Anvanda's Guide on How to Choose a Backpack Size

When you head to the internet for some relaxing online shopping and decide to treat yourself to a nice, useful backpack like Anvanda, you might run into a tiny complication - which size of a backpack do you need? How to choose a backpack size like a pro? It's easier than you'd think - all you have to do is check out our witty article that will tell you all you need to know.

First Things First - Whichever Backpack You Choose, the Only Important Thing Is That It Is Anvanda

Wanna know how to choose the size of a backpack that will fit your style and needs? You're in the right place, buddy. When you start the search for the ultimate backpack, we know that many different backpacks will come into consideration. Yeah, we get it, there are so many interesting manufacturers, blah, blah… Honestly, you're just wasting your time - we know that because we know Anvanda is the best option out there. So, it's just a matter of figuring out how to choose the Anvanda backpack

Our Anvanda Backpack Is Practically Miss Universe of the Backpack World

Modesty isn't our strong suit, so we're not gonna sugarcoat it - Anvanda is the best f-ing bag you can find out there. It's the coolest shoulder bag, backpack, and even a purse all rolled into one. We made a bag that's a freaking miracle, yup - just wait and see. This baby is so special and beautiful that it might as well be a Miss Universe.


Here's What We Can Offer You When It Comes to Backpack Sizes

So, when you take a look at our virtual catalog and look at all those pretty colors (and even prints - yup, we have those as well), you'll have a problem choosing the look of the bag. Still, "what kind of Anvanda backpack should I get" is a quiz for another time - sorry, bro, you're on your own there. For now, we're gonna talk about the sizes we offer because size does matter. Yeah, we heard that too, sorry. Anyway, you can pick from the following - a regular-sized Anvanda V1 and a mini version. We can promise you that both are pretty as f*ck, but they do have different uses - let's figure out what you need.


Giant Backpack Can Work for a Wide Range of Occasions - From Carrying Books to Uni to a Wild Hiking Adventure

If you decide to go with the bigger option - or, as we call it, a regular size Anvanda - you will be faced with one really weird occurrence. The thing is - Anvanda is such a freakin brilliant bag that it can fit practically anything inside. Really, our regular size is, like, way bigger than your basic bitch backpack. That's what makes it so good for any occasion.

You will love carrying it for work as a laptop bag, or you can take it to school and look fabulous even with a bunch of books on your back. If you're an outdoorsy kind of person, you'll be happy to hear that Anvanda as a backpacking bag is the dream of every hiker. Plus, it's comfy to carry, and it looks great - what else could a person ask for? (Seriously, we're asking - if you have any idea how to make it better, do tell).

Regular Size Anvanda Can Help You Take All Your Gear With You

When we say it can fit everything, we mean everything - laptop, books, lunch, makeup, gym clothes, your costume for the Venice carnival, whatever you can think of. Yes, at the same time! What's the catch? We don't know - this bag works like magic, and it turned out even better than we thought it would when we designed it. Seriously, it's spooky.


Mini Anvanda Is the Cutest Backpack You'll See - Perfect as an Accessorize, But It Can Also Carry a Crapload of Stuff

Now, the mini version - is it really so tiny as it sounds? Well, not exactly. Mini Anvanda can also carry everything you need to get through a basic dreadful Monday, but it can still look cute as a little accessory bag. We probably wouldn't carry it to a hiking adventure or use it as a beach Anvanda - a bunch of beach towels and all those SPFs you can't leave behind might be too tight in a small version of Anvanda.

Besides those extreme circumstances, your mini Anvanda can be more than enough to help you carry everything of the essence. When you head to work, it can fit your laptop and have plenty of space left. When you go out with friends, it's gonna fit any style - hell, we can promise you that it can work even with dresses. Yes, we tried it.

Still, one thing to keep in mind is that a mini version only comes in black, as opposed to a regular size that has a bunch of colors and print available. But hey, how can a black backpack be the wrong choice? It's so classy, and you'll be as well with it on your shoulder.

Black Anvanda mini bag on a white surface

Size Does Matter, But So Does a Choice Between a V1 and a V2 Anvanda Model - Which One's the Winner in Your Case?

Of course, that size matters (wink, wink), but that's not the only choice you have to make when picking the best Anvanda to order from our website. Here's a little secret we've been keeping for the end - there are two versions of Anvanda. There's your V1, a great freaking bag, and there's a V2 - another great freaking bag. Pinky swear that you would love both of them, so you can't make a mistake when choosing. In fact, they are both so awesome that you shouldn't even choose - just get both. You can get V1 on our site, and for the V2, head to our Kickstarter page to order.

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