Anvanda vs. Tumi - Which Bag Should You Get?

Finding a new bag for yourself can be boring AF - there are so many brands to check out, so how will you decide? Very often, the final decision has to be made in the battle of Anvanda vs. Tumi, so we decided to help you out and review these freaking bags on our own. Let's take a look at the differences and flaws between these two bags - are you ready?

Want to Treat Yourself to a Great Backpack? Then Anvanda vs. Tumi Is the Duel You Need to See

So, will it be a new Anvanda bag, or does Tumi seem like a better fit for you? Sure, you can close your eyes and pick a random bag to order online, but we'd say that's not the way to go. Or at least, it's not the way that guarantees you won't throw your money like it's confetti. Everyone knows that thorough online research is the essential part of making any life decision (it's 2022, don't fight us on this) - even if the decision is just which bag to get.

Trust us, sweetie, it might seem irrelevant on the grand scale of things, but an uncomfortable bag can make your life hell - let's avoid that, shall we? If you're on board with that, it's time to choose your bag and check out two of the most popular backpack brands - Anvanda and Tumi.

Both Brands Are Great, But Details Will Make the Decision for You

There's no denying that both of these types of bags are pretty awesome - you can see that all over the internet. Of course, we know which one we would buy (duh), but we want you to make an informed decision. We're gonna hold our enthusiasm a bit and tell you what you need to know about both sides - it's gonna be fair, don't worry (wink, wink).


Which One Has Better Staple and Seems More of a High-Quality Product?

At first look, they both look pretty nice, and they are, honestly. Still, we'd say that the main difference in their builds is that Tumi looks more like a fashion backpack, and Anvanda is more of a practical backpack for every occasion. What about the sizing? Their sizes are similar as well. Tumi is 5.5 x 12 x 17 inches, and Anvanda has two sizes - the medium one is 5 x 10 x 16 inches, and the large one is 6 x 12 x 18 inches. Good news - both bags can serve as carry-on luggage. That's not really helping you decide between the two, we know (apologies), but we still thought it was good to know.

Tumi is mostly made of nylon (the top handle is made of leather), and Anvanda is made out of two different materials - high-quality soft Italian leather/vegetarian leather (optional) and heavy-duty canvas outer. You can be the judge on what is the better choice when it comes to materials💅.


Let's Compare the Benefits of These Two Bags and See Which One Has Better Features

Okay, let's take a look at what Tumi and Anvanda can offer you. First up - Tumi. It has plenty of pockets, including a Zip pocket with a Tumi Tracer. The laptop compartment can fit 15-inch laptops, and there is a water-resistant compartment for water bottles. Tumi has adjustable shoulder straps attached, but some users weren't 100% happy with how comfortable they are. Overall, the Tumi bag is good quality, but not everyone finds it comfortable enough - especially for the price of about $400 (ouch). So, if you're on a budget, Tumi is out of the question.

Tumi Backpack Might Have Some Sweet Features, But Anvanda Has Something You Haven't Seen Before

On the other hand, Anvanda won't kill your bank account - $150 will be more than enough to get yourself a nice Anvanda. If you opt for a medium version, you'll even have some change left. But is the money enough to get you on our side? We're not betting on that, which is why we added some ultra-cool unique features to this great f-ing bag. Here's what we can brag about (that Tumi doesn't have):

  • USB port because who's not addicted to their phones, right?
  • RFID-protected pocket so evil people can't electronically pickpocket you,
  • Antibacterial silver lining to prevent your bag from smelling like… you know😅,
  • High-quality YKK zippers.

Which Bag Suits Your Style More? Let's Compare Their Available Colors

Both Tumi and Anvanda have an abundance of options when it comes to colors and even some prints. We'll admit it, Anvanda has a few more prints available than Tumi, especially if you're looking for cool backpacks for women - that should bring Anvanda some bonus points, don't you think?

Still, at the end of the day, it all depends on your taste. You should definitely check out both brands before you buy a backpack. You should rely on your instincts. We won't be mad if you don't pick us - but we'd think you're a bit mad to pass out on the opportunity to get yourself the greatest f-ing bag ever. Oops, guess we managed to stay modest for so long.


Take Your Time With the Decision - You've Got This

It's a tough decision to make, we know. Still, if you ask us, Anvanda wins this round. While Tumi is indeed an excellent backpack, we don't want you to settle for just excellent. You should pick the greatest in the f-ing universe, okay? So hurry up and head to our Kickstarter page to order your new Anvanda V2!

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