The Most Kickass Swim Bags for Men - Yes, Anvanda Is the Answer

The summer is all around us, the sun is burning brightly, and it calls for beach bodies splayed beside waves. It's time to gear up and pack sunscreen and favorite swimwear and head out to the beach. So, let's see what makes Anvandas the best swim bags for men out there.

Sure, there are many swim bags out there, but not all are created equal. Just like your gym bag, it should be able to carry loads of schite - wet clothes, soggy towels, creams and ointments, a bottle of water (or a bo'oh'o'wa'er if you're British). And that's what Anvanda does best - it carries your schite, and it does so with style.

Our Swim Bags for Men Are Bitchin'

What makes a bloke stand out on a beach? Or by the swimming pool? Yes, we agree - a nice dad bod wouldn't hurt. But the best way to get noticed and to feel at home while only in your Speedos is to come prepared. Well, worry not, because that's where an Anvanda saves your arse covered in thin spandex, because you can pack a helluva lot of junk in them.


In 2018, we built our first Anvanda, a Great F*cking Bag, around a single magnificent idea - to build a bag that carries all the junk you could possibly think of. But we've also ventured further after listening to the crowds. That's why Anvandas aren't simply swim bags; oh noes, they are more than meets the eye. It can be a mother-flankin' duffel bag, all while it's one of the coolest men's bags out there.

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Our Bags Are FIRE, but You Can Take Them Swimming

What makes our bags stand out amongst the harsh competition, you wonder? Besides their ability to carry a ton of junk (for work or pleasure, your choice 😉), they are also very versatile. Our bags are not arseholes that will make you carry them in one way. No, they have a system of hooks and straps (yes, STRAPS, hee-hee 😁) that allows you to transform them:

  • If you want to wear it as a shoulder bag, it's easily doable. Just attach the long strap to the hooks on the side, and - voila! You've got yourself a cool-looking tote you can use for the beach.
  • Want a sexy messenger bag? We're on it! Just attach those straps to a bag
  • Perhaps the hottest way of all, especially if you've packed a ton of junk for the beach, is to carry it as a backpack. Just add two straps, and off you go!
  • Anvandas also have two handles, one on top and the other on the side. That means you can either wear them as handbags or very serious and professional laptop bags.

But that's not all. And also, look at how gorgeous they are.

Additional Reasons Why Anvanda Makes You Sexier on the Beach

It's understandable that you need a bag where you can stash away countless items you might need when you go swimming. That's why Anvanda is perfect for you - it has a place for your bottle (of soda or gin, whatever gets you through the day). It also has countless pockets for you to pack your trinkets. But if you're worried that your stuff might get wet (even without foreplay, huh 😕), there's a protective rain cover at the bottom. So, just keep those Speedos close, ours is to worry about the rest.


But what happens when you need to strip and toss your smelly socks inside? Does the world around you become instantly aware of the contents of your bag because it smells foul? We've done something about it, too. Our bags have a silver-infused liner that is also antibacterial. We call this technology SanitizeMi®. It will keep all your smelly schite away from prying eyes and, well… noses.


Your Digital Money Is Safe With Anvanda

But what may surprise you the most is the fact that when you enter the water to soak your cheeks thoroughly, you won't get skimmed. Yep, it's true that pickpockets have found a way to grab your digital funds without coming too close to your stuff that's left unattended. They simply pass nearby and skim your money off your card. But, our RFID-protected pocket will fend off any hackers that may lurk around. Our leather wallet offers the same feature, too.

And You Are Also Safe From Getting Your Cables Tangled

We know that this is mind-blowing but bear with us because we have one more sexy feature to present. All our bags come with a USB port, along with a 3.5mm one. It helps you charge your devices on the go or by the pool, or wherever else you may need to. After all, that way, you can rest your head on Anvanda, soak up some sun and charge your phone while you play Candy Crush Saga. We don't judge.


Our Anvandas Are Mind-Blowingly Awesome, so Why Buy Just One?

Yeah, we know it's hard to pick just one bag because not only do we make them in a variety of colors and patterns, but they also come in two sizes. You can grab as many as you like - we don't mind! But, while you're at it, you can also take a look at our Kickstarter and see what we're planning next - it will take your breath away. Because just when you thought we couldn't surprise you any further, we've prepared Version No.2 of our sexy bag.

Kickstarter link - Använda V2 | Another Great F*cking Bag

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