What Colorful Bag is Most Suitable For Your Personality

Hey, all you crazy cool and sassy Anvandanites! We know you've had it with winter and that it seems like the world is going to end soon, but you know what could brighten your day in an instant? A colorful bag that screams SWAG and also carries your schite. Fear not, for we are watchful of your needs and wants (not THAT watchful, you dawg, you 😆), and we've got you covered with some blastin' color schemes.

Sure, having an Anvanda, a Great F*cking Bag, is what it says - f*cking great! Especially when you have your piece in toned-down colors that go with everything. But summer's almost here, so it's time to be brave and bold while you continue to carry all your junk with you. Nah, it doesn't mean you should get a horse for all the heavy load you take on your daily trips. An Anvanda can carry it all, and you might even squeeze in a sword or two inside. Bard not included.


Don’t Fret Over Whether to Wear a Colorful Bag to Work, Just Do It

Haven't had an Anvanda before, 'aight? So you're not sure what to carry in a backpack and whether all your cool knick-knacks would fit? On top of it all, can it actually carry all your gadgets inside of it, too? Don't let others tell you differently - size DOES matter, and that's definitely what she said 😁 Our bags aren't the best backpacks for work just because you gain an aura of coolness and sassiness with them, but because you can fit everything (and MORE!) into them. And if you over-stuff them, there are plenty of straps on our bags to help you endure the heaviness and don't fall on your face like a wuss-puss.


Since going to work daily may sound a lot like the end of the world to some of ya, we will also introduce the new Anvanda bag to take all the necessities with you. But which one to choose? Well, you can pair your bag to go with your boots, your soul, or pick whichever color you effin' want. Anvandas come in many colors, but each can make you an object of desire, wherever you go. It turns your inner sexiness up a notch. Now, look at all of our multicolored backpacks and be in awe.

Wear Our Colorful Bags However the F*ck You Want

Hey, pst! Yes, you, we know what you really need. You need a backpack, a shoulder messenger bag, a handbag, and a portable vending machine, and you want them in some vibrant color. Well, what if we've said we can help you with each of these needs? And cover it all with just one bag? Yes, that's right - an Anvanda can be the best backpack for travel, but it also has additional straps that can be positioned to your liking. There are also handles that allow you to carry it in your hand, so it's clear why we claim that it's the last bag you'll ever need. That doesn't stop you from buying at least two of them in different sizes and colors.

Anvandas Don’t Have Mark LXXXV Armor Installed but Can Hold Over 10 Million Items

After extensive research, we've made the first version of our Great F*cking Bag that served its purpose - it could carry all your junk in one take. But not only that, we've made it sexy as hell, and it comes in red, blue, and every f*cking color you can think of. It's a cool and handy item to have no matter where you're headed, and you can even take it to the gym with you. Once you've finished working on your muscle(s), 😇 place your sweaty and smelly stuff into the bag with no regrets. Anvandas have an antibacterial silver lining that will keep those smells at bay.

Anvanda Leather Wallet Goes Great With Our Bags

Our mini leather wallet can fit into any pocket our bags have (and they have them a-plenty) and close it with a high-quality zipper. But if you're scared that you might get pickpocketed by a hacker (it's a real threat nowadays,) carry your backpack without fear. It's because we've implemented an RFID-protected pocket that will hide your funds from those nasty pickpockets who want to rob you of all your digital money.


Blue wallet with cards


Charge You Schite on the Go

There's probably not a soul in this world that doesn't use at least some sort of a gadget. But how the hell will you watch the Walking Dead and get some ideas where the pandemic can lead us if we don't charge our batteries frequently? So we've not only prepared different colored bags and added a gazillion of pockets inside - we've also installed a USB connection. All you have to do is add all your electronic schite to the backpack and practice some fast walking. It's never too late to start training so you could run from the zombies, innit?


Whichever Color You Choose, You Will Look F*cking Great When You Wear It

Oh boy, we actually know how hard your finger itches to click and order an Anvanda. But hey, listen up - if you're not sure which color will be perfect for your personality, you can always order another Anvanda! What the panda 🐼 You can never have too many of them. And just wait 'till our V2 sees the light of day, you will instantly fall in love. Or you can cut the waiting period and pledge a dime to our Kickstarter 💗

Kickstarter link - Använda V2 | Another Great F*cking Bag

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