Where to Take Your Camouflage Travel Bag

Okay, you've decided to get yourself a camouflage travel bag, and let us tell you right away - Anvanda is a Great Frakkin' choice. But once you grab one, you'll want another one, but that's not the point. The question is - where to take it?

The only right answer is that you can take your Anvanda Great Faukin' camouflage travel bags wherever the heck you want. And you can fit all your junk (we don't mean that one, oy,) goods, gadgets, and even food inside them, and it will still be the coolest faukin' thing you own. Once you've filled it up (we're talking 'bout the bag, you know, you… dawg 😆), add the extra strap and throw it over your shoulder. Yep, now you're good to go wherever you want and take all your sh*t with you.

Take Your Camouflage Travel Bag Camping

If you've never gone camping before, buying a camo Anvanda, literally the best backpack for travel, will inspire you to go and become one with nature. It can be only for a weekend, so you really don't need to go all Robinson Crusoe on us, y'know? Our bags are so freakin' awesome that you even have a pocket with the antibacterial silver lining, where you can throw in all the food you want (including garlic, in case there's, you know, vampires around). All the other junk you want to carry with you won't smell of anything you've stuffed in there, not even the copy of 50 Shades of Grey you've "borrowed" from your mom's secret stash.

Your Camouflage Bag Can Go Hitchhiking (Through the Galaxy)

If you have a substantial amount of sh*t you want to pack and bring with you on your trip, an Anvanda can act as a large luggage camo bag, too! We're not kidding, y'all - it's the most versatile bag to rule all bags. And it won't rip and tear, even if you overload it because it has high-quality zinc-iron hooks and top-notch YKK zippers. Mhm, that's right - it won't burst open like a xenomorph egg, just because you've overloaded it with all your junk, including a Vogon poetry book. And another thing for all you hitchhikers wondering what to carry in a backpack: don't panic and carry a towel!


Need a Gym Duffle Sack to Carry All Your Sports Junk? An Anvanda Can Deliver

Once you grab an Anvanda Great Frakkin Bag, there won't be any need for any other types of bags. It can even be a gym duffle sack if you love to pump a muscle (okay, okay, that's what she said 😒😏). That pocket with silver lining is more than valuable for the gym because it can hold all your smelly and sweaty junk in it, and the rest of your stuff won't be affected at all.

A Camo Duffle Bag for Every Bitchin’ Occasion

Oh yeah, any friggin' bag we have in our collection can be the best backpack for work. Grab one and see that there's a special sleeve for your laptop, and let us also introduce the new Anvanda bag that has an awesome freakin' USB connection. That means you can charge all your electronic schite on the go and never ever again miss an episode of Lucifer while commuting.


Take It to a Souvenir Shop and Fill It up With Presents

We're aware that our Anvanda has helped you travel far and wide and keep all your schite together. And wherever you show up, you're a head-turner. Nah, we won't be modest; everyone's looking because of the camo bag you're carrying around. But don't forget that an Anvanda isn't only for looks; it also carries sh*t. So take that leather wallet out and start buying souvenirs so you can have proof that you've been traveling a lot. And no, a lightsaber is not proof that you've been taken as an apprentice to Master Yoda.

It Can Be a Travel Tote, Too, Just Use Your Imagination and Our Straps and Handles

There's no end to the coolness of an Anvanda, and you can transform it into any type of bag, honest! It has real backpack straps for carrying loads of stuff in a secure way. It has an additional strap to make it a messenger bag or a shoulder one. Grab it by the horns, oh, we mean - handles, and make it a handbag. Buy a camouflage one, but keep your eyes on other colors, too. It would be a darn tragedy to miss having it at least in one more pattern or color.

A woman carrying a blue Anvanda backpack

Make an Anvanda a Great F*Cking Priority on Your Wishlist

So, let's make it clear - what do you need for travel? That one's easy - a passport, money, sunglasses, and a Great Freakin' Bag to carry all that sh*t with you. But before you point your finger on the map and choose the destination, there's one more crucial thing to say. Okay, maybe two. One of the biggest concerns of any traveler is his money, especially digital, so we've thought about that, too, and added an RFID-protected pocket to repel any modern-day pickpockets. And the final thing is that you really shouldn't miss our Kickstarter because even a cooler Anvanda is coming your way, soon!

Kickstarter link - Använda V2 | Another Great F*cking Bag

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