What Is So Great About an Anvanda Bag?

There are countless bags you can find out there - we all know it. But let's say you want to get the best freaking bag ever - which one would it be? Well, of course, you'd pick Anvanda, duh. Now, you might ask - what's so great about an Anvanda bag? If you're curious to find out, stick around. We're gonna talk about a few b*tchin' awesome features of these fabulous bags.

We're Happy to Report That Anvanda Is the Best F*cking Bag Out There (No, This Isn't an Unreasonable Claim)

You have probably seen way too much sucky advertising, so you have a right to be suspicious. We don't blame you for doubting the freakin' awesomeness of this unique-ass product we've created. Anvanda is one of a kind, indeed, sir. It may look like an ordinary bag - extra pretty, though - but it's everything but ordinary.

It's like a great bag with one really awesome superpower. What is it, you ask? Well, our dear friend, Anvanda, is suitable for every f*cking situation. It can be the best gym bag, but it can also come to your aid when you need a diaper bag - yes, that's how big of a range it has.

You Have Concerns About Buying This Bag? Well, Why Not Click on a Review or Two to See How Spot-on Our Bragging Is

Sometimes, things that sound too good to be true can actually be true. Sure, the world is such a c*appy place that you wouldn't be surprised if a brand lied to you, but we are here to restore your faith in humanity, sweetie.


Fingers crossed, you're gonna love the c*ap out of this bag, and we wouldn't be surprised if you started carrying it around like a kid does when they find a new favorite toy. Before you treat yourself to a toy (sorry, that sounded kinda wrong), go check out some of our reviews to see if people regretted buying our bag. You already know the answer.

We'd Bet You Anything There's No Way You Will Want to Return Your Anvanda - Everyone Becomes Addicted to This Bag

It doesn't take long to get addicted to sheer perfection after buying your Anvanda bag - this little devil will get you hooked in a day or two. Just take it for a walk once, and you'll see why no one returns these babies. Such a fantastic design, top-quality material, and the possibility of wearing the bag in many different ways - all these things can guarantee a happy buyer. Come on, join us and become a proud member of the best f*cking bag in the universe.


So, What's So Great About an Anvanda That We Are So Confident You'll Love It?

Okay, we know we talk a big game, but it's for a good reason. See, we did a lot of work to make our Anvanda the way it is. This brainchild took plenty of time to get designed. We spared no effort when adding awesome features to it, trust us. Or better yet - don't trust us; get the bag and see for yourself. So, what's so amazing about Anvanda? You asked for it - here it is.

Some B*tchin' Awesome Features You Won't Find Elsewhere (We've Been a Bit Creative)

As luck would have it, we are way more creative than we are modest, so great ideas just kept flowing, and we incorporated them all into this one shiny product. We started with basic-*ss stuff that plenty of other bags have (like a water-resistant bag - that's not unique, but it's necessary) and then slowly moved onto the new territory - freaky stuff you haven't seen before. Stuff about bags, we mean. Why - what did you think we were talking about? Anyway, here's what you can expect when you pick up Anvanda and decide to carry it for the day.

  • A bag that can be worn in a few ways - carried like a backpack, a shoulder bag, or even a purse,
  • RFID-protected pocket that will ensure no evil humans steal your precious information,
  • More spacious bag than it looks on the outside,
  • It's a bag with a freaking USB,
  • The antibacterial silver lining that makes this bag is - wait for it - stink-proof.

Make Sure You Check Out All Colors and Prints Available - Spoiler Alert, There's a Lot of Them

Once you decide it's time to order this magical bag that makes your boring everyday tasks easier and brings new joy into your life, you will be faced with one slight problem. Well, it's more of a decision to make - how to choose a color for your bag? Wait, you didn't really think we'd have, like, two options available, or something like that?

Oh, you sweet child - no, we have a c*apload of colors available. Maybe even too much - you're gonna need some time to pick the right one. When you add to that a few unique prints available, the decision becomes even harder. They are all so amazing, we know. But don't worry - no one says you can't come back and order another color later. We'll be waiting for you, champ.

Anvanda bag with a printed design on a white surface

Have We Convinced You Yet? Okay, Now Hurry to Order Your Anvanda (You Won't Regret It)

If you've made it this far in the text, it looks like we're good at convincing. Might as well order your new bag now, right? You know you want it - everyone does. Honestly, are you really willing to take a chance to miss out on this brilliant bag? No way - head to our Kickstarter page and pick our V2 Anvanda.

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