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So you have finally decided to get your ass up and start living your healthiest life, but you know nothing about actually going to the gym. The first question you must figure out is what to put in your gym bag. We may not know anything about working out, but we sure do know bags and what must fit inside of them. Here's everything you should know about gym bags and how they can make hard gym days more bearable.

Going for a Workout? You Better Pack Some Fresh Clothes With You

You don't have to be an Einstein to figure out you're going to get pretty stinky after a workout. That is why it's best to pack a separate outfit for working out and the one you will wear after you leave the gym. Your basic training outfit should be anything you feel comfortable in and what lets your body function normally. Everybody knows how filthy the outside can be, so don't forget about some comfortable and clean shoes and fresh pair of socks to wear inside.


Fresh Towels Are a Must

Workouts can make you feel pretty good about yourself, but they'll also get you pretty sweaty🥵. Sweat can be sexy, but not that much when it's getting everywhere around the gym. That's not cool. This is why you always need a small towel around you to wipe yourself up and keep all the machines in the gym clean. If you're planning on hitting the town right after your training session, you are going to need to use some fresh towels to get yourself clean and sparkly✨.


Water Bottle Is Important Because You Might Die Without It

Not to be dramatic or anything, but water is super important for staying alive. When going for training, a water bottle is the most important thing you have to bring with you. All the squatting and jumping will definitely make you thirsty, and not the good kind😉.

If you don't have water by your side, you might pass away. Besides water, you might consider bringing some snacks to use in case you feel overwhelmed and a bit dizzy. Instead of fainting and embarrassing yourself at the gym, it's best to pack a protein bar or some other healthy snack that will lift you up right after a good training session🏋️.


Girls, Don't Forget About Your Beauty Essentials

Makeup and sweat don't go together unless you want to look like an ugly glazed donut. But if you wish to look presentable after stepping out of the sports center, it's best to bring a cosmetic pouch where you will keep all the essentials you need to fix your appearance. Especially if you have some errands to run after your workout, you don't want to look like a complete f*cking wreck.

Skincare, Hair Ties, Toiletries, and All the Other Beauty S*It

If you want to avoid getting caught without your makeup on outside the gym, you might want to think about preparing one bag full of products that you will carry with you every time you go for a workout session. That little bag should contain all the needed essentials such as:

  • Makeup wipes,
  • Hairbrush,
  • Hair ties,
  • SPF,
  • Deodorant,
  • Dry shampoo,
  • Makeup,
  • Pads and tampons.

Now That You Know What to Put In Your Gym Bag, You Need a Really Good One That's Going to Fit Everything

All the stuff that we have mentioned above is quite necessary, and you do not want to leave for a workout without them. So, all you have to do is figure out how to put all that stuff in one backpack without bringing a f*cking suitcase with you. Sounds impossible? It's actually quite simple. Our Anvanda, a Great F*cking Bag, is coming to save you.

Anvanda Is the Best Gym Bag You Could Possibly Ask For

Anvanda is the perfect backpack to bring to your workouts, and there are plenty of good reasons for it. First of all, it's super convenient for carrying, even if it has lots of heavy items inside of it. It has adjustable straps, and there are plenty of ways you can carry it, allowing you to always look like a boss no matter what.

All of the Compartments Give You the Ability to Organize Everything Nicely

Digging inside your backpack won't be a problem anymore because Anvanda keeps all your stuff organized. You obviously don't want your dirty socks touching your water bottle or your makeup scattered all over the inside of your backpack (we hope). Anvanda has lots of good pockets and compartments that will help you organize everything neatly, allowing you to easily find anything you need without having to turn the entire thing inside out.

It's Waterproof and Keeps Your Stuff Smelling Nice

You don't have to be the best bag expert in order to know that bags for working out need to be waterproof. A lot of wet stuff goes inside it, so you want to ensure it stays safe inside it. Lucky for you, Anvanda backpacks are waterproof and will survive any contact with different liquids.

Besides that, the silver lining in the backpack is anti-smell and will keep your stuff smelling fresh. Even if you put your smelly shoes inside it, no one will know. It will be our little secret.

It's Cute and Stylish, and You'll Be the Most Fabulous Person at the Gym

Let's be honest; most fitness bags are way too ugly. And, who wants an ugly bag? This is why Anvanda is the most versatile backpack. That's beautiful yet practical and will make you look super stylish while going to the gym. Bella Hadid, who? You will be the trendiest person in your class.

Different patterns of Anvanda backpacks

So How  Can You Get Your Hands on This Fabulous Backpack?

After reading all of the stuff above, you're probably blown away by everything this bag represents (like you should be😌). Now that you know what to pack inside your backpack, you must order one for yourself. If you wish to understand how to buy your Anvanda backpack, simply visit our online store, and take a look at the products we have on offer.

You will see that we have the good option of customizing your backpack and choosing the size, color, and pattern. You will know that we also have lots of other accessories and gadgets that will elevate your backpack and make it even more fantastic. Become a part of the big Anvanda family, where everyone wears cool backpacks.

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