How to Style Your Orange Anvanda Bag?

You've probably noticed that orange is having a moment. And by "moment," we mean it's slowly becoming one of the most popular colors around. So, what does that mean for Anvanda, a Great F*cking Bag lovers? Well, you'll have to learn how to style an orange bag so that you don't look like a f*cking walking traffic cone. If you're not sure where to start, don't worry - we got you covered. Just keep reading! 

Learning How to Style Your Orange Anvanda Bag Will Help You Stand Out

Bags are a great way to add personality and style to any outfit, and there are so many different colored Anvandas available that it can be hard to know which one is right for you (meaning you might even have to take a quiz to help you decide). If you want to stand out from the crowd and make a statement, an orange bag can be exactly what you need. After all, when Garfield says he hates Mondays, everybody believes him, and that's probably because he is orange (right? 🐱).

As we all know, bags are made so that we can carry all of our daily necessities (and some weird trinkets). However, they are a great accessory as well. If you want to own a bag that oozes joy and creativity, grab orange Anvanda. It will help you promote a sense of warmth, passion, energy, and compassion. Its flamboyant and vibrant vibe will ensure you stand out from the busy, gloomy, and boring crowds.

Pst… Over here… an additional tip - if you want to mix up your style and surprise people once in a while with a completely new color palette, it is best to get more than one Anvanda 😉 luckily, they come in many different colors and patterns.



Spice up Your Look by Holding Anvanda Differently 

Different styles of clothes bring different vibes to the table. Let's say you are dressed up to perfection, hair on point, and ready to rock the corporate world. However, carrying all important papers and gadgets in hand does not look professional at all. That's where Anvanda can be the best backpack for work. All you have to do is carry it the right way!

We considered that when creating Anvandas, and that's how you'll get a backpack that can be carried in three completely different ways. Putting all of your stuff in and throwing the Anvanda over the shoulders makes it the best backpack for traveling. But you can also grab it by the handles and carry it as a briefcase or strap it the right way 😉 and use it as a shoulder bag. Get creative! With Anvanda, you can! 

RFID Will Protect You From Haters and Robbers

Robbing somebody nowadays has become some sort of art, and there is no color that will protect you from it. However, people just don't knock a wallet out of a person's hand anymore (theft has become less personal)! Now you can lose all of the money if your phone is not protected.

That's right - hackers can leave you broke just by passing by and hacking your phone that has a connection to your bank account. Poof, a moment and you are broke! To avoid that, our Anvanda team created a special inner pocket that is RFID protected. Just put your phone in there, and you won't have to worry about all your hard-earned money. 💰

RFID Wallets Can Be Another Excellent Accessory 

While you are browsing for a perfect Anvanda bag, you might also want to get our leather wallet that comes with RFID protection. It will ensure all of your cards are completely safe. And you can carry all of them around without constantly checking if your savings are still there!

What's Inside Also Matters That's Why Anvanda Comes With Silver Lining

Yes, yes, our bags are amazingly beautiful, they come in vibrant colors such as orange, and they make everybody notice you. It is their superpower (one of many). However, their power also comes from within. The bag is covered with a silver lining material that doesn't allow your stinky stuff to smell up the rest.

So, if you have gym socks that need to be put in a separate pocket, don't worry they won't endanger the lunch you also packed in the Anvanda. Just don't forget to get them out of the bag when you get home. You wouldn't want to get an unpleasant surprise next time you reach into the pocket looking for gum.

Putting on Protection Does Not Affect the Anvanda Impact on Your Style

As you can tell, orange is a highly visible color often used to gain attention and stand out from the crowd. How else would you explain why the entire crew of the movie Armageddon wore it to space? 🚀


However, sometimes you have to sacrifice the power the color has in order to protect all of the junk you actually carry in the bag. Let's say it is raining (not men, but real rain), all you have to do is put a rain cover over the backpack, and all of your s*it will stay dry. YES, that's right, Anvanda is the best water-resistant bag out there!

Now You Know How to Style an Orange Bag It Is Time to Get Your Anvanda

You've made it to the end of this insightful blog. Now you surely know how to style an orange bag and get noticed no matter where you go. So, it is time to grab your Anvanda, a Great F*cking Bag, put all of your s*it in it, and head out. Those that want our V1 version of Anvanda should check our our website, and all of you that are in dire need of a V2 version should click on our Kickstarter page right here 👉

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