ‘Rona lockdown for many of us, right? And being able to travel is something most of us dreamed of while mindlessly disinfecting every surface in our homes. Well, the time has finally come, you can finally start planning your trip. We know most of us would be happy to just go out, see something more than the interiors of our homes!


If you, in all of your excitement to go out, accidentally (or on purpose, who knows what you are into) booked a trip to some gloomy and rainy place, don’t worry, your schit won’t get soaked. When you get the amazing Anvanda, you will get a rain cover to go with it. 

When it starts raining (men or water), it’s important to wrap up your junk 😉 Just grab a rain cover and put it over your Anvanda. Keep in mind that you might like feeling the rain on your skin, but it can leave stains on your backpack. And if you want to remain looking slick and proper, read how to clean a bag during the trip.

With Anvanda You Can Carry Your Schit No Matter Where the Fauk You’re Going 

You probably went over many lists of best backpacks for travel that confused you to no end. Who would have known that finding a bag that can carry your shit will be such a long process?   Luckily you stumbled upon Anvanda A Great Faucking Bag, and now you can relax. Our backpack comes with many different features, but most importantly, it can carry your schit no matter where you are going. 

When we are finally free to roam around, don’t wait up to hit the road Jack and don’t you come back until you are out of money and vacation days! Grab the best travel bag, aka Anvanda, and bring as much junk as you want. Nobody is stopping you.

We made it simple for you, just go to our Shop page and get your Anvanda bag today!

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