Did you know that your wallet can get pickpocketed nowadays without even being touched? Oh yes, every card that has an RFID tag can be skimmed, and its information stolen. Ok, we don't want to increase your paranoia levels, but hey, it's good to know that there is high-technology pickpocketing these days. However, we have been working on the case, and as a result, we have created the best RFID blocking wallet out there.

What’s the Deal With Wallet RFID Blocking?

Imagine you're at a metal concert, and a fellow metalhead with long greasy hair and reeking of cheap booze passes beside you and greets you enthusiastically. You are like - "Ah yes, another art connoisseur." Yet he turns out to be an undercover hacker, and in a couple of seconds, using highly advanced technology steals all your credit card info. Yeah, it sounds like a scene from a sci-fi movie, but we do live in the twenty-first century where cars are driven by autopilots. Our RFID blocking wallet has a special barrier that blocks all the signals emitted from such gadgets. In other words, if you believe that secret services are conspiring against you,  your money and privacy are secured within our pocket wallets. 


With Fine Leather and Slim Proportions, You’ll Feel Classy As F*ck Every Time You Pull Out a Card

Yes, our scientists have managed to find a way to block all alien signals and radio waves. But we are not talking here about tin foil. Our Anvanda leather RFID blocking wallet is a true epitome of elegance. Imagine, you'll be fully protected against conspirators and still manage to stay chic. But, if you still want to rock that tin foil hat, go for it. Our fine great f*cking leather wallets go well with all fashion styles. But, it's not just that. Our products are made from one hundred percent natural ingredients with no chemicals whatsoever. We have to be environmentally friendly while fighting against secret societies, right?

Let's talk about proportions now. Everyone likes bulky wallets filled with various credit cards and money, but when it comes to pros and cons, having to literally shove your wallet in your pockets has to be one of the major cons of being rich. Well, our scientists have sorted that out. Our great f*cking wallet is incredibly slim and compact, with an aluminum card holder for embossed cards and side pockets. In total, you can carry twelve or more credit cards. On top of that, it also has space designed for money (who pays with cash these days?!), and for your phone (if you are not already rocking those old-school brick phones for maximal security).


Our RFID Leather Wallets Come In Different Colors. It’s Best to Fight Crime With Style

Although our wallets are unisex, if you are looking for a men's RFID blocking wallet, we have beautiful shades like grey or black. On the other hand, if you are searching for RFID blocking wallet - women's editions, we'd recommend our chocolate brown or blue masterpieces. But, you can be sure that you'll look cool while blocking radio signals no matter what color you pick. And let us not forget, imagine how even more swell you'll look if you, for example, combine the sexy gray wallet and our great f*cking Anvanda gray bag.

Your Great F*cking Wallet Will Expand Because of the Full-Grain Leather

Yes, you read that right. New wallets made of full grain leather expand over time. As you are climbing the career ladder and stacking credit cards and cash, so do all leather pockets expand, but only to a certain extent. We want to maintain the minimalist details and classy proportions. But, yes, when you get a couple more platinum and gold cards, there will be enough space.


Just One Press of a Button and All the Credit Cards Are at Your Disposal

If you have seen or bought one of our great f*cking Anvanda bags, you have probably been blown away by how cool the opening methods are. Well, our great f*cking wallets don't fall behind. You can be sure of that. In addition to RFID blocking layers, the security is further increased by a strong button. With just one press, you'll open your wallet as though you were Agent Scully. After paying and putting on your sunglasses, the reverse movement ensues, and with a single click, your wallet is secured. Then slowly proceed to scan the area through your sunglasses and see numerous faces in awe of your classiness (no one cares, but hey, it's cool to feel like a movie star).


Low Maintenance and Durable Materials, What More Can You Ask For?

As our super cool f*cking bags, the wallets are also made from materials that are durable and easily maintained. When people are rich and have a wallet stacked with credit cards, they often turn into lazy f*cks. But come on now. Our wallets only require a damp cloth (not too soaked) if they get stained somehow, and everything will easily come off. Just don't toss them into a washing machine!


Whether for Yourself or for a Gift, You Can’t Go Wrong With Our Great F*cking Wallets

Fellow conspiracy theorists, as you have been able to read, we offer a perfect f*cking solution for credit information security. But, don't be selfish and think only about yourself. We offer great gift box packaging that is suitable for any celebratory occasion. Be sure to check out our Kickstarter page for our great f*cking V2 Anvanda bags or the official Anvanda website and see what we have to offer. Finally, we care about our customers, and if you are not satisfied with the product (although that's impossible,) we offer a thirty-day return period.

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