How to Carry a Backpack and Look F*cking Cool While Doing It

Hey, all you future and current Anvandanites! You want to snatch a brand new Anvanda, aight? Of course, you do because it's a great blasting bag that can fit all you can think of and still look classy. But how to carry a backpack that carries such a load inside and gives off a sassy vibe at the same time? Let us show you that the ways our bag makes you cooler are infinite.

If you want a bag that is omnipotent, there's only one that fits this requirement - Anvanda Great Frakkin Bag. And it's a backpack that is a handbag that is a shoulder bag… We weren't kidding ya all when we said it's omnipotent. If you overload it, it won't explode, but it will be easiest to carry on your back.

How to Carry a Backpack and Stop Being Asked if You’re in Elementary School

Well, this one's easy - just pick one of Anvanda bags because they freaking kick a*s and are the best backpacks for work, and voila - you're cool as f*ck. Grab 'em (boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew, or was that potatoes?) Anyways, you can snatch 'em in a variety of colors, and you can choose to be hip with a colorful design or minimalist in monochromatic 🐼 No matter which one you pick, it will bring your overall stylishness up a notch. Don't worry; you'll never look like a courier from Death Stranding, not even if you stuff all of your junk inside. However, it would be dope to have the Norman Reedus sas.


Backpacks usually look immature when you carry them, but not ours. Let us introduce the new Anvanda bag that gives off a too-cool-for-school vibe and the "I'm too sexy" kinda look. But our bags are not only full of sas and adjustable; they can carry all the stuff you want where you want it. And the V2 Large bag comes with a dope surprise because it has a USB connection where you can charge all your schite. This way, you'll have your gadgets fully charged on the go and ready for you to Netflix and chill, even if it's on your own. So, toss a coin to our Kickstarter and be among the first to get the best backpack for travel.

How Do You Carry a Heavy Backpack? Here’s How Proper Wear for Anvanda Looks Like

There's no wrong approach to wearing an Anvanda, but if you overload it, carry it safely on your back, with both straps on. Sure, you could grab it by the handle and turn it into a handbag if you're in transport, and in the middle of the crowd. It wouldn't be nice to hit anyone in the face with your backpack, wouldn't it? Although you're probably dreaming about smiting your boss at least once a week, hee hee 😁


Is It Bad to Carry a Heavy Backpack? There’s a Method Behind It

When you start packing to go out, you put loads of your schite in, we know. It's not that we were prying, but we're worried you won't know how to carry a heavy backpack and avoid back pain. If it's too heavy, don't wear it only on one shoulder, no matter how cool you might think you're being. Those two straps are there for a reason, so work them as you should.

Is It Unprofessional to Carry a Backpack?

Let's just say that you should keep My Little Pony bag at home and bring your Anvanda V2 IT Bag to work. You won't look unprofessional; in fact, you'll be subject to envy because you'll look elegant and distinguished while carrying all your work junk with you. There's a laptop sleeve inside, but that's far from all. Your doggo wants to go out, but it's pouring outside like you're supposed to build an ark? Take a closer looksey, and you'll see that your Anvanda has a rain cover. You've also used the sweet deal on our leather wallet and organized all of your cards inside, so where to put it? Our bags have an RFID-protected pocket that will keep your digital money away from pickpockets.

Buying a Sassy Backpack Has Never Been Easier

Yeah, we realize there are a lot of sassy bags out there. But which one of them can endure being the best backpack for travel, carry piles of junk around and still look dashing? That's exactly what you'll get with an Anvanda because life without style isn't an option. And your stylish accessory is on another level for its usefulness, an Anvanda level, so you'll be the king of the world. We're being literal here - you have enough space to stuff a crown on top of everything else you keep in there.

Smack My Strap On! Positioning of Straps Is Vital to Your Coolness and to Your Back

So, which method for carrying a bag will you prefer? If it's not heavily loaded, you can wear it as a backpack on one shoulder or put that strap on and wear it as a messenger bag. Use both handles to your liking and see how an Anvanda fits your hand. However you choose to style it, you should know that your bag has something hidden inside it. We've placed a silver lining so no foul smells can pass through this antibacterial layer. It means you can carry your smelly socks around, and your sammich won't turn out to be stinky. You'll be cleaning a bag a bit less than you're used to because of it.

Grab Your Great Bitchin’ Bag Right Away

Trust us, choosing a bag between different Anvandas won't be easy because they are all super hot. Smokin'! They are durable, chic, and fit for an active lifestyle. And they won't make you embarrassed on any occasion because you can drag it literally anywhere and still be the most stylish one. It will make you stand out in any crowd because the bag itself is probably way cooler than you. That's why you'll need to get yourself more than one, especially because it will be hard to choose. Keep your eyes open for version 2; we know it's already on your wishlist 💓

Kickstarter link - Använda V2 | Another Great F*cking Bag

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