There's no need to lug around a heavy suitcase when you can use Anvanda as a duffel bag. Our Great F*cking Bag is ideal for weekend getaways, camping, traveling, and so much more. It is not only made for carrying your fancy overpriced laptop, it can be used to carry all kinds of weird s*it you are into. So, without further ado here are some ideas on how to make the most out of your Anvanda duffle bag.

Anvanda is a Great F*cking Bag That Can Easily Be Used as a Duffel Bag!

Why would you buy a duffel bag just to sit in your closet and wait to be used? Why not have a duffel bag that can be transformed into a backpack? Isn't that genius?! If only somebody thought about it and made a bag that can be both!

Hello knock knock, is there anybody in there? When you buy our Anvanda a Great F*cking backpack you can easily transform it into a duffel bag. Talk about transforming powers, our bag is true Optimus Prime when it comes to change.


First thing first, you might think that the Anvanda is created to be carried on your back only but that's not the case! It is ingeniously designed to be a duffel bag, carryon bag, laptop bag, and much more. For all we know, maybe someone is using this bag as a portal to another dimension. Who can tell? Hey, but once it is yours, you can do whatever the heck you want. We are not here to judge, only to deliver the greatest freaking bag there is. It is up to you how you'll use it.


Pair of Long Black Straps Will Make Traveling With Anvanda Duffle Bag Enjoyable

What is not to like about long black things? And yes, we are talking about our long straps you can get as accessories with your backpack. Just attach them to your Anvanda and voila, you will be getting one of the best duffel bags in the world. It is durable, with a lot of pockets inside, and if you are tired of carrying it as a cool shoulder bag, you can always switch to backpack mode. Pretty easy, right??

Long and Hard, Our F*cking Bag Will Blow Your Mind

Aside from the fact that Anvanda Bags are stylish, they are insanely long-lasting. There will be no tearing it apart no matter what kind of sh*t you put inside, and trust us, we have put a lot of sh*ts just to test it. And on top of all that, Anvanda is water-resistant, so you can literally go through jungle, waterfalls, and heavy monsoon rains, and your stuff will remain dry (just don't go swimming with the sharks while carrying Anvanda, we haven't tested it for that).


Short Straps and a Great F*cking Bag Are Weekender Dreams

No matter if you are looking for cute backpacks for women or a stylish yet cool man bag, Anvanda got you covered. We come in all colors and shapes, and guess what? Anvanda is gender-neutral. You can style our bags the way you feel.

For example, a black backpack can be easily transformed into a professional duffel bag you can carry on your business trip. Just attach our short straps, and you can carry Anvnada in your hands. And once you are all unpacked in the hotel, you can use your Anvanda, a Great F*cking Bag, as a backpack to tour around the town. Heck, you can even take it to the beach. You are limited only by your imagination.


Maybe the Straps Are Short, but the Bag Is Deep 😉

The best feature about duffel bags is that you can put tons of things in them (which is kind of a reason why you are buying a bag). And you can carry this bag either in your hand or shoulder. Well, Anvanda Great Freaking Bag comes in all sizes, and which size you will choose depends on your trip, but even with the smallest version, you will be able to pack all you need. Well, maybe the sex doll will not fit in the smallest one (unless you chop it first), but all the other important things will.

What Is a Duffel Bag, and Why Do We Hate All of Them?

Let's be honest, they are annoying and no matter if you are traveling on a plane, car, or any other way, all you want to do is put it down. Have you ever seen a person who is carrying a duffel bag with a smile on their face? Well, no, neither have we.

For f*ck sake, a person that invented duffle bags probably hated people and wanted them to suffer (or not, what do we know). However, Anvanda is a solution to your problems! The fact that its straps are gentle, and have an airflow system that will prevent you from sweating while hauling all of your s*it is what makes them unique duffle bags. 


Why Are Anvanda Freaking Backpacks So Great?

Anvanda backpacks are stylish, modern, and practical. Everything you need from a backpack is there, and even more, you can transform this backpack into a laptop purse or duffel bag and use it in all situations in life. There will be no sad or disappointed face once you buy this bag.

There will be no "Ok, I will use this for camping, the other one for a beach, and the third one for travel", you will get it all in one bag you can use wherever you want. They are made to tackle all the challenges the modern society throws at you, and boy, do they stand up to the challenge. So stop with the agonizing tradition and get rid of your duffel bags today, and buy a freaking amazing backpack.

Kickstarter link - Använda V2 | Another Great F*cking Bag

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