Anvanda Is a Cool as F*ck Diaper Bag for Every Situation

Moms and dads know the drill - wherever you want to take your baby, you have to be battle-ready. There's also a ton of schite you have to carry (even in a literal sense,) so you could use a diaper bag that can save you a*s no matter how sh*tty the whole situation it is. So, when your little one poops and wets themselves, we have an answer - Anvanda.

Us parents are usually the only ones that know what we go through with a baby. Especially when it's time to run some errands with your little one. We swear, we miraculously turn into octopuses, especially when it's time to change diapers. That is one of our superpowers - we grab a clean diaper, hold a rattle so our baby doesn't cry, and reach for wet wipes. All at the same time. But this could all turn into a disaster quickly if you don't keep everything you may need in these dire situations in one place, and close at hand. That's when Anvanda a Great F*cking Bag can save your arse, because it's designed to carry all kinds of stuff, be easy to wear, and look cool as f*ck at any given moment.

Get an Anvanda and Turn It Into a Diaper Bag Easy

Nothing saves the day like a great diaper bag backpack with a ton of pockets and zippers. You know that wherever you go when you leave the house with your baby, there are a ton of things you should pack. Depending on how long you wish to stay out, you'll need at least five diapers, a package of wipes, and baby cream. Also, at least one bottle and a pacifier, a blanky… Oh, the list goes on.


There's also a long list of things that could happen, that you should be prepared for. A diaper may leak, so you'll need to pack a change of clothes. You may get a headache before you enter into a mental breakdown, too, so Aspirin may come in handy.

So, what if we tell you that this, and more, can be carried in a backpack that's not a plain cloth bag, but instead a stylish backpack. Sure, you can use Anvanda for the beach, because it's a truly water-resistant backpack. But the best thing for moms and dads out there, who are struggling to carry everything with them is that an Anvanda is the best backpack for traveling with your wee one.

Wear Your Diaper Bag in Five Different Ways

Are you more comfortable with a bag full of diapers and other baby-related stuff that can be worn however you see fit? Anvanda's got your bag, because you can wear it not in one, not two, but FIVE different ways:

  • You can carry your Anvanda as a shoulder bag because there's an additional strap with hooks that makes it easy to use.
  • Messenger bags are a comfy solution, and once you place your strap and adjust the bag, you can even use it as a seat for your kid that way!
  • Grab any Anvanda by the handle and carry it as a handbag. Our bags come with two differently positioned handles so you can carry them as you see fit.
  • And finally, the comfiest way for a parent to wear a diaper bag is a backpack, and Anvanda doesn't disappoint in this area, either.

It's not hard to choose an Anvanda, after all, we've made it and we are aware of just how awesome this f*cking bag is. You will probably have more issues trying to decide on the color. That's why we've prepared a little quiz to choose the color of your bag.


And It Also Has Some Pretty Lit Features, Too

Yes, we know that you are already impressed with our beauty, but there's more to Anvanda than just pure awesomeness and the fact that it carries schite (with style). Each of our bags has a reflective rain cover found at the bottom. However, you should run inside in case it's pouring, because the reflective cover only covers the bag, but not your little one or you.

You want to bring your tablet or the laptop as well? Our bags have a handy laptop sleeve inside. Another thing that comes with each Anvanda is a USB port alongside a 3.5mm audio one, so you can also charge your tablet regularly and make sure there's an endless supply of Baby Shark while you're outside. And if you want to store away those nasty dirty diapers, just relax - place them in Anvanda, and no foul smell will be noticed. It's simply because each of our backpacks has a SanitizeMi silver lining that lets no smelly smell escape.


It may happen that you're too busy entertaining your little one to pay attention to suspicious activity around you. Pickpockets nowadays don't even have to reach into the contents of your bag to rob you. It's simple enough to pass by and skim your digital money off your card. But, worry not - our RFID-protected pocket will fend them off with ease and protect your funds. If you want to level up your style and make sure you don't rummage through the dirty diapers while looking for your cards, you can also get yourself one small, sexy-looking Anvanda leather wallet, which is also RFID-protected.


It Can Be Your Diaper Bag, It Can Be Your Purse

Our Anvandas are awesome, but our shop is even more so. If you look at our Anvanda Great F*cking Bag bundles, you'll see that each bag can be even more upgraded for a small price. But the best thing is that we're preparing another model so visit our Kickstarter page and make a pledge. You know you'll need a new bag once your little peewee grows so you'll have to carry a different load with you all the time.

Kickstarter link - Använda V2 | Another Great F*cking Bag

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