Anvanda's Guide On How to Choose a Backpacking Pack

Whoever said less is more hasn't gone hiking. We walk, take in the sights and sounds, and realize that we forgot bug spray and sacrificed the phone charger for a water bottle. For those who like hiking and going back to basics, we have tips on how to choose a backpacking pack and not worry if they've brought all the right stuff.

Here’s How to Choose a Backpacking Pack for Style and Comfort

So, you want to hike and travel with just one backpack? In the days of old, this could have been considered a brave and heroic choice. Have you seen Predator? Those people would have gotten to the chopper much faster if they had a more modern backpack, like Anvanda's Great F*cking Bag, for example.

Don't worry, we're just joking - there are no predators like that IRL. Hiking is not that dangerous, but it can be risky if you don't pack some essentials that could help you get through the day. When you learn how to find a good hiking bag, you'll know how to choose a travel backpack, especially if you're one of those hiker-travelers that like to live off one bag and live freely.


A Short Overview of What to Look For in a Hiking Backpack

We will cut to the chase because we respect your time and attention span. Here's, basically, what you should look for in a hiking and travel backpack:

  • >The right size - *insert joke here* All jokes aside, though, the size of your bag can make or break your hiking trip,
  • Many pockets - anything from internal to external pockets will be helpful for your trip. It's essential to have as many pockets as possible so you can manage your bag in times of emergency,
  • A rain cover - you must be ready for any kind of weather on your hike, so it's important to have a rain sleeve for the bag,
  • Multipurpose straps and pads - you'll need a chest strap to keep your bag secure and tight on your back and shoulder and hip pads to make carrying cargo on your back more comfortable.

Size Matters… for Those Who Carry the Bag and the Duration of the Trip

We'll elaborate on this matter a bit because the size of the bag is probably the most crucial factor when choosing a suitable travel pack. Firstly, if we look at it logically, bigger bags carry more sh*t, right? That's it, that's the reason. So, the longer your trip is, the bigger your pack needs to be.


Depending on how many days you plan to spend on this adventure, around 30 liters of capacity can hold you for a day, and 70+ liters of capacity are recommended for trips longer than five days. Any duration in between will, logically, require a bag that's in between those sizes.

A 30-50 liter backpack is around 35 x 35 cm, while a 50-70 liter backpack ranges between 45 and 60 cm, but dimensions vary depending on the bag's make and purpose. You'll see that even a particular bag-making company (ahem ahem) has backpacks of similar sizes and with all the necessary travel amenities and equipment.

The Secret of How to Pick a Hiking Backpack Lies in Many Pockets

Something that matters more than the size is the number of pockets placed on and in the bag. If your backpack has a laptop sleeve, pockets for a wallet, water bottle, and clothes, it has everything. If it doesn't, well, it wasn't made by Anvanda.

Having protective pockets inside the backpack will keep all your belongings secure. Having convenient ones on the outside will help you keep your water and other necessities (paper tissues, flashlight, sunglasses, and alike) accessible at all times.

That's why you need to learn how to carry a backpack on your back without worrying about all the things on and inside it; that's why you need Anvanda's Great F*cking Bag.

Why Anvanda’s Great F*cking Bag Is the Ideal Backpack for Hikers and Travelers

Now that you have some info on what the perfect pack looks like, you may have noticed all the foreshadowing we did. It was a plot to lure you into learning that Anvanda's Great F*cking Bag has all the listed things - pockets, straps, multiple sizes, and many more that we haven't mentioned, which we will discuss soon.

With our bags coming in two sizes, you can go on a shorter or a longer trip - depending on how eager you are to spend time in the great outdoors. The fantastic thing about our bags is that they have rain covers and are made of vegan leather, so they're very easy to upkeep.

They contain pockets for water bottles, RFID-protected pouches for wallets, and chest straps and shoulder padding to make the hike more comfortable. The cool part is that you can also carry them in whatever way you like, but for walking and traveling, we'd recommend the boring way - on your back.


There’s a Silver Lining in This Story and in Anvanda’s Great F*cking Bag

When we hear pockets, we think Anvanda's Great F*cking Bag. Not only is there an RFID-protection lined pocket to carry your cards in, but there's a pocket with a silver lining, too. When you go for a hike, the things you'll likely bring along are clothes - extra tees, underwear, and socks could be life-savers in those situations.

So when you take off your old socks to wear new ones, you won't surely throw the old pair into the nearby creek. That can cause significant environmental damage. No, you will pack them back in your bag and worry about what the whole thing will smell like later.

The pocket that contains silver lining has anti-bacterial abilities and reduces the intensity of smells coming from within it. You can invest in Anvanda's Great F*cking Bag V2 or buy the classic one - you'll get the same benefits from both.

Now That You Know How to Choose a Hiking Backpack Look No Further Than Anvanda

You can visit our shop and check out the extra equipment available specifically for hiking and travel purposes. We also have great f*cking leather wallets, as well as travel kits to put in your pack. It'll be like a Russian doll, but with great f*cking bags.

Just remember the most important thing - every inch of the Anvanda Great F*cking Bag is usable and useful. You'll be the talk of the forest, hill, or wherever you plan to hike, with your bag strapped tightly (but comfortably) to your back.

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