What Kind of Anvanda Backpack Should I Get Quiz

Need help in picking the right Anvanda backpack? Yes, yes, we know that it is hard to pick just one because our bags come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. So, what kind of qualities should you look for in a backpack? Should it be playful or slick and elegant? To be completely sure you choose THE ONE, take what kind of backpack should I get a quiz. It will tell you exactly what kind of great f*cking Anvanda backpack to get. 

First Figure Out How a Backpack Can Really Represent Your Real Self

Do you remember when Joey from Friends fell in love with that shoulder bag? Well, that's what will happen with you and Anvanda, a Great F*cking Bag. Luckily, you won't have to return it. And not to mention that you surely won't need a catalog to prove it's a men's or women's bag - in the end, who cares anymore whether something's for girls or for boys? We all just wanna have fun, so wear whatever you feel comfortable with.


Now, let's see how to choose the right color. Because carrying your s*it in the Anvanda with the most suitable color will light even the darkest day. So, yes, colors are very important when it comes to picking the perfect bag, no matter if it's the best one for work or you plan to use it for camping - after all, it will show your true colors.

If you're channeling dark, slick, and mysterious John Wick, you might be into a simple one-color design. We got your back - choose from the whole color palette at Anvanda. From red, blue, green, and other colors to beautiful patterns, there is something for everyone.

But, if you want something more playful you might wonder - what color is most suitable? The answer is quite simple, wear whatever you effin want! Luckily, you don’t have to stick to one color. Even if you’re into boho and hippie vibes there are more than a few patterns to choose from. Don’t hesitate to do it!

Will Fine Leather Backpack Be the Love at First Sight or Non-Leather - Let's Talk About Materials

Before anything else, let’s talk materials! You’ll be touching your bag all over, so it should feel good while doing it ;) That’s why when we introduced the Anvanda bag, we wanted to give you the option of choosing between leather and non-leather materials.

For adventurous, rebel types there is an Anvanda made out of the finest full-grain Italian leather. Wearing it will not only help fit in with leather-wearing biker types but it will also up your cool factor no matter where you go.

On the other hand, if you wish to keep things classy but leather-free there is another option. Our non-leather Anvandas come in the form of cool backpacks for women, men, and aliens.  In these bags, the fabric is made in a way to keep out bacteria and bad smells. So, yeah, you can keep your smelly shi* in the backpack without harming the rest of your sh*t.

A full-grain leather and non-leather material

Does Size Really, Really Matter? Oh, Darling, Yes!

Over the past several years, extensive research has been done, and people have spoken - everyone uses a backpack to carry sh*t (imagine that!). So with that in mind, we created Anvanda and ensured that it has two important features - to carry your sh*t and to look f*cking great.

So, don’t worry about overloading your new BFF, after all, it is made to carry your baggage (just like a true soulmate would). However, we know that some people are megalomaniacs and like big things, while others prefer smaller ones (we are talking about the bags, get your mind out of the gutter). With that in mind, we created Anvanda in two sizes!

No matter if you choose the best backpack for travel or the one for everyday use, you’ll be able to pack up all of your important s*it. So, decide what you'll carry in a backpack and choose between two sizes of Avanda great f*cking bags. And don't let anyone prove you wrong, size matters (Michael Scott would be proud if the first thing you thought were that's what she said 😁).


Choose a Comfy Companion That Will Be Hugging Your Troubles Away

When you're finding the perfect new companion that will be on your shoulders (not as a burden but as a true helper), probably the most important thing to look for is comfort. Carrying your sh*t all day long, you shouldn't feel tired, no matter if it is a laptop or baby diapers.

That's why people love Anvandas - they have padded straps that will allow your skin to breathe, and there's no worry about sweat marks on your clothes. And it's super easy to maintain once you know how to wash a backpack. Imagine, when you get the Anvanda, there will be no more trouble maintaining a backpack!


Do You Want to Keep Your New BFF Dry With a Waterproof Raincoat?

No one likes to be Mary Poppins and carry an umbrella all day long. That's why you should choose our Anvandas that come with their own raincoats (but you must know these surely won't make you fly, but your sh*it will rest dry! Beat that, Mary!) Go wherever you want, and you won’t be s*rewed if you didn't bring an umbrella.


Storing, Storing, Storing, and Again More Storing - Ensure a Backpack Has Enough Pockets for Your Needs

Anvanda's pocket system follows a simple philosophy - put whatever you want in whatever pocket. And if you're one of those people who likes to have everything in order but still have ten billion different items (oh yeah) in your backpack - do not worry! Anvandas have numerous pockets: the sturdy back one for the laptop, sleeves on sides, hidden pockets, magnetic pocket on top, and don't forget about your hydration - there's a bottle pocket that's magnetic too.

When it comes to hidden pockets, know it's a great place where you can keep your Anvanda leather wallet and not worry about a thing. These hidden pockets will be like the Niffler's pocket from the Fantastic Beasts and will keep your valuables safe and sound.


What Kind of Backpack Should I Get a Quiz - Solution Is Pretty Clear - Anvanda is a Great F*cking Bag for Everyone

After taking our quiz, you're surely hooked and already checking out our website. And don't hold back, treat yourself with a stylish, comfy, and f*ucking great backpack. Check what it's like to have a piece like this in your everyday outfit and know how owning a completely money-worth backpack feels.

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