How to Wear a Shoulder Bag, Look Cool and Avoid Back Pain

Nerds, geeks, and freaks of all kinds gather around! We tots understand your need to have one bag to rule them all, where you put all the schite you always carry around. But a backpack is not always the answer. So, here's how to wear a shoulder bag and not look like you're dragging Mjolnir inside (and the weight is crushing your shoulder.)

Now, come closer, kids. We're going to introduce the new Anvanda bag to you. Ah, you can use it for all kinds of schite - you can take it to a bookstore (you could fit the entire Wheel of Time series into it and still have some room left for some Reese's Cups.) Or you could take one of our best backpacks for work, throw it over your shoulder, and look sassy as hell. Well, not Moto Moto sassy, but still as cool as it gets.


But, Where Should a Shoulder Bag Sit? Puh Lease, Don’t Set It on a Pedestal, Work It!

Hey, my dudes, dudettes, and all you in-betweeners. You know that classy, excellent, and above all, the best backpack for travel we've got? Yas, our bags are so fracking great that you can wear them however the hell you want. Throw it on you your back and stand side by side with a friend, making a stance in the final battle for Middle Earth. Aye, you could do that.


But you're still worried about how you'll look when you come into the office, trying to look casually professional while trying to carry a bag over your shoulder. So, how to wear a laptop shoulder bag? We say - with pride! Don't overload it, though; it will mess up your carefully ironed shirt and get it all wrinkly. If you pick the right color (and we have so many to choose from), it can make your eyes pop. Or accentuate your loafers (hope you didn't forget to leave your slippers at home, you're not working remotely anymore.)

How to Wear a Shoulder Bag and Not Look Douchey

The answer is - with Anvanda, you'll never look douchey. It can be your work bag, where you'll pack your laptop, papers, and a sammich on top, and you'll still have room for Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual (and a pack of dice.) You can take it to a bar and be elegant with it or to a picnic and stuff a blankey inside, right beside a bottle of wine. How big is that thing, anyway? Shhhh, it's bigger on the inside 😉


Yes, we're proud of what we've made, and you all have inspired us because you asked, and we delivered. In fact, you were so happy with our first-ever edition that now you have an opportunity to pick between the V1 and the Anvanda V2 IT Bag! And our V2 is looking sexier than ever. Just take a look at all those beauties.

But an Anvanda doesn't stop there. It will let you sing in the rain, although you can stand under an umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh 🎵🎵 But, will all your junk in the bag get wet? Not at all! Because each Anvanda is such a great freakin' bag that it has a waterproof cover. That's why not even the biggest storm could stop you on your way. However, we don't guarantee that you won't be blown away by a tornado. You may end up turning to your dog and saying: “Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.” Although, your stuff will still be dry, won't it?

How Do You Put a Shoulder Strap on a Bag?

With an Anvanda, it's easy to make a great frakking bag great for your shoulder. You can wear our bags in literally any style you want because our bags are multifunctional. They can be anything you want (well, maybe not anything, it won't turn into a Batmobile, no matter how hard you wish it.) But you can wear it as a backpack while on the train, hold it in your hand as a briefcase, just like a member of the Commission that travels through time (hope you won't assassinate anyone, though.) But above all, you can take its strap and throw the bag on your shoulder.

Casually Wear It on Your Back and Put All Its Advantages to Work

With an Anvanda, it's simple - take the bag, and put all your junk inside. We have such sights to show you! Don't be scared, we're not talking about the Lament Configuration. Instead, with Anvanda, you'll feel safe because of the RFID-protected pocket, and no one will be able to electronically pickpocket you. Grab our sassy leather wallet and stuff it into the pocket without a care in the world. Want to charge your phone and other gadgets on the go? We've thought about that, too - there's a USB connection in the V2 Large bag. You can connect your phone, tablet, or your communicator, so you can talk to the crew on the Enterprise (beam me up, Scotty!)


How Do You Put On a Crossbody Bag if You’re Carrying Some Smelly Schite?

Our bags are easy to open from all sides, and our V2 has a clamshell opening, so you can find all the junk you've packed in a minute. If you carry it on your shoulder, you'll see there's a fantastic freakin' side opening, so anything kept inside is easy to grab. But we don't know how to stop with the awesomeness so we have something for all of you gym regulars. You can't stay away from heavy lifting and bag punchin', we know, but you get all musty and crusty and sweaty… You get the picture. So we've prepared an antibacterial silver lining and stuffed it on the inside, so you can carry that sweaty pile of clothes in your Anvanda. Sure, you'll still have to learn how to clean a bag, but your stinky stuff won't transfer the smell to all your less smelly junk.


Anvanda Is a Great F*Ckin Bag to Make Any Outfit Look Better

You can freely let out your scream of anticipation before you slap that link and order yourself an Anvanda Great Frakkin Bag for all occasions. Or perhaps get yourself two right away, a black one that goes with your soul, and one that compliments your hair color or shoes, whichever you find more important. And on top of that, version 2 is soon coming your way. No amount of Anvanda is too much!

Kickstarter link - Använda V2 | Another Great F*cking Bag

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