What to Carry in Your Camouflage Bag

Oy, you fancy-looking motherflunkers, and you nerds, too! We know you're looking at our new camo Anvanda, but you're not sure what to carry in a camouflage bag. But let us tell you right away - an Anvanda can carry all sorts of sh*t!

You're probably used to the fact that getting from point A to point B means you'll be carrying all the junk you need inside at least two sacks, a backpack, and a laptop bag. Heaven forbid that you need to go shopping, too; it quickly turns into Mission Impossible with all the possible types of bags wrapped around you.


But here's the thing - what if you come across the perfect and omnipotent (not potent in that way, y'know), Bag of all Bags, the Mistress of Backpacks, the Lady of Satchels… You get it by now. What if you're slightly pushed and directed towards a beautifully perfect accessory piece that will solve all your problems? An Anvanda Great Frakkin Bag is all that and more. And there are over 10 billion different thingies you can carry inside one. Not at once, obviously, duh.

We’ve Created a Bag That Carries Your Shit and Still Looks Cool

The most important thing for anyone that wants to look less like a nerd and more like a hot steamin' smokin' individual that keeps their sh*t together is to have some class. And with our bag, it's more than easy to achieve it - an Anvanda makes you look cool, even when you are not. Honestly, that bag is a real head-turner and even counts as the best backpack for work, too.

There Are a Lot of Pockets, and We Mean A LOT

Planning to go on a quest, we mean a trip (c'mon, it's a great hook, we know you geeks love to go on quests) requires a lot of items. Like Mana potions, Spellbooks, bow and arrows, the eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog. We're not even gonna ask what you plan to do with all of that junk, but we're here to help you carry it. Our Anvanda can fit all those trinkets right in; the only question is how to carry a backpack once you stuff it full of those things. But that one's easy, too - carry it with style.

A woman carrying a backpack

There Are Ten Billion Different Items That Can Fit Inside

The list of things an Anvanda can carry just goes on and on. So what to carry in a backpack is actually up to you because our bags can fit right in with any given situation. It can go kayaking with you or on a hot balloon ride. Take it to meet the parents, and hide a bottle of scotch in it, just in case that doesn't go well, and everyone starts talking about a Phat Wedding in the near future.

Grab Your Laptop and Throw It Right In

It's not a bag to take with you just to party because it can be as classy as f*ck in the work environment, too. Let us introduce the new Anvanda bag that has a handy laptop sleeve and an even more handy USB connection. That means only one thing - you can charge all your electronic junk while on the move.

You Can Fit Your Bottle in a Special Pocket

We know how important it is to keep your booz… errr, water bottle near, and that is why we created a magnetic bottle pocket. If you're going running, you can easily grab a drink. If you see your crush with someone else, you can grab a drink even more easily. Just don't overdo it, or you'll throw up all over your pretty bag, and you'll have to figure out how to wash a backpack and return it to its former glory.


We Keep You Safe and Make You Look Cooler Than You Actually Are

Before a mugger can yell, "All your money are belong to us," and rip off your digital currency (it's called skimming), we're here to let you know that it won't happen with our Great Freakin' Bag. If you place all your cards inside our sexy as hell leather wallet and then put that wallet into a specially made RFID pocket, it will be perfectly safe. So no money for you, hackers!

Carry Your Camo Anvanda in a Great F*ckin’ Way

Unlike any other backpack, it can also be as pretty if you wear it as a shoulder bag. Just get your additional strap on it (our sassy-*ss bag has zinc-iron hooks all around) and - voila! It can be worn as a messenger bag, too. It also comes with two neat handles on top and the side so that you can turn it into a handbag in one flip.

We've even made it possible to reach the insides of our Great Fauking Bag from the side through a hidden zipper. Each of our beauties has so many pockets that you'll lose count; we know we've tried to count them all and got lost because they transcend space and time.


Get Your SH*T Together and Order One Now

Or go out of your mind at the sight of our lovelies in camouflage or any other pattern or color and buy at least two. The only thing you'll regret afterward is that you didn't think about a third one, just in case. And since there's a new one coming our way, pledge a coin to our Kickstarter and wait for another Great Friggin' Bag to surpass all bags.

Kickstarter link - Använda V2 | Another Great F*cking Bag

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