How to Style Your Yellow Anvanda Bag?

Many young folks today like to go all black with their outfits as if they're secret agents or mimes, but perhaps introducing a splash of color into that daily all-black routine could spice things up a little - how about a colorful bag? Here's how to style a yellow bag and make you the talk of the town (or at least the street you're on.)

How to Style a Yellow Bag Like a Boss and Turn Heads

If you did a quiz on which colorful bag suits your personality and the result turned out to be yellow, well… Congratulations, you're a weirdo. Some sources claim this color represents happiness, optimism, joy, and intelligence. Nice. However, other sources get into the terrible stuff and connect yellow with cowardice and betrayal. So dramatic.

For us, yellow is just a very cool and slightly underused color. We feel that more people, especially women, should embrace cool backpacks and bags and just go out there with seemingly outlandish colors. Wearing and carrying them will make you stand out but also give you confidence - when you believe you can pull off a yellow bag, everyone will.


Lucky for you, Anvanda's Great F*cking Bag comes in so many vibrant and beautiful colors that you'll stand out as soon as you step out. This bag isn't just stylish but a great choice for work, travel, and any purpose you can think of. Just don't make it weird.

#1 Make It the Life of the Party AKA Your Outfit

If you want to step out of your comfort zone with a yellow bag, make it count. Nothing on you should draw as much attention as this accessory, so try on your best neutral clothes and mix and match them to make the bag seem appealing and like it's actually yours and not something you incorrectly picked up on your way.

If you want to pair the bag with your shoes, you can, but fashion experts will likely renounce you. This was a thing during the late 90s and early 2000s when the most ludicrous fashion was in style, but not today. While fashionistas don't really apply this rule anymore, no one says you shouldn't. Fortunately, it's not illegal.

Wear Neutral Palettes for a Better Bag Impact… Yes, Bag Impact

You can carry your bag in multiple ways, even if it's yellow. Yeah, its color doesn't make any difference in carrying styles. Where it might make a difference, though, is your outfit.

Your backpack will suit you perfectly if you go with generally neutral colors, such as beige, white, black, and gray. Your shoes or accessories could be in another bright color and make your look all about the details. You'll strut around town with confidence like none you've seen before.


#2 Wear Three Colors Maximum, and That Includes the Yellow

There's no particular reason why wearing up to three different colors is the norm, but if you don't want to look like Bozo the Clown on the streets, maybe you'll want to turn it down a notch. So, instead of going for every part of your outfit in a different color, why not combine the pieces?

OK, so you have a yellow bag - how about a yellow scarf or sweater? In that case, your pants can be beige and your jacket black; that's when you'll have an outfit. Of course, these are just example colors, but it's a bonus if they match.


Not Sure Who Made up the Three-Color Rule, but It Kinda Makes Sense

Looking at our boy Jerry above, you'll see he cleverly followed the three-color rule for his outfit. What is it? Well, it's nothing formal or official, just general fashion advice typical stylists or social media influencers may throw around once in a while.

However, this rule is actually very sound advice. There's nothing wrong with having the entire Pantone catalog pasted onto your body, but there's a limit. If you want to cross it, that's on you. No one should tell you what to wear or how.


Still, if you take your style and color combination seriously, going with three colors maximum will be the best hack for any upcoming outfits or styles.

#3 If You’re Going for a Business Style, Don’t Overdo With Color

If you carry your yellow Anvanda Great F*cking Bag to work because it has a laptop sleeve, RFID-protected pockets, and a USB charging port, you're awesome. On top of that, if the great f*cking bag is yellow, you're a legend.

We made the bags functional and practical but wanted them to be suitable for any occasion. And since we figured one group that chooses our Great F*cking Bags would be the working folks, we wanted them to be stylish and classy, too.

Present yourself as a serious white-collar citizen (or whichever collar you're wearing, we don't judge) by donning a suit in one color and combining it with a yellow bag.

When the people in your meeting ask you why your bag is yellow, you make sure to do a demonstration of all its pockets, nooks, and crannies. They'll still ask, "OK, but why yellow?" Then, you can explain your weird life choices.

Colors That Go Well With Yellow, Because Some Don’t

Because we don't want you to embarrass yourself or us with your questionable fashion choices, here is a list of colors that go well with yellow. Yes, some colors go better together than others because people should have self-respect sometimes.

  • Green - for a more summer vibe look,
  • Light purple - for spring fashion,>
  • Black - as a safe choice,
  • Gray - to make it more upscale,
  • Hot pink - because you're a lunatic,
  • Light blue - to make people think you're from an exotic island,
  • Brown - to get the autumn vibes right,
  • Navy blue - to look serious.

Should You Even Get the Anvanda Great Fucking Bag in Yellow? The Answer Is Always Yes

There's no easy way to say this, so we'll say it directly - you need a yellow backpack. And not just any; you need a yellow Anvanda Great F*cking Bag. You can invest in the V2 of the Great F*cking Bag or browse our shop for the classics.

You can always pair a nice RFID-protected wallet with your backpack and get a travel kit if you plan to pack your bag for an overnight stay somewhere. It will be ideal for work, and even more for traveling. Wherever you go, the Great F*cking Bag will keep up and follow.

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