How to Style Your Beige Anvanda Bag?

Calling out all cool cats out there! Summertime is knocking on our doors, which means beach bodies, sunscreen, and awesome sunglasses are a must. But there's one thing missing - a Great F*cking Bag! And since beige is a trendy color, so let's see how to style a beige bag and level up your warm-weather sassiness!

If you listen to what Urban Dictionary has to say about beige and individuals that identify as such, you'll feel a sort of a kick in the nuts (or in your baby-makers). They say that beige means dull and that such an individual probably wouldn't recognize Vetements, not even if it ran them over in a DHL van. Well, we can say only one thing to that - screw them! And wear whatever the heck you want. Beige can be the new black, and styling an Anvanda, a Great F*cking Bag in any colour is a piece of cake.

Thinking How to Style a Beige Bag? It's Easy as Pie if You Have an Anvanda

Beige is a calming colour. Its advantage is that it is neutral and relaxing and as such, pretty easy to style even if you are a ginormous n00b. We're not saying you are one, though. No Anvandanite is a n00b whatsoever, even ones that took the quiz on which colorful bag suits your personality and it turned out to be beige. The simple fact that you're choosing to wear some of our best backpacks for work means that you're as cool as f*ck.

We have nothing against a pop of colour on a rainy afternoon. After all, we can also teach you how to style a yellow bag and not look as campy as the Eurovision stage setup. But, ohmygod, imagine one of the contestants sporting an Anvanda, it would be a complete hit!


But let's be honest here - it's easier to style a neutral bag with many outfits, and that's why everyone should have at least one beige cool backpack for women or men. Are you wearing grey? Beige will fit. All black? Beige will pop on your back and make heads turn to check out that extremely sexy bag you're carrying. Decided to make a statement and wear red as if you want an image of you to be burned into the eyes of innocent bystanders? Beige is a perfect combo. The ways to style it are infinite, really.

You’ll Get a Hard-on From All the Perks of Owning an Anvanda

So what does our backpack have that others lack? Except for style and sassiness, of course. 😜 First of all, you won't look like a teenager wearing one of our bags. Aaaand? There are five different ways you can carry it. Yep, you've heard that right - not one, not two, but FIVE f*cking ways! We are pretty much proud to say that our backpacks are not a*shole-y and won't by any means force you to carry them only on your back. Nuh-huh, no sir-ee! By using a unique combo of straps and hooks (sounds like quality BDSM, we know 😁) you can wear an Anvanda however the f*ck you want. Hook up your straps and make a messenger bag, a handbag that has TWO positions (not the missionary one, though,) a shoulder bag, or a classical backpack.

  A beige coloured backpack

We Didn’t Stop With the Straps, No

If you want to wear your beige bag as the best backpack for travel, it's an excellent choice because each Anvanda is designed to carry your sh*t. If you want to dress it up and take it to dinner? Who are we to judge, right? Anvanda can do it all, and more. If you've packed all your bits and trinkets you usually carry around and realize that it not only rains but it f*cking pours outside, don't get depressed right away. We've added a rain cover for the bag (not for you, though, you'll have to endure getting wet 😏). And it's also reflective, so there's no chance that some road-raged lunatic will pick you with their bumper.


Love Me, Hug Me, SanitizeMi, Charge Me

We are pretty sure there's a song that could fit with this heading. It's not silly - an Anvanda is a loveable, huggable part of your wardrobe that can save your a*s from many unpleasant situations. Imagine if you're done in the gym, and your socks are smelly as f*ck, so you'll need to place them in the bag. But you also planned a date later on. Don't panic! Your date won't smell anything nasty coming out of your pack (although, make sure you wash your other package, wink wink) because of our SanitizeMi technology. The liner of our bags is silver-infused and antibacterial, so you can put as much smelly sh*t as you want without harming your other crap in the process. Or your girlfriend.


We've also added a laptop sleeve, so you can take your date out to a picnic and watch a Netflix show under the stars. Adds to romance, 100%. And if you want to charge on the go, our magical bags have a USB connection, so you'll avoid getting tangled in the cables. And above all, we've added as many pockets and YKK zippers all around so you can organize however the hell you want.

And the sexiest thing ever? Oh yes, there's more. Each of our bags has an RFID-protected pocket to keep your moneyz safe from the hacking pickpockets that skim your digital funds while passing by your unsuspecting a*s. Additionally, you can also get an Anvanda leather wallet (also RFID protected) just to be more sexy.

Grab an Anvanda, We Know You Wanna!

Owning a sexy-a*s bag in beige just won't cut it, so let us tell you that we also have many more colours. And on top of it, let us introduce the new Anvanda bag that has everything the first version offers in a somewhat different style. Want to own the first version? Get your booty into our shop ASAP! Or you feel the butterflies in your stomach tingling just by looking at version 2? Throw some moneyz to our Kickstarter and watch the magick unfold.

Kickstarter link - Använda V2 | Another Great F*cking Bag

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