What is the RFID Protection Wallet and Why Should You Have It

RFID is something we can't avoid nowadays. It's made many lives easier, and who would we be today without it? However, some people have the nerve to use it for stealing money. You can protect your cards and finances by purchasing the Anvanda RFID protection wallet. Check out its features here.

What the F*ck Is RFID, and Why Do I Need a Protection Wallet?

Remember pickpockets? Danny Ocean and his crew knew how to steal some shit physically. Nowadays, money stealers are sometimes called skimmers, and they're, guess what - digital pickpockets. That means we have to watch our sh*t carefully on the street. While it's easier to pay by card, I kinda wish someone tried to take my cash nowadays; just don't touch my cards, please.

You might be wondering - what is RFID wallet protection? Before we learn that, let's go back to the roots and figure out RFID. It stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and some m*therf*ckers invented it during World War II.

They wanted to make identifying British airplanes easier when they return to base, and now, 80 years later, it's harder for our f*cking cards to keep our sh*t safe. Thanks a lot! (but also, for real - great job, that's a hell of an invention. It made strides in the tech industry and impacted how we live today).

RFID is in those small golden chips on our cards and documents. Those things store a bunch of information, and anyone who steals it could instantly become us. God, I hope it's Nicolas Cage. I want to make Face Off 2.


How the F*ck Can My Wallet Protect Me From Identity Theft?

Here comes the scary part - a skimmer doesn't need to have any contact with you to take your money and info. They can just walk by you and scan your sh*t. Basically, trust no one. Was that the point of this?

While, yes, this sh*t is terrifying, it's also preventable. You can take a nice, fat sigh of relief because there are RFID protection wallets. And you guessed it - Anvanda makes one. Scratch that, Anvanda makes the best f*cking RFID protection wallet in the game.

What is an RFID protection wallet, you might ask? It protects the chips that hold your information. How the wallet works is magical yet straightforward - there's a special layer (or wrapping) made from carbon fiber or metal, which blocks electromagnetic fields.

The protective layer conducts electric charges from RFID scanners that spread all over it. Think of it as Captain America's shield - it absorbs hits and spreads them out without causing harm to Cap. It's pretty cool, and imagine how great it might be to think of your wallet with RFID protection as a shield to keep you safe from bad guys.


What Should I Look For In My RFID Protective Wallet?

The RFID scanner's frequency waves can pass through anything except carbon fiber and metal. All you have to do is buy a wallet to protect your stuff from electromagnetic interference. Knowing your sh*t is safe might help you learn how to carry a backpack.

Since the technology is barely noticeable, you don't have to worry about the wallet being heavy or bulky. It's not exactly like Cap's shield in that sense. Even when you take it out at the airport (your wallet, sicko,) it'll pass through fine, and you can tell the airport staff it has RFID protection if you want to brag. Although, they may be too busy admiring how cool you look with your bag.

A view of everything that can fit into the Anvanda leather wallet

Does the Anvanda Leather Wallet Have RFID Protection?

Oh, yes, it does. When we first heard of RFID scanners and skimmers, we thought, "Oh, no way!" and then got severely paranoid for three days. We looked at everyone on the street as our enemy and thought about rocking a camo bag to make it less noticeable.

It didn't work because the bag looked cool as f*ck. And then one of us suggested, "Why don't we make a wallet that can protect us from that sh*t?"

We all sat, baffled we didn't think of it before (and some of us were pissed off that we didn't think of it first,) and started working on a f*cking awesome wallet to be used separately or together with our Great F*cking Bag.

The Anvanda Leather Wallet looks so cool and slick that every time you look in your bag, you'll be baffled by how good it looks and everything it can hold. It's available in four colors, complementing your eyes and hair.


What Else Does the Awesome Anvanda Leather Wallet Have?

Besides the RFID protection layer, the awesome f*cking Anvanda wallet has enough room for 12 cards; it has an aluminum card holder where you can put 4 to 6 more. All your memberships can fit if you ever think to use them again.

It's made of vegetable-tanned leather, produced with natural ingredients instead of chemicals. It's faux leather but of Italian quality, making it even more incredible. The best thing is that it looks so nice that it could be a gift.

The next time you need a quick solution for a friend's birthday gift or a cardholder worth investing in, check out the awesome Anvanda leather wallet.

A view of the black Anvanda leather wallet

The Anvanda Wallet Can Be Paired With Our Great F*cking Bag

Our wallet with RFID protection goes well with our Great F*cking Bag. If you check out our shop, you'll see that some of our bags have RFID protection wallets within them, too.

If you're keen on waiting for an upgraded version of Anvanda's Great F*cking Bag, invest in the V2, which is greater, more f*cking, and more bag than the previous one. Whatever you choose, it'll be a wise investment. We love making bags that are durable and can make anyone look awesome.

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