Ways to Carry Your Great F*cking Backpack

If you're looking for the perfect combination of class and comfort, look no further than our fucking fabulous great Anvanda backpacks. Our beauties are more than a simple backpack - you'll realize that pretty quickly when you see there are many different ways to carry a backpack. You lucky people who have just gotten your Anvanda, listen up - we're gonna show you how to carry these queens properly and treat them like they deserve.

Don't fool yourself into thinking that Anvanda is just a bag. No, honey, what we offer is more than a basic bitchin' bag - we can provide you with a GREAT fucking bag - or a backpack, whatever you prefer to call it. It can be both because it's just that good. We spared no time and effort designing these pretty things you'll carry around carefully like they're your children. Now you might be thinking that we're kidding, but stay with us.

Your Great Fucking Bag Is More Than a Bag - It's a Purse, Backpack, Laptop Bag, and So Much More Shit, All in One

Look, we're not gonna lie - maybe you can find a cute-ass backpack somewhere else. But it's not gonna be as good as our fucking great V1 or V2 backpack. We make the most beautiful, durable, and, what's more - omnipotent bags. Anvanda is the closest thing to a Transformer you'll find out there. Okay, it won't literally change its shape (we're still working on that, give us time), but it can look a lot different depending on how you wear it. We're gonna talk about that a little bit later, but for now - stay with us for more info on why Anvanda is fucking awesome and why you should rock this bag. We're gonna brag like a proud parent.

There's No Denying It - Anvanda Is Fucking Brilliant and Spacious

You know what's cool about Anvanda backpacks? Do you know what our bags can carry? They can fit your whole life inside. We mean it - you can pack anything you want inside, and there will always be enough room for something else. Let us put it in these words - if you were a beauty influencer, we bet you could fit your entire makeup collection into this big-ass bag. We know, we know - that sounds really unlikely, but that's just the product of our hard work. It's legen - wait for it - DARY. You can also channel your inner Barney's confidence and look bitchin' awesome with our lovely backpacks that come in many colors and prints.


Here Are a Few Smart-Ass Ways to Carry a Backpack and Not Look Like Dora the Explorer

One might argue that carrying a backpack will make you look like a dork. And we might say - boy, are those some ignorant asses who have never seen our Anvanda backpacks. We're pure style, bitches. You are gonna look so sophisticated and professional with your cute Anvanda, and if you want, you can make it look chill and adventurous. Our backpacks are truly suitable for every occasion (except maybe weddings or funerals).

Anvanda Has Indestructible Straps That Will Allow You to Carry It Differently Every Day of the Fucking Week

Okay, since we're talking about a backpack, your first thought would probably be to carry it on your back. Yes, that's one of the options, but there are a few others as well. Thanks to fancy-ass straps, you can adjust the bag's look and adapt it to your current mood. If it's Monday, don't be mean to the bag - it's not its fault that capitalism is killing us, poor humans. Treat your precious bag kindly.

Now, let's get back to the ways to carry it - you can transform it into a shoulder bag as well. Still, if you plan on carrying a crapload of heavy books every day, maybe you'd be better off using it as a backpack. No, don't worry, nothing's gonna happen to the bag - but your back might suffer. You forgot about that tiny detail, haven't you? Lastly, we have more good news for you - if you need a purse, Anvanda can also play that part. Simply adjust the straps to make the bag fit perfectly when you carry it in your hand, and voila.


Let Us Tell You Why Our Backpack Is the Best Shit Out There (Politely Smiles in *Modest*)

Wait, didn't we already explain that this is the best bag in the Multiverse? Settle down, Dr. Strange, as we've got more info for you. Sure, we said this was an awesome bag, but we didn't tell you all the reasons behind that modest claim. So, now it's time to proudly present some of Anvanda's unique-ass features that you won't find any-fucking-where else.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Everyone in Between - We Proudly Present a Fucking Stink-Proof Backpack

We realize this sounds a bit weird, but think about it - it's more than just useful. When you don't have time to empty the bag after the gym because you're exhausted, your bag has your back - it's not gonna stink thanks to its antibacterial silver lining. Hell, you might as well leave a tuna and egg sandwich in there for a day, and the bag will survive it. But let's make it clear - you don't have to torture the poor thing just for this experiment. It's reserved only for rare occasions when you feel like being a gross human being, okay? 

Our Bags With USB Ports Will Probably Just Feed in Your Insta/TikTok Addiction (But That's Exactly Why You'll Love Them So Much)

Reels will never end if you have a portable charger by your side. But who needs to think about packing a charger when you can have a bag that IS a fucking charger. How did we make that happen? Believe it or not, it was way easier than one might think. Honestly, we're surprised there aren't many other bags with USB ports out there. But, you know, we don't mind being the trendsetters.

Man looking at his phone, two Anvanda bags on the bench in front of him

C'mon Alice, Down the Rabbit Hole to the Backpackland - Get Yourself a Sassy Anvanda Backpack for Your New Adventure

We all need a good, reliable bag when embarking on a new adventure - and your Anvanda will be just that. Don't hesitate to jump, Alice, the Wonderland awaits you - or shall we say, the Wonderland of fucking awesome backpacks we offer. You know you want it - head to our Kickstarter page and order a fabulous V2 Anvanda. We can promise you won't be disappointed.

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