What Makes Anvanda a Cool Bookbag?

If you're a proud bookworm, we believe you won't just carry your books in your hands like Hermione running around Hogwarts library. Hun, you need to get yourself one, or even a few cool bookbags that are gonna make you look f*cking great when you stroll down the street with your precious babies neatly tucked inside. But where to find such an awesome bag or a backpack? Worry not, dear reader, cause we're gonna show you the best bag ever.

Honestly, we understand why you might be a little suspicious right now. Like, bags aren't that amazing. Sure they are cute and all that, but nothing to get you too excited (if you're not a serious shopaholic, of course). Right? False - Anvanda bags are so f*cking brilliant, and they are going to blow your mind once you find out everything about them. So, let's us brag a bit about our precious product - we must, after all that hard work we've put into it.

Need a Cool Bookbag? Look No Further, Anvanda Is the Best F*cking Choice

Ordinary book backpack might look a bit boring or have fewer character traits than Bella Swan, but ours doesn't have that problem. We made it so freaking interesting and stylish, you're not going to believe it when you see it. Anvanda offers the most wonder-fucking-full bookbags for women, men, non-binaries, kids, or even your baby. Okay, that last one doesn't make sense because why would a baby want to carry books around but just wait until they grow up - and then get them their first Anvanda bookbag.

Oh, Dear - We Have So Many Colors to Offer You, How You're Gonna Choose Just One?

Wanna skip boring-ass bags that look like they are from the last century? Awesome, we can help you with that. Our freaking Anvanda bags come in many different colors, and you can choose between V1 and V2 models. Oh, let's not forget - we also have some cool prints, if you're more into something like that. Our bags can be worn like backpacks (which will probably be your first choice if you're carrying a crapload of heavy books with you), carried in hand, or on your shoulder. The possibilities are endless, our dear friend.


Hey, You Nerds Looking for Cool Bookbags for College, Wanna Know How Many Books Can Fit Inside Our Gorgeous Backpacks? INFINITY

But what if my Anvanda can't fit all the books I need for school, you might ask. And let us just tell you now - that's impossible. Like, seriously, there's so much space in our f*cking bags that you won't know what to do with it. Pack your laptop, gym gear, lunch, teddy bear, whatever, and there will still be enough room for all the books - that's what makes Anvanda the best backpack for college students and, well, basically anybody else. It's inevitable - you just have to buy it.


Wherever the Fuck You Wanna Go With Your Book, This Bag Is Gonna Make You Look Fancy

Who says that being a nerd means you can't be fancy? Of course, you can - with our V1 or V2 bags, leather or vegan leather available. It doesn't matter where you're going - everybody's gonna be looking at you, wondering where the fuck did you get that bitchin' bag. Walk to school, back home from work, or to march for human rights, whatever fits into your schedule - and your Anvanda will make sure you look fucking great.


Sure, There Are Some Good Bags Out There - But Can They Charge Your Fucking Phone Like Ours Can? Yes, We're Serious!

Okay, this is something that you won't find anywhere else - a great fucking bag, so great that it even has a USB port for charging your phone. So, imagine rocking your camouflage bag on your way to work and realizing your phone's about to die. No problem, Anvanda's got you covered. Yup, we've thought of everything when we designed this fucking genius bag. Oh yeah, and we almost forgot to mention that it has an RFID-protected pocket so that no one can steal from you electronically. Keeping that money safe on your credit card is so easy when you have Anvanda V1 or V2 beauties.

You Can Even Carry Around Stinky Stuff (Although We Can't Imagine Why You Would Wanna Do That..) and Your Bag Won't Smell Funny

We know, we know. This headline sounds weird, and you probably think it's bullshit. But it's 100% true. How is that possible? Well, easy - our almighty backpacks have this little thing called an antibacterial silver lining that allows them to absorb all weird smells. That's pretty awesome, right? Now you can be as gross as you want, and no one's gonna know. Hell, you can carry around dirty socks all day long, who cares! Sure, there's no reason for that, but still…we don't judge, everybody has some weird habits. Although, it might be good to wash your backpack once in a while. No need to torture the poor thing after everything it's done for you, carrying around all those fucking books.


Woman carrying a jacket and Anvanda bag on her back


Indeed, This Is a Great Fucking Bag - So, Why Not Run to Get Your Credit Card and Order One for Yourself (or Like, Someone You Care About)?

Okay, now you know every fucking thing (that matters) about our amazing bags. Now, do you agree with us when we say this is the best fucking bag in the universe? Yes! We knew it! Sweet, now just grab your wallet (if it's a not-so-good-looking one, we also have an Anvanda wallet for you) and get that card - it's time to order. Well, maybe you'll need a minute to decide which color (or print) you want your bag to be, but we understand. We'll be here. When you're ready, head to our Kickstarter page and treat yourself to the beautiful Anvanda V2 bag - you deserve it!

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