Why is Anvanda The Coolest Backpack for Women

All of us need to own a great backpack in our lives, but no one beats Anvanda when it comes to super cool backpacks for women. You know the feeling when the situation is dire and you need to magically produce something out of your bag. But to no avail, because your backpack just couldn't handle the amount of stuff you may need throughout the day. Well, not with an Anvanda! Our backpack is the ultimate bag that will be everything you need and more and will carry all of your stuff when you're going places.

We know you know how to wear a shoulder bag, but we also assure you that our backpack is versatile enough to carry in any situation. You can take it camping, hiking, heck, you can even fly it to the moon and back, and call it your baby 🎵 And after you've washed a backpack, you can throw on something elegant and grab your Anvanda - it will only accentuate your stylishness.

There Might Be Other Cool Backpacks for Women, but None Come Close to the Best - Anvanda

You need the best backpack for work that can fit all, like a laptop, tablet, the files your boss has been dropping on your desk like crazy? While you also stick a bottle of water, a perfume, and a sacrifice to appease the Great Old Ones (planning a little coup at work, aren't we?) Well, what can we say, we've thought it through and made an Anvanda, a Great F*cking Bag. But once you grab at least one, and we know you'll want another one, too - listen to our advice. Toss those fauking work papers as soon as you leave the office, and head directly for a relaxing cocktail.


If you're not sure about what to carry in a backpack, we'll help you with some hints. Anvanda has a laptop sleeve (you could use it to hide your Death Note in it). It also has a shocking number of pockets where you can place your phone, a nice and elegant leather wallet, and car keys (love potions and poison bottles fit nicely, too). What we're basically saying is that you can carry whatever fluff you want, and you can carry it with style.


You Can Take It Around the World

It won't matter if you want to travel to the Maldives or explore the Multiverse of madness because Anvanda is definitely the best backpack for travel. And while it carries all kinds of schite inside, you can also use its various straps and attach your bow and arrows. Or an umbrella. It depends on whether you're going to shoot, you know - stuff, or sing in the rain. And while we're mentioning rain, we are letting you know that an Anvanda has a protective cover that won't let your knick-knacks get soaking wet, not even in a tsunami.


 A woman with a bag by the sea


Our Backpacks Will Hug and Protect Your Digital Money

Imagine the horror of your wallet and cards staying in place where you've put them inside the bag, but you've been stripped of each cent. Now that would be a bummer, not to mention that your Amazon wishlist would have to stay in the wish realm. Hacker pickpockets are a real thing, and that's why we've added an RFID-protected pocket, so any nasty pickpockets can frakk off.

And Hold Your Sweatpants When You Leave the Gym

If you think that one bag to rule all bags is impossible, you will be swooned off your feet. You can take your Anvanda to the gym, too, and once you get rid of the smelly and sweaty stuff, place it freely in your backpack. It's safe to do so because we've added a silver lining to the interior, and it's actually antibacterial.

Soon, we'll introduce the new Anvanda bag that you'll also have to add to your collection. It's a compulsion, we know 😏 But before you can get your hands on it, you can decide which size suits you (we don't believe in a "one size fits all" motto, ya know) and pick out the color. Although it's hard to choose, they are all sassy as hell.

Wear It However the F*ck You Want

When you buy an Anvanda, you will receive a bundle of joy, but with it, you'll also get additional straps. You can use them to make a backpack or position them differently to make a shoulder bag. We've also added handles so you can carry your Anvanda as a handbag. Just don't swing it too hard at your enemies unless you've filled it with bricks. Then it may throw a punch with no effort 😁

Now you'll only have to figure out what color handbag goes with everything (we would advise you to get one in black and an additional vibrant one) and how to pose for your Instagram. It will make your frenemies go instantly jelly. If you want to charge your phone on the go, we've also added a USB connection, so you're covered in every situation. Especially when your battery is low on a long commute, and you want to stare at America's ass while you watch The Avengers.


So, What the Panda? Grab an Anvanda, We Say!

If you want a sassy, elegant, comfy, nerdy, and practical bag, you probably believe you need to buy five different bags. Nah, one Anvanda can give you all you need, and more, although we wouldn't mind you buying five different Anvandas, would we, hee hee! But anyways, with an Anvanda, you'll be invincible, even when those days hit you 💪 And if you want the new V2 bag to arrive as fast as Quicksilver, pledge to our Kickstarter and watch the magic happen 💖

Kickstarter link - Använda V2 | Another Great F*cking Bag

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