Anvanda is a Great F*cking Gym Bag for Women

The time has come for the real gym bag for women to be created. That's right, our Great F*cking Bag is Optimus Prime among transformable bags, and there is no purpose this jewel can not serve. There is no need for you to continue to carry overrated plane gym sacks. Grab an Anvanda, and you'll be good to go.

Anvanda Is a Great F*cking Bag That Can Be Convertible Into a Yoga and Gym Bag

Choosing a backpack has never been easier than with our Great F*cking Bag. The moment you buy the Anvanda bag, you will get a backpack, gym bag, yoga, swim bag, and yes, a duffel bag as well. But not some boring piece that is too big, messy, and chaotic but a piece you will actually not be ashamed to carry in a fancy restaurant right after a hard workout at the gym. Once you learn how to attach long straps to your bag (which is as simple as it sounds, just click straps to a hook,) you will forget about all the bags you have in your closet.

With so many pockets, carefully placed hooks, and straps, this bag can serve you in so many ways. Heck, it can even be a perfect diaper bag if sh*t hits the fan (literally or not). And if you need to transform into a businesswoman in no time, you can even use Anvanda as a cool shoulder bag that can fit a 17' laptop in its sleeve.

Still not interested? Well, Anvanda is one of the best backpacks for women for another reason - it can easily be stylish for any outfit. Whether you are wearing sports clothes or a cocktail dress, Anvanda has your back.

In fact Anvanda transformable power is so freaking great it can even be a cool men's bag.   


Anvanda Great Freaking Bag Can Be a Carryall With Our Short Straps   

If you need a tote or carryall, you can transform your gym bag into these just as easily. All you need is a couple of our short straps that you can attach to perfectly designed hooks on top of our Great Freaking Bag, and there you go - you have a DIY tote bag for a casual coffee day. 


You Don’t Need a Duffel Bag to Carry All the Sh*t You Need 

There is nothing worse than a huge-ass backpack that, true to be told, can fit tons of schite, but you can not organize them. Ordinary duffel/gym bags are so messy and chaotic that finding number 13 on the list of necessary crap can be a real struggle. Well, Anvanda Great F*cking Bag's many pockets will provide shelter for all your important and not-so-important sh*t. And get this - a disguised inside pocket can keep all your dirty secrets.

And Once You Put Your Smelly Sh*t Inside, No One Will Notice

But Anvanda, as it is such a great bag, doesn't only come with a bunch of pockets but also with pockets that can keep your smelly stuff separated from other things. And to be even more f*cking great, this silver-infused antibacterial liner is also waterproof, so smell, sweat, and water will not bother the inside or outside of your bag.

So, no matter if you buy Anvada V1 or V2, you will get a reliable and durable bag that can even fit your shoes, sandals, cocktail dress, makeup, and even a screwdriver you accidentally packed. Yes, we know what ladies carry in their bags, so don't be shy - embrace your nature, and have a Great F**king Bag that can support all your daily projects. No matter how crazy they are. 


Great F*cKing Bag Comes With a Stylish Raincoat

If you are worried that bad weather will ruin your plans, think again. Not only that Anvanda can carry your boots and raincoat, but it has its own rain cover implemented at the bottom of the bag. Sudden summer storms or monsoon rains will never be a problem again with this Great Freaking Bag. Just take the rain cover (which is stylish as fu*k) and place it over your bag.

This will provide ultimate protection so no raindrop can penetrate (yes, we said penetrate). So if you are planning to go for a hike somewhere by the waterfalls, Anvanda is not a great hiking bag just because of its hooks, pockets, and ports, but also because it will keep your stuff water free in any circumstances. 


You Will Have a Backpack That Takes Care of You

Did it ever happen that you couldn't find the keys in your backpack? We are just messing with you. Of course, it happened. That's why we have come up with a solution so f*cking ingenious that we surprised even ourselves a bit (for a short while) and integrated a detachable key-ring loop, so you always know where your keys are. Well, maybe this is not a new wheel, but we are the ones that come up with a solution and own it. What did you do to solve the age-old problem? Justified boasting aside, you can attach other sh*t you find so important and do not want to lose to this ring. For example, a small wallet or a wedding ring. Either way, once you buy our Great F*cking Bag, you will always know where your stuff is, and once you enter the gym with this bag, you will surely be able to go wherever you want afterward.

Kickstarter link - Använda V2 | Another Great F*cking Bag

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