How to Style Your Blue Anvanda Bag?

If you're like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl and have a full closet of clothes and bags, but you're just not sure how to style a blue Anvanda bag, you're at the right place! After some tricks and super easy ideas, you'll style a blue Anvanda like Carrie Bradshaw and live your own Sex and the City story.

How to Style Avanda Blue Bag and Look Freaking Good?

As challenging as it sounds, finding a stylish bag that will answer all your demands is possible. Meet our Anvanda, a Great F*cking Bag that has it all - looks, space, comfort, and safety. OK, we don't want to brag about it, but c'mon (we secretly want to brag a lot)! Bet you're always missing something (it's always that one thing!) when purchasing a bag, but with Anvanda all of your needs will be satisfied ;)

When you're going for Anvanda V1 or V2 backpack, know you won't get just a regular bag. Oh boy, it's so much more - it will be your BFF. And don't worry, you won't feel blue with your blue Anvanda backpack. On the contrary, you'll feel confident and look bold. After all, it's all about how you feel wearing your backpack with pieces you have in your closet, right? However, having some hints on combining everything and giving that final touch to your outfit is always welcome. So, let’s see how you should do it!


What Color Is Best to Match With Blue Accessories - Don't You Worry About That Because You're Wearing Avanda Great F*cking Bag

Even if you have never been a backpack lover, the introduction of the new Anvanda bag will surely pique your interest in getting one yourself. With all the features this accessory has, who would resist? But, if you still have some doubts before buying, like how to style a blue backpack, don't worry! Even if you style it in an ''unconventional'' way, it will still look freaking amazing! After all, it's the Avanta f*ucking bag we're talking about!


Not One Outfit Will Look the Same With Unique Accessory Like Anvanda Bag

Yes, backpacks have been a big problem for many stylists for years. But, once people realized that Anvanda is a great way to ease everyday life because all kinds of sh*t can fit in it, then the real question popped out: how to style this freaking bag? Well, it's pretty easy - just wear what you feel comfortable in and add a stylish Anvanda backpack. We know it, you know it, everyone knows it - it will elevate every outfit, and each and every time you step out of your home, you'll get a completely unique look. Every outing will feel like a new experience.


Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring - Who the Hell Cares, Our Bags Surely Don't

You've heard other people talking about styling bags for each season, but not sure if that's really your thing? Then you need one and only blue Anvanda bag. Yes, blue, and let us tell you why: it's an awesome color, just that! And when rain or snow starts, you can just pull out the raincoat every bag has and worry not whether your sh*t remains untouched.

Blue can be gentle like the summer sky (there’s some poetry in there, right?!), or it can remind you of a dress Elsa wore in Frozen. It transcends the seasons and it will make you look cool no matter what.


Blue Anvanda bag with brown strap


Boost Easy, and Cool Everyday Look With Sassy Anvanda Blue Bag

Besides figuring out what to carry in a backpack you should also wonder how to style a light blue bag in the best possible way. Since the 90s fashion won’t ever go out of style (Taylor Swift is right), let's take Rachel's iconic outfit as an example. She is wearing simple but unforgettable Levi's and a white shirt. Just add our blue backpack to it, which btw you can wear on your shoulders, as a cross bag, and in your hand, and voila! Your easy and everyday look is complete! And the best thing is that you can wear our bags with sneakers, but with heels too!

Denim and Anvanda Great F*cking Blue Bag Are Best Friends

Denim jackets will always be a must-have piece in everybody's closet - whether you're a girl or a boy. A simple T-shirt, sunglasses, sneakers, and last but not least, a bag that will be able to store all of your sh*ts. And what's a better solution than a great f*cking Anvanda blue bag. And if you want to level it up, go all denim and be like Britney and Justin Timberlike!

Create a Cute Work Outfit and Have Only One Bag Where You'll Put All Your S*it

Suppose you’ve announced to everyone that you've been promoted at work, but you got the same lukewarm reaction Chander did… But if you want that WOW effect without explaining what the hell WENUS is (except you're a real Friends fan 😁), you surely need a great freaking bag. To be more precise, you need one of the best backpacks for work where you can put all of your work sh*it like an Anvanda leather wallet, laptop, and some alcohol (we don't judge).

But, how to style a bright blue bag? Just wear what you would typically wear to work. And a cool backpack for women will be your BFF when it comes to making the great first and hundredth impression. It's just fabulous. That's how great this bag is.


Camping, Hiking, or Whatever Sports You Do - Keep Everything In One Place and Still Be Insane Stylish

Have one stylish bag you can bring to work and camping in nature? Oh, you poor thing, of course, there is one - Anvanda, for God's sake! Besides, you can wear it with dresses and suits, it's undoubtedly the best backpack for travel, too. And being blue, who knows, it could save some lives out there in the woods (we all know how blue can be calming, and in case of a bear attack, you can put Anvanda as the first defensive line).


Rember, With Awesome Bag, Everything Is Possible

Having the best f*cking bag out there in your favorite color, blue will help you on so many levels. After all, Anvanda backpack isn't just another backpack. No, no, it's a new BFF that can be boosted with shoulder pads and straps and become an even better - superfriend!

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