How to Choose a Backpack Quiz

When looking for a new backpack, you might get overwhelmed by the different options available. There are big, small, waterproof, or leather bags on the market, so picking one might feel like Sophie's choice to some. So, to avoid pulling your hair and losing your mind, check out this how to choose a backpack quiz and learn why the Anvanda, A Great F*cking bag is the answer.

Why the F*ck Should You Take How to Choose a Backpack Quiz

Are you an indecisive person that overanalyzes even the simplest of tasks? Well, you are not the only one. There are plenty of us (maybe we should form a club, but how would we name it 😬)! Luckily, one of the life hacks that can make the decision-making process easier is to use online quizzes. So what if the BuzzFeed quiz tells you to bleach your hair because your personality matches Eminem's? It is valid advice no matter how stupid you'll look after 😃


Fortunately, when it comes to choosing the right bag that can be an answer to all of your weird or not-so weird needs, the quiz won't fail you! So let's dive into all the quirky and not-so-quirky features your magnificent backpacks should have.


Let the Design of the Bag Speak Volumes About Your Personality

Splash of color here, a unique design there, and there you have it, everybody will know that you like bright and busy patterns. By letting the clothes and backpacks speak about your personality, you'll avoid interacting with people that don't get your vibe (introverts will surely appreciate this).

Let's say you are a dark, gloomy Christian Gray type of professional - you'll enjoy styling a black backpack more than any other. On the other hand, incorporating a red bag in your style can give a fiery, passionate, and bright vibe to your personality.

Anvanda, A Great F*cking Bag can offer you both and level up by coming not only in different colors but with different patterns as well. Our bag is like a chameleon of the fashion world - it can be anything you want it to be.


Big or Small - Everybody Has Their Own Preferences

I like big bags, and I cannot lie” what do you mean the song doesn't go like that?! Anyways, when choosing a backpack, its size (like with most things) will play a significant role. With that in mind, we at Anvanda created bags of different sizes, but no matter which one you choose, it can still carry all of your s*it (probably, unless you are planning on carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders).

The Anvanda V1 version comes in large and medium sizes, and since we live in a free world, which one you choose will be solely your decision. Considering the first one was a total success with our customers, we decided to make the Anvanda V2 version in two different sizes. 

You Should Be Able to Grab Your Bag Six Ways From Sunday

As the name suggests, backpacks are usually carried, you guessed right - on our backs. But if you feel extra naughty and want to spice things up, you should be able to carry it in a few different ways.

When you get Anvanda, A Great F*cking bag, you'll be able to carry it on your shoulder, in your hands, or on your head - you'll be limited only by your imagination. Our bags also come with top and side handles, so you can carry them like a briefcase or like a bag. 

And if you want to give a rebel without a cause vibe, just put it on one shoulder. The straps are padded with an airflow system, so even if you carry everything on one side, you won't get sweaty and smelly.

You Should Be Able to Connect With Your Bag via USB

We all sometimes get weirdly attached to our s*it. However, when you get Anvanda a Great Fucking Bag, you'll literally be able to connect with your bag. Not in a star-crossed lovers' way, but in the USB connection way. 

When you get the bag with a USB port, you'll be able to charge all of the electronic s*it you got addicted to. From mobile phones and tablets to portable speakers and toasters, no matter what kind of gadget you've packed, it won't run out of battery ever again.


The Bag You Pick Should Be the Ultimate Protector of All of Your Shit

Singing and dancing in the rain is not as fun as movies make it out to be if you get all soaked and all your stuff gets wet. That's why when choosing a backpack, one of the main things it should offer you is water protection

What makes Anvanda the best water-resistant backpack is just that - it is waterproof. No, it does not have superpowers, it just comes with rain cover. You know, similar to the one you would wear if you were starring in a 90s horror movie.


You'll Also Be Protected From Creeps Who Want to Hack Your Phone

On top of being water-resistant, your bag also repels thieves. It has an RFID pocket built-in, where you can put your phone and other hackable electronics. For additional security in these modern times, we recommend using our RFID Wallets as well. Then you'll know that nobody can hack their way into your bank account.

The Devil Is in Small Details Bag Should Have

Just like when you are choosing a partner, their hair color and height are not enough to make you swoon, and the same goes with backpacks. The search does not end when you find the one that is just the right size and color you love, as there are plenty of smaller details that make a bag stand out.

For starters, Anvanda, A Great Fucking Bag, comes with so many different pockets. There are bottle pockets, as well as top ones. The backpack has so many of them that you'll run out of things to put in.

There is also a laptop sleeve where you can put your beloved gadget or a book whose covers you don't want to f*ck up while carrying it. And finally, as a cherry on the top, the whole bag is covered with a silver lining, a material that keeps the smelly things in their own smelly little cloud without stinking up everything else. 

When All Is Said and Done, It Is Clear That Anvanda, A Great Fucking Bag Is What You Need

Well, you've made it until the end. And after reevaluating your needs and desires (no matter how weird they are - we are not judging), you finally know how to choose a backpack! It is quite simple, just choose our Anvanda, A Great F*cking Bag, and you'll be good to go no matter where life takes you. If you want our V1 version, order it from our website, and if you wish to get the V2, check out our Kickstarter page. 👉

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