What to Carry In Your RFID Leather Wallet

So, you have an Anvanda RFID leather wallet and want to know what to carry in it. The good news is, it's not that hard to figure out how to fill it. But, since we're here to provide tips, we'll let you in on some wallet-content secrets. Read what to carry in a wallet to look cool here.

Make Your RFID Leather Wallet Functional and Presentable

The main point of a wallet is to be functional. It should have enough room to carry cards and cash. A significant aspect of the Anvanda leather wallet is its RFID protection, which makes it impossible for some mean people to steal your money by scanning your bag or wallet.

You can also carry it in a pocket and feel safe about your data. The only thing we don't recommend is carrying it in hand because who the f*ck does that? Although, if it's our RFID men's leather wallet and you feel too cool for a bag, we get it.

Still, you can learn how to look fabulous with a bag by getting the Anvanda Great F*cking Bag. You can even purchase a bag and wallet in matching colors and be groundbreaking. Men will want to be you, and women will want to marry you, so be careful.


The First Thing to Carry In Your Wallet - Cash (Duh!)

Cash is the best thing to carry in the Anvanda leather wallet with RFID protection. Some people don't like to risk their money on cards and carry cash everywhere. That's understandable, so our awesome f*cking wallet is optimized for cash. And by optimized, we mean it has a money clip to jam your cash in, right next to the aluminum cardholder.

Our wallet is also cool enough for women to carry cash in it. Many of them know what color handbag goes with everything, which makes them immediately superior and f*cking superb. Even if you are a girl but think, "I don't know anything about color!" you can rock a camo bag and be certified fresh.

But Don't Carry a Wad of Cash Around Like a Criminal

Of course, cash is nice, but don't overfill your Anvanda wallet like a f*cking lunatic. There's no need to shove your entire savings in cash in it. We're not saying this for the wallet's sake, though - it's made of vegetarian leather that stretches out over time and can carry a small dog at some point. It's for your sake. You don't need every single bill you own in a wallet.

The gray Anvanda wallet with some stuff inside

Cards, Cards, Cards - Don't Forget to Add Them to the Wallet

Carrying cards is what the Anvanda men's leather wallet with RFID protection was mainly designed for. You can fit so many cards in it that it could take a while to find the right one. Of course, we know that's not convenient, so we added an aluminum cardholder that fits around six cards. You can store your most frequently used cards in it and never worry.

The cards are well laid out in the aluminum holder and easy to slide in and out (hehe). The metal cardholder is so f*cking smooth and sophisticated that you'll feel like a boss when paying for lunch. The people you're with will also be massively impressed by the look and design of your wallet; just ensure you have enough money on your card to pay for the meal.


Credit cards, debit cards, or any card you use to pay should be in the wallet; IDs are always welcome and recommended, so don't forget that, too. Avoid packing unnecessary plastic, like library, medical, discount, and social security cards. Go easy on condoms, coins, and receipts, since your sh*t needs to be functional and not a hoarder's wet dream.

Business Cards Count, Too - Introduce Yourself In Style (or Like You're From the '50s)

Whether it's an RFID women's leather wallet or men's, it should always have one crucial thing - business cards. Any professional business owner carries at least one business card because you never know when you might meet a potential client. The hustle never sleeps.

Realistically, more than one business card is a better choice, but it depends on where you're going and how often. We recommend a couple of cards just in case, and rest assured that the Anvanda leather wallet has room for them.


You Can Add Some Photos and Memorabilia to Personalize Your Wallet

The nicest thing about Anvanda's leather wallets is that they're super stylish. Available in four neutral colors, slim and elegant, they're the supermodels of wallets. Others envy them, and only they know what it's like to be fashionable.

They have pockets for some photos and memorabilia, too. If you don't have twelve cards to fill the wallet with, add something sentimental, like a photo of your family, your dog, Pamela Anderson, whatever. We won't judge because Pam is still special.

Maybe you have the first dollar you ever made and keep it for sentimental reasons. Keep it with you for good luck and pack it neatly in one of Anvanda leather wallet's pockets.

The gray Anvanda wallet with cards in

Style Your Anvanda Leather Wallet With Our Great F*cking Bag

The best way to style your RFID leather wallet, women's or men's, is to pair it with Anvanda's Great F*cking Bag. You can get it in various colors on our online store and pair the colors to look like a badass. But, you can also get an exclusive, more incredible second version of the bag by investing.

The bags are so fabulous that the wallet will play a supporting role. When you start carrying it in one of our bags, you'll attract attention and make everyone's head turn when you walk by. Think about how you'll deal with all that fame coming to you.

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