How to Restore a Leather Bag and Keep Your Anvanda Lookin' Brand New

You've bought an Anvanda bag, and you were so happy with it that you've been wearing it ever since - but, shoot, now it looks not-so-new. What are you gonna do? How to restore a leather bag and make your Anvanda look fresh and new? While Anvanda bags aren't 100% leathery, they do have a bit of leather, so let's take a look at some bitching-smart restoring techniques - we've got you covered, baby.

Can Anvanda Bags Look Worn Out After Some Time?

Whether you've bought an Anvanda bag to use as a fashion backpack or thought it would be the best travel backpack ever, we know that it didn't let you down. Most people simply can't get enough of this great f-ing bag, and it's for a good reason. You run into a bag like this as often as you see a politician concerned with climate change - you know, never. Cause our baby is unique, and we know how much effort it took to make it as awesome as it is.

So, if you're constantly carrying it around, will it start looking worn out after some time? Don't worry - we made this stylish backpack next to indestructible. Like, don't try setting it on fire or something stupid as that, but otherwise, you can be sure that this bag will keep slaying and stay as good as new. One thing that might happen is that your precious Anvanda will get dirty - but that's on you, buddy, not the bag. The leathery parts of the bag might fade a bit, and we're gonna show you how to fix that s*it - just stay patient and keep reading.


How To Restore a Leather Bag in 4 Easy Steps (Works Even for Dum-Dums)

Okay, now to the hot stuff - how to repair a leather bag? You start by doing what we did - googling that s*iit, of course. As it turns out, restoring a leather bag is not as complicated as you might think - yeah, we were surprised, too. Turns out you just need a few things and a will to bother with s*it like this. But hey, you know your Anvanda is worth it.

Here's What You'll Need for Cleaning the Leather

What's the c*ap you need for this cleaning adventure? Luckily, the list is small, so it won't take much time to gather it all. First, you need gloves (protect that skin, honey). Clean, white cotton cloths are crucial for the restoring process. Next up, the products we need are leather cleaner, leather conditioner, and high-quality leather polish. That's about it - pretty short list, right?

Before We Get to Those Steps, Don't Forget to Get Your Things Out of the Bag (No, This Isn't an Unnecessary Warning, Trust Us)

Hear us out - this isn't stupid-*ss advice. You wouldn't believe what people can forget sometimes. Maybe you're just tired after work - isn't everybody tired in capitalism? Or you were replaying an embarrassing event from yesterday in your head and forgot this first step. Here's an important tip before you put any products on the bag to clean it - empty that colorful Anvanda bag before you soak it into cleaning products, for the love of all that's holy.


Faded Leather Can Be Brought Back to Life - Here Are Those 4 Steps

Don't think those faded leather parts of the bag can beat your awesome Anvanda - we're gonna tell you in detail the steps that will make the bag look more perfect than life on Insta stories, baby. Ready to take notes on cleaning the bag, class? Okay, let's go.

  • Step 1 - We're gonna start by applying leather cleaner all over the leather surface (don't we sound like a YouTube tutorial right now or what?). Next up, it's the conditioner - put a thin, even layer and massage the leather gently. Remove the excess conditioner if there's any.
  • Step 2 - Time to get that leather polish. Make sure the color matches the color of the leather - if you can't find the exact match, go for a slightly darker shade. It will do a better job than the lighter one. Before you go all crazy applying the polish, test it on a small surface to see if the color is what you want. Wait 'till the polish dries before you make the verdict - wet polish is slightly darker than the dry one.
  • Step 3 - The polish color is the right fit, so now you can finally go crazy with the polish. Don't forget the gloves if you value your skin, and use the cotton cloth to apply the leather polish. Sometimes, the first layer doesn't do the job, so you might need to go over the leather 3-4 times. Patience, darling, we'll get there. Make sure the leather dries before applying every next layer of polish, and use a clean cloth every time.
  • Step 4 - Once your Anvanda gets its glory back, you know you've done it right. All that's left to do is remove the excess polish with a clean cloth and wait until the leather dries completely. If you wish to ruin some of your clothes or furniture, the waiting part is optional. You probably don't, but who knows? For all we know, you've been planning to remodel the living room, so a ruined sofa won't be a big deal. You get the point - wet polish will transfer, dry one won't.

If You Don't Feel Like Restoring a Faded Anvanda Bag, You'll Just Need to Buy a New One - There, Problem Solved!

Are you too lazy to bother with this s*it, or do you just not have the time for it? Worry not - there's a simple way to get a fresh-looking Anvanda bag - buy a new bag, duh. We'll admit this was some Boomer-level joke, but you can't deny that having another Anvanda would be freaking awesome for your quality of life. Head to our Kickstarter page to make this heavenly purchase and bless your life, baby.

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